ImageWhile most of you know, I am foremost, a family man. I have “many” children. Seven children total including my grandson, did I just write grandson? Yes, I am a young grandfather. I have three daughters and three sons. My oldest two are daughters.

My oldest, Angela, my practical child, like me,  is 21 and on her own. She is working and, of coarse, has Aidan, my four year old grandson. She is with a man and I presume is happy with him. Aidan is a bruiser. He is strong bodied and his will is just as strong..Smart! Wow, he will do great things when he grows up.

Victoria is my idealist. She is eighteen years old and wants to become a nurse. I told her she could take care of me in my old age. She has a boyfriend, who is by her side constantly. I say that in a positive way, because he loves her dearly. They reminded me of my wife and I when we were young and first married. I expect her to graduate this December.

Tyler, my oldest son and my most challenging, at the moment. He loves computers. However, to get him to do anything is like pulling teeth. This is expected behavior from a sixteen year old boy ,however. He wants and needs and I keep saying clean the room, get a job, cut the grass and you will have the cash you need. There he sits on the couch perfectly happy doing absolutely nothing. This too shall pass. He is so smart! He is in advanced classes in school and expects to go to college for computers. He will do it! I know it.

Sean, my twelve year old pacifist.He is my gentle one. I love that about him though. Much like I was when I was a lad, he couldn’t think of hurting anyone and I love him so. Even at this age, he still likes to cuddle. He struggles in school. He will do it, just like I did. He won’t be a stellar student, but he will find his niche. He is persuing a military-style activity in school and he seems to like it.

Faith..Oh Faith. I could write a book about this complex four year old’s character. She is so much like her mother it is comical. She looks like her, walks and talks like her. She even thinks like her. She is consumed about thoughts of her appearace. At her age, she will not leave the house unless everything is just so. Her dress has to be pressed, her teeth and hair brished, ect. You get the idea. Her personalaity is caring, explosive at times, but at the same time, she cares about others and what they feel. Again, complex is a great word for this child. I can wait to see how she grows. I want all of my children to grow and develop into who they are going to become. All I can do is help them along the way.

Ethan, my youngest child has had a hard life right from the beginning. He has had health challenges from day one and development for him has always been on the shallow side. We have taken him to specialist after specialist and they can tell us nothing. My wife and I are of the opinion, with God’s help, he will develop how he develops and there is little anyone can do to influence that. We will take it as it comes. He is a genlte child as well. He has a streak in him though. Lately, it has been “How much of a mess can I make in a short time?” More development… More time… More Love..These are the things my son needs.

I love them all; each in thier own and individual ways. They are of the same family, but each child is so much different from the next. Thier interests, what they like and do not like..These are the little lives that God has entrusted to me to ensure they grow and learn. I love them all.