Blogging for a Decade

Today marks a full decade I have been writing here on WordPress. This platform has allowed me to covey my self in a way so many of you know I would never have otherwise. I am not one to talk about myself regularly. But the purpose originally was to allow others to know me. We had goals in mind but those goals were realized just in a different way.

I began not really knowing what I wanted to blog about. I started with life, the kids and moved into my writing. My first blog post August 6th, 2012. I had no idea what I was doing or what my content was going to cover. I read somewhere that it’s best to write about what you know. So that’s what I did. I write about family, depression, joy and writing. These were items rolling around in my head. I wrote for a while, played with a book and lost my last muse all together. I had hated the idea of failing. Hated writing for a few years but then bought a new computer and picked it up again.

It was different this time. This time I refused to put the pressure on myself for producing. She came to me like a long lost lover. It all changed. It was as if I found a new muse. I woke up one morning and began to write. And I found the enjoyment I had lost.

I had formed friendships with other writers. One in particular that I had always thought of as my best and sometimes my only fan. Naughty Nora, author of Nora has read me from the beginning, asked questions and offered support sometimes when no one else did. I just want to publicly thank you, Nora.

In addition to Nora, I want to thank my wife. My children and those that read and supported me in this venture. It has been cathartic, irritating at times and scary once in a while. Moving from ghost stories to some more racy material was definitely a step off of the proverbial ledge. But I haven’t reached the ground yet. I am still falling.

I am thankful for the opportunity to meet some of you through this blog. It has been a beautiful journey.