I Am Still Alive

I have taken a break from blogging like many of my piers. I have been dealing with a job change and that if different. It’s the same job, just a different location with different people.

My health is good. No scares. The cancer is still in remission so far as I know. I have fallen off the scheduled test bandwagon a tad but my intention is to get back on the horse soon.

Everyone is heathy and primarily happy. Depression has dug its angry claws into my youngest daughter and I myself have dealt with it over the last few months. We are in the process of treating her but my doctor feels mine is so mild, it doesn’t even warrant medication. So that good.

I have kept up with many of you that have been active in your blogs. But my muse is on vacation here in sunny Florida. I think she went to the beach without me. I hope to get back to it soon.