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Thanks to Perfected and Princess Kelly May for passing on this very important information. The video is about safety and where to spank a bottom. This is information I knew but didn’t know before researching safety and how a proper spanking is to be done years ago. Thanks again folks.

What Are Boys To Do?

The generation of women that are coming up now are caught between a rock and a hard spot. Let me explain.

If their fathers are around my age, 50, their fathers taught them to let the boy be a gentleman. Let him pay for the date, open your car door, stand up for her honor if someone besmirched it. And the men of my age(50s) would 💯 agree with me. Gentlemanly behavior is paramount when women are looking for a mate, a life partner. Not so much when women are playing with boys. That’s maybe not so important. And the boys know this. So when boys are playing with girls, maybe gentlemanly behavior is used, maybe not.

So on the flip side of that coin, the boys coming up are taught, in some cases, to do all of the gentlemanly things because her father has taught her this is a measure of a good man. True.

How hard is it to date today?

My question.. how many of these same girls are taught by their mothers to be independent. Pay your own way. Don’t let anyone walk all over her, don’t let anyone say or do anything to tarnish the independent woman persona? And the men of today know this.

How many of these upcoming boys and girls didn’t have a male figure in their lives? How many only got the female view of things? How many boys weren’t taught to be a gentleman? Do the gentlemanly things because the mothers didn’t teach their boys to be this way? How many of the upcoming girls that were taught to look for these behaviors by their parents are now not seeing these behaviors that were so important to my generation and generations of men before me?

How hard is it to date today?

What are the boys to do? Are they supposed to be gentleman? Act the way men acted for generations before them? Or are they to tread lightly around the women they date, go Dutch on dates, not pull doors open, not act like the gentleman my daughters are looking for for fear of offending the obviously tender and highly precarious sensibilities of young females today?

I do not envy my sons. I have taught them to be perfect gentleman. And I have counciled them to put their best foot forward and act the gentleman in every respect. And so far as I have seen, this is the coarse they have taken. So far as I have seen, my sons have chosen women that appreciate being taken care of the way a gentleman would take care of a woman. Now what happens behind closed doors? I have no idea. I would hope they act accordingly. The way I have trained them how to act toward women. And this would transcend into the bedroom.

How hard is it to date today?

I do not know. I do not want to know.

The Arrangement

Possible trigger. Please be warned.

I arrived just after midnight. She, the true beauty I was meeting that night, she , dressed in her white satin neglige and partially covered by her sheet. She was absolutely beautiful as she slept. I easily broke in and only stood there in the doorway a few minutes and watched. But watching was not why I was there.


Sarah and I had prearranged everything that was to happen earlier in that day. Everything was a plan of her design. I was simply it’s executioner. I dropped my duffel bag on the floor and placed my gloved clad hands over her mouth and around her throat and squeezed. The lack of blood flow and oxygen to the brain woke her with a start and a momentary look of extreme concern in her eyes. She was breathing erratically and looking around the room.

I flipped her over into her stomach in a quick fluid motion, attached the zip ties to the hands behind her back and one to her ankles. I slung the bandana around her mouth so she could not scream. She assured me earlier she was a screamer. I didn’t want to have to explain any of this to anyone else.

Sarah looked at me as she struggled and tried to get free, but to no avail. The more she struggled, the tighter her restraints became. She looked at me out of the corner of her eye. Sweat spilled from her pours, tears ran from her eyes and for the first time a look of lust and enjoyment appeared on her face. She knew who I was. But she knew what she and I agreed to do. This would be a very long but enjoyable night for her. And she knew it.

I leaned down and kissed her on the side of her head. Pushing her down, exerting pressure on the shoulders.

My hands went to her neckline and tore the beautiful neglige Sarah was wearing, torn to her waistline. Her back was beautiful. Her skin, as silky as the night gown that only now, partially covered it. The gag I quickly applied came down allowing her to breathe more easily and speak. “What are you going to do?” Sarah said in a shiver. “Don’t be afraid, little one. I won’t hurt you, much.” I said with a little chuckle.

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I began kissing down to her neck. Sarah closed her eyes and breathed in deep through her nose, as if she was breathing in the sweetest of perfumes. I continued down the back of her to her attend, the arms holding down at her request. She wanted to feel a sense of helplessness. She wanted to feel like she was at my whim. She gave me the power to make her feel so innocent, so virginal in so many ways. She was embarrassed to be bare and yet, her personal perfume filled my nostrils. I released her arms and layer my hands on her back and slid them all the way down her back to her bottom. I ripped the rest of her night gown off of her revealing her beautiful buxom bottom. I ran my hands up and down her globes and buried my fave, mouth and lips between her legs.

I flipped her back onto her back do so had better access to her folds. I reached down, grasped the tie that restrained her ankles and brought her heels up toward her peach. “ I can eat a peach for hours, you know that.” I proclaimed.

With that statement I searched her layers with my tongue, lips and fingers. She arched her back and drew in a long splendid breath enjoying my touches and coming almost immediately. She gushed with vaginal fluids and basically squirt all over the mattress. I spanked her clit and went back in with three fingers opening her up as she drew in another deep breath.

She was so excited. I continued to assault her vagina with my fingers and after a few minutes I added the fourth, the end result, my entire fist. She shuddered again, soaking my hand and wetting the bed once again. I pulled my hand out and after sufficiently making her acquiesce, it was time for a little care.

I untied her, and picked her up and placed her in my lap. I held her with severe intensity as she grasped and her body begged for my affections. I kissed her every inch from head to toe. I made her feel every bit of the voluptuous woman she knew she could be.

Tonight was about her. It was I who would make tonight a memory, a delicious and naughty thought that she would recall when she was aroused. When she was in the throes of passion. It would be hers to play with when by herself and stealing a moment of solitary romance.

“Did you enjoy yourself? Did I satisfy you?” I asked. “Yes” she replied. “Only one request.” She said. “Next time, while I am face down, will you please redden my ass?” She asked.

“Of coarse.” I replied. “You have been such a good girl lately.” “It didn’t feel right, today.” I said. She replied with a nod in agreement. We embraced and I left.