Mild Depression

I have been in a depressive mood for three or four weeks now. It has little to do with anything I know of. I wake up in this mood, it goes away slightly when I would work because I am distracted. But when I came home, and distraction goes away, the depression comes back.

There’s no reason!

So I try and write in this state and nothing I put on paper is sufficient for my purposes. I haven’t dealt with this in years. I usually pop a pill and it stays at bay. I just want to break down. It’s that bad. But I can’t do that at work. I can’t do that in front of my family. I can’t just cry for no reason in public. That’s not what men do. Right?

So I lean on my wife. I talk to her and it does help a little. This is four weeks now. She needs my help so I have to operate as a husband and as a father nonetheless.

She doesn’t know what to do. She pats my shoulder and hope it passes. It waxes and wanes. Comes and goes. And it sucks. So when this passes, I’ll be back here. I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade and I definitely don’t want to make anyone else feel like they need to help. It’ll pass. Like it used to.

Nora Learns Fast

Nora pulled over to the side of the road. Blue and red lights reflect back at her from her rear view. It was dark, must have been eight o clock or so when she was traveling back from her sister’s place in Tacoma.

Nora rolled down the window of her silver Toyota Tundra and waited for the officer to walk up from behind.

“License and registration, ma’am.” the officer said without introduction. “Do you know why I pulled you over?” The state trooper asked. “No, officer.” Nora resigned. “Was I going too fast?” Nora didn’t feel she was speeding but in the newer vehicles she had had over the years, she had noticed she was able to get from place to place more quickly and not even notice her speed.

“I will be right back.” the office replied as he took her documentation and left the side of her vehicle. It was a chilly night and considering it was raining earlier, as usual in Washington, the temperature was milder than usual. Nora suddenly noticed the sounds of the night. The crickets in the few of the grass. The hoot of a nearby owl.

Nora didn’t think anything of it when the officer didn’t speak much to her. He was just doing his job, she thought. When the officer returned with her license and registration, he asked Nora to exit the vehicle. “Why? May I ask?”

The officer proceeded to notify her the vehicle she was driving was reported stolen. “Stolen??!!” “This is my car!” she said, as the officer opened her drivers side door for her and asked her to step out of the car. Nora had never been in trouble. Cameron, her husband had always said she was a “good girl,”, sometimes too good. Nora was calm until the officer took out his handcuffs, turned Nora toward the car and heard the click of the restraints on her wrists. “Am I under arrest?” Nora said with faint wobble in her voice. She was mildly upset as this has never happened to her before. Her mind raced as the officer laid her over the hood of the car and ran his hands over her, searching her person for God knows what. She was wearing a shorter red dress at the time and thank God no one else was on the road, otherwise anyone passing by would have seen her panties in that position.

As the officer walked Nora back toward the cruiser, he opened the back door and turner her bottom toward the seat and put his hand on her head as to facilitate the safe and sound transportation for her car to his back seat. “Officer Cruz told her she was not under arrest but being held until we could, “sort this out”. Cruz sat on the front of his cruiser and said some things over the radio indicating he was on his way back to the station.

When Officer Cruz and Nora arrived at the station, some phone calls were made and to Nora, it felt like she was there all day. When in fact it had only been an hour before Cameron arrived to pick her up.

“Oh Cameron, thank God you are here!! They took me from the roadside, cuffed me, brought me here! I don’t know how long I have been here! It must have been hours and no one will tell me why I’m here. Something about our car being stolen!” Nora spouted information to Cameron.

Nora was near tears while talking to Cameron. It turned out there was a mistake at the Department of Motor vehicles and the plate Nora had on her vehicle matched a plate that had been identified in a bank robbery earlier that week. Nothing else matched but Officer Cruz had to take her in suspecting maybe the plate had been switched. It hadn’t. Cameron was able to prove it was their car and Nora was not the person they were looking for.

There still was still I the matter of the tickets. Nora had been speeding. Not just a little bit. Nora had been clocked doing 95 miles an hour in a 55 mile per hour zone. To top that, the officer had seen Nora on her cell phone when she passed him. So not only was she going to get a ticket for the speed, but the state of Washington has laws against using a cellular device while driving.

Nora was returned her things and Cameron took Nora home. It was the longest car ride Nora had in a very long time. The whole way home she was pleading her case. The police had her all wrong and none of it was her fault. To a degree, that was correct. Nora was also having conflicting feeling. She was increasingly turned on by what Cameron did for her, he knight in shining armor. She was it also increasingly curious whatCameron thought about the whole situation.

She could feel the tension and how possibly upset Cameron was. Nora was upset, but in an entirely different way. Understandably so. It was a waste of three hundred dollars which would have to paid this week. The money was not the point. She knew it wasn’t. The point was that at 95 miles and hour, had she crashed, she would not have survived.

She hoped she knew what was in store for herself. Nora and Cameron walked into the house, Cameron dropped his keys on the table and immediately went to the bedroom. Nora, a few steps behind followed in tow. Nora didn’t quite know what to do just yet until Cameron emerged from the bedroom carrying his new paddle. Nora’s optimistic attitude sunk along with what felt like her heart as the lump in her throat formed. Nora swallowed hard in a little bit of fear.

It was Cameron’s new acquisition. It was a long wooden college dorm-like paddle. It was red and the paint was flaking off of it. Cameron bought it online a week earlier and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to try it out. Nora was determined to end this precarious position she was in. Nora turned toward the bed. “So, am I still in trouble Cameron?” Playing with him the way she did, showing him her sexy playful side, foreplay to the wild sex they had before they were married. Before life got real. She reached behind herself, keeping close eye contact, lifted the back of the red dress she was wearing and lowered her panties. Smiling, she was giving Cameron all the right signs and making all the right moves. Her body moving slowly, deliberately.

Nora could see Cameron was still a little upset. She turned, approached him slowly, reached up behind his neck with both hands and kissed his lips, holding onto the 6’3” frame that stood before her with a monster paddle in his hand. This being the meanest implement she had ever seen in her life. She was doing everything in her power, using all of her feminine whiles to stay out of the path of that paddle.

Nora knew there was no turning this freight train around. Cameron rolled away from her. “Why?” “Why were you driving at such a rate of speed and why were you on your phone at the same time?” Cameron began. She just looked at the floor and listened. She looked up hoping the effort she was making was not fruitless. She could see his mood as his temple pulsed, his breathing irrational and the look in his eye father like and nothing like the playful man she knew so many times in her bedroom.

She bit her lip always, Cameron questioned her senses about using the phone while driving. But she had no idea. She kept eyeballing that paddle. It was obvious to Nora they it was going to that type evening. Nothing like the loving, sensual time she was hoping for. She started to sweat. Always when he lectured her, she was a wet mess by the end. It was a combination of guilt and the fear, Nora thought.

“And what do you have to say for yourself?” Cameron asked. Nora didn’t have an answer. She had heard half of what he said. The other half a was a blur as Cameron paced, lectured and swung that monstrosity around the room. “I don’t know.” Nora finally admitted. “Let’s just get this over with” Nora resigned in the fact she was going to bed tonight with a sore fanny. Nora approached her husband, still heaving from the verbal lecture provided his wife, she kissed him on the cheek, dropped her dress to the floor and turned. She placed her hands on the bed and bent at the waist. She licked her lips, focused on the headboard and said, “ I am ready.” This surprised Cameron and cemented his resolve in making the right decision in this situation.

Both Cameron and Nora knew it was time. Cameron nodded in agreement and looked at his pert, beautiful target and ran his hand over her posterior. This wasn’t going to be one of those playful spankings he and she enjoyed before sex. This was serious. This was going to be punishment. “Forty miles over the limit? Forty seats, young lady.” Cameron was very specific with punishments. Nora knew why, for how long and what was to be accomplished.

Before Cameron began, he took a step back. Nora couldn’t watch. She continued to focus on the headboard and waited for the pain.

“Forty over the limit? Forty swats.” Cameron said. “Forty!!??” The word echoed in Nora’s mind as the painful onslaught that set her behind on fire began.




Over and over the swats fell on her little bottom. The paddle was so large, he didn’t have to choose sides and alternate like with other impanents. It covered her entire bottom all at once.

Nora’s bottom was on fire in no time and Nora was sobbing in minutes. It had a bite that was deep but had the stingy feel if a thin implement at the same time. Cameron had spanked her before, but it was mostly a precursor to sex and never with such intensity. It wasn’t anger she felt. It was the love and concern. It was a husband trying to impress a point on his wife that behavior like this can not happen again. Nora felt the leadership Cameron tried to impress upon the only other person under his direct care and doing a great job at it.

The red splotches that appeared immediately started to turn to very dark purple areas on Nora’s backside. That paddle was the worst pain she had experienced in their marriage together. But in Nora’s head, she definitely deserved any punishment Cameron deemed necessary. That still didn’t stop the cascade of tears and sons that came as a result. Nora tried to keep it together but was unable to keep back the ebb and flow of both physical pain and emotion the was lovingly provided by her husband. “You have to understand this can not happen again!” Cameron said. He was visibly shaken again by her emotional response. It was obvious Cameron had some guilt feeling about his actions but was adamant in his mission.

Cameron ran a hand over Nora’s bruised and battered backside and like that it was over. Cameron sat her up on the edge of the bed. Nora was sniffling, sobbing and tears were streaming down her face. Her nose was running down her face and sweat poured from her pours. Her hair was wet and she looked like a mess. Cameron turned her around and held her close. This is what she needed. The closeness and the finality. It was forgiven and she would not do it again.

“I’m am so….”Nora began to apologize as Cameron put a finger over her lips and said “shhh”. Cameron laid her back, peeled her panties from her kitty and went down on her immediately. Nora came almost immediately. She squinted her eyes, held her breath and came harder than she has in a very long time. When she recovered, both at on the edge of the bed and held each other for a long time. They got dressed.

“All is forgiven.” Cameron said. Cameron turned his hot wife around. Pushed her in the direction of the door and slapped that hot ass one more time to get her going. “Ow” Nora said. She turned with a “jerk” look on her face and stated walking away rubbing her own bottom.

It was understood no aftercare was needed this time. The attention she received was not severe enough to warrant a bath or anything else I the realm of aftercare. Cameron would have been more that happy to provide it. Cameron knew Nora rather enjoyed that session. He thought it would be a while before he saw another speeding ticket in this house.

Wear Sunscreen

Sanibel Beach

This post has been inspired by so many photos I have seen on the internet where the author has sunburn. It is the easiest thing to do and one of biggest risks you will take to your health. Do yourself a big favor. It only takes a minute.

If I had one piece of advice for all the people of the world, it would be this, “Wear Sunscreen.” This is the opening line to this iconic song by Baz Luhrmann.

It is the one of the best ways to avoid so many problems including skin cancer and premature aging.

I live in the sunshine state. And regrettably, I do not wear as much as I should. I am also a cancer survivor. Does one have something to do with the other? I have no idea. Probably not. But I know lots of people who see dermatologists on the regular.

Wear sunscreen! Lol