Happy Easter

I, like many other absent bloggers out there have had issues with inspiration.

Where do we derive our inspiration from? Well that is a very personal answer, isn’t it? I have never sat down and thought about from where the drive to write comes from except to answer from within.

What ever faucet that has been running full blast through the end of 2020 and into the first quarter for me has very much slowed down.

Even to finish this blog post on this Easter Sunday is arduous and almost like a chore. I know it should not be that way.

It almost doesn’t seem like Easter to me. My wife and half of my children are out of town and as I wait for daughter #3 to prepare her teen full look, I post on this fine Florida morning. This was the first time I did all of the shopping and preparing for the Easter Bunny. I felt like an amateur when I have been a father and doing Easters for twenty two years now.

Oh well, I hope all is well with you. I hope everyone is heathy and I hope everyone at least for a little while today can be reflective if not prayerful and remember why we celebrate this very joyous of holidays.

Peace be with you.


4 Replies to “Happy Easter”

  1. Sometimes I find life gets in the way of story telling. But people are always an inspiration. With Pandemic life dragging on, sometimes I have to rely on past memories because it is so long since we saw our friends.


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