Has Anyone Else Been Caught?

Image by KOKO TV Nigeria

My wife and I have been married for twenty two years now. I married her and her three children and they called me Dad from the getgo. I had never had children and my wife almost did not marry me because of that. She felt it wasn’t fair to me to take up where another man left off.

I told her not to be silly and what hers was ours and that included the children and the children that followed. To be factual, three more followed the first three.

Most of my children are adults. Four are to be accurate and as adults, we have had grown up conversations about everything including sex.

None of them have owned up to actually catching my wife and I but I am sure most of them have. I never caught my own parents in the throes thank God, but it was probably a miracle in retrospect.

Image by Parentmap

My question is to those who have a healthy sex life and for those especially that have a d/s lifestyle. I can not fathom how you guys can keep that a secret. I know.. it’s only a small part of your life as parents and adulting in general. I and my wife do not live a similar lifestyle and that dynamic does seems to me something you leave at the bedroom door.

I often think and ask myself, how do you guys not get caught? Hell, my lifestyle is as standard as you can get, and I have been caught, I think by at least half of them. The older ones deny, deny, deny but I know I and my wife have been caught.

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