Mia Learns A Lesson the Hard Way

Mia was sitting in her porch when the white Chevy Tahoe with “Truant Officer” written on the side pulled up her driveway. A man in a badge authoritatively exited the vehicle and casually swaggered toward her. He was older, maybe forty years old. He was not at all what she expected, minus the sunglasses. She immediately nicknamed this guy “Sunglasses” in her own mind. He definitely did not look like a runner type. “Ha” Mia had been through this procedure many times and is familiar with the laws of her state. The man pulled out a badge and displayed it to Mia clearly this man was a truant officer and was there for her.

Photo by King School District

Mr. Smith introduced himself. “Hello, Mia. Mia Malicent??” Mia looked up at him knowing she was caught yet again skipping school. She was an adult learner but the rules applied to all. She knew she could not skip school.

“Yes” said Mia. “Yes, Sir!” Mr. Smith demanded. “Yes, Sir.” Mia parroted. Mr. Smith set the tone of this meeting from the beginning. No sense in beating around the bush. “Marcus Smith, Truancy Officer for the Cumberland School District.” Smith said.

“Well, you fit the description.” Mr. Smith said. “How so?” inquired Mia. “Well, they said to come to this address. Look for a thin multi colored hair girl with blue jeans, chains and black boots.” Said Mr. Smith. He smiled and motioned with his hand as if to say “Well? You fit the bill.”

Mia motioned as well with both of her hands out to her sides as if to say, “That’s me.”

“Mia, according to my record, this is the thirteenth truancy you have committed this school year. You are familiar with the law concerning truancy, are you not Mia?” As Mr. Smith speaks, he is digging the copy of the law out of his equally aged leather brown document folder. He handed the copy to Mia. Mia is visibly shaken as she knows after the fifth truancy, corporal punishment, suspension and expulsion are all on the table.

“Mia, you are almost done. Had you just attended and kept up with your grades, you may have been done by now.“ Mr. Smith said. He had seen this a hundred times and it always failed to escape him the thought processes of these kids that skip school. “Alright young lady, stand up, let’s go.” Mr. Smith said.

Mr. Smith could have cuffed Mia but chose not to as she didn’t seem the threat to him. He knew her pretty well by now.

When they arrived to the school. A very old brown looking building with moss growing on the surface of it. Mia walked with Mr. Smith to the office. Mia knew the drill. She walked into the principle’s office and sat and waited for Mr. Martin to come in. Mr. Martin was a portly middle aged man. But he was a very straight arrow and followed the rules. He expected all the students and people that worked with him to do the same.

Photo by Brown University

After a few minutes, “Mia Malicent! Hello! How are you young lady!” said the fat man.

Mia looked at him out of the corner of her eye with disgust written all over her face. She did not want to be there and she knew what was in store. She has dealt with Mr. Martin for years now. Mr. Martin liked her. He has always thought he could do something that would turn her around. He is still hopeful. He looked at her as he pulled her file and read through the ample documentation the district had on her.

“What are we going to do with you young lady?” He said again. Young lady, like that phrase makes him superior to her. She hated it. “Look, Mia, with summer school in play here, you probably can get the credits to graduate. We can teach you Math and English. What I continue to instill in you is a sense of discipline and duty to yourself and your teachers.

As the two spoke, Mr. Smith addressed Mr. Martin, “I will be taking off now, Mr. Martin.” Mr. Smith said. “Oh, can you hang out, there is one last thing I need you to do before you leave.” Mr. Martin said. And with that he opened his bottom drawer and pulled out a thick oak paddle and set it on his desk.

They both looked at Mia. She was half expecting this and rolled her eyes at the both of them. “Mia, we have to do something. This can not continue this way.” Mr. Martin pulled out a form and handed it to Mia. “I need you to read this and sign the bottom of it please.” Mr. Martin stood up and handed the legal looking document to Mia.

“I am not signing this. This is a release form to spank me.” Mia said. “I don’t agree with this at all and I will not just lay over your desk and let you do this to me. Not without a fight.” Mia exclaimed.

“Well, if that’s how you feel.” Mr. Martin opened his top drawer and pulled out a packet. “Expulsion!!??” Mia said with great resentment. She read the title of the folder. “Well Mia, I don’t want to but you leave me no choice here.” Said Mr. Martin. So there they sat on Mr Martin’s desk, side by side. One expels her from school, which she didn’t want to do, the other gives permission to spank her. “This is totally not fair.!!”

A voice from behind Mia says “Common, just get it over with.” Mia looked at Mr. Smith for at least a minute before resigning herself to her sentence. “OK.” Mia said.

“Alright, here’s how it’s gonna go, Miss Malicent.” Mr. Martin began. Putting his paddle in his hand, he explained thirty seats would be delivered to her rear end. She shook her head absolving herself of any lingering resistance she felt when she came in that office. “After that, a bare bottomed spanking would be given.” Mr Martin explained.

“Do you understand everything I just said to you Mia? As Mr. Martin said that, he handed a pen to Mia. She reluctantly took the pen and signed the document. “Common, let’s get this done. Mr. Martin picked up the paddle and asked Mia to stand up. He removed the chair and asked Mia to straddle the corner of his desk.

Mia looked at Mr. Martin. “Really?? Do you get off in this or what?” Mia determined. “Mia, it was a lesson I learned when I was in college learning education. A professor of mine said something that stuck with me all through my career.” “In Education, without discipline in the classroom, there is chaos.” “This quote stuck with me. I believe it.” Mr. Martin proclaimed.


Mia reluctantly walked up to the desk and firmly placed her hands on the principals oak desk. Mr. Martin stepped up behind her with the thick, long paddle he was known for around school. “Thirty” he said. Mia just nodded. And he commenced punishment. Thwack!

By the time Mia got to ten she had tears in her eyes. She was doing the spanking dance after each swat and was trying to avoid impact. “You are to stand still young lady!!” Mr. Martin corrected.

Thwack! By the time Kia got to twenty, her rear end was on fire. She had lost count but Mr. Martin said “twenty” out loud and got her on track.


Thwack!! When the thirtieth whack stuck home, Mia was in tears, balling her eyes out and she couldn’t stand anymore. Tiny cuts started to form on her black and blue behind where the skin had broken. Mia had received punishments before but none like this. And she still had an over the knee spanking coming. That was foremost on her mind. At least she wouldn’t have to stand for that.

Mr. Martin walked around the desk and placed that implement from hell back in his bottom drawer and came back around the desk. “Common Mia. Let’s get this over with.” Mr. Martin said. He took Mias arm and brought her around the back of the desk and sat down. He turned while sitting and facing Mia and took her panties down. He turned her around to peruse the damage done to her back side. “Alright, common.” Mia wiped the tears from her face and leaned over his lap. The hand spanking commenced.

Usually the hand spanking is the warmup. In this case, the hand spanking followed the paddling and was worse because of it. “Owww” Mia howled when the first impact landed.

Mr. Martin spoke as he spanked. “Now, are you going to play bookie anymore?

“Nooo.. “ Mia promised. “Are you going to get your grades up?” “Noo, I mean Yesss.. “ Mia promised. This went on for a while. This continued until Mr. Martin was sure Mia got the message.

Mr. Martin and Mia were done. He stood her up and looked at her. Mia wiped her eyes again. She had broke down in tears several times.

Mr. Martin rubbed Mia’s arms in apology without saying he was sorry. He gave her a hug and sent her on her way. Mia looked at Mr. Smith before leaving the inner office. She stopped, turned and said, “Thank you. “ to Mr. Smith and Mr. Martin. Martin just looked at Smith as Mia left.

Standard operating procedure would be to call a parent and take the child home. Only Mia was the adult here. When Mr. Smith went back out to his car, Mia was sitting in the passengers seat. She was ready to go home and get ready for tomorrow. She had learned her lesson. She was ready for school tomorrow. She wanted to graduate.

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