2021 Coup Attempt

I acknowledge, honor and respect every American citizens right to voice their opinion. This is a right guaranteed by the constitution of the United States of America. That being said, there are limits to both the written and spoken words. Using either to incite violence not only is wrong, but criminal in nature. Doing so has repercussions which we saw last night including loss of life. Were the inciters acting in a righteous coarse, probably.

But when the righteous act in accordance with their beliefs and cause damage to the constitutional progress, this turns the righteous actor into an actor against the state for which they believe they are acting for.


And for the two or more leaders of the coup attempt, shame onto you as you are the worst of all inciting damage upon our national agenda. It doesn’t matter whose name is on the ballet. It didn’t matter in 2016 and it doesn’t matter now. What does matter is that we stand for something larger than ourselves and to Donald J Trump, stand down. For the actions of the senate of the United States of America has and always will stand for freedom.

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I am honored to call myself an American. And to the men and women who were actors in defending the constitutional progress against the criminal actors last night, I salute you all. Thank you.

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  1. Wow!
    I am reading your post and to me it seems pretty balanced, but it is obvious that this subject still provokes such strong feelings.
    What I will say is this, during 2020 and right up to the events of yesterday, I am just astonished at the huge degree of mistrust out there that people have in institutions that people used to trust somewhat.
    I have always been sceptical of politicians generally – I have seen them make promises and break promises. I take most of what they say with a pinch of salt. Yet whoever is in office, I respect their authority and obey the law and pay my taxes – whether I like them personally or not.
    During 2020, I have heard people say bizarre things indicating the level of mistrust is far greater than I ever imagined. For me almost a bigger challenge than the virus, is the attitudes and aggression that people seem to have.
    I guess after everything we saw in 2020, I had a feeling that 2021 was going to be a very bumpy ride! I think there might be more behaviour still to come.


      1. Hey Michael, that was my attempt to give an unbiased opinion. I stay out of politics, but I was truly shocked at the events I saw on the news yesterday. I just think people are becoming more – what’s the word? – volatile???


        1. I have experienced the volatility first hand my friend. Thank you again for your unbiased opinion. I was struck by the literary muse this morning, apparently not unlike with a baseball bat to the head. This was the result. Big hugs.


        2. That volatility is going to get a lot worse when the socialists come to disarm the populations of the red states.


          1. I may be wrong, and please do not think I am being hostile because I am not, but your comment suggested you fear that the democratic party will be wishing to change gun laws? Are you suggesting that there may be acts of hostility or even violence if that did occur?

            If that is the case, I am aware of the popularity of guns in the US. I am not currently living in the US, although some of my family are. I currently live in the UK where guns are strictly controlled.

            I have lived in the countryside where people roam in game season with rifles and shoot pheasants etc. But other than that it is extremely rare to see a gun. Only in response to something along the lines o a terrorist incident do we see specially trained police officers use them.

            Many people in the UK have never even seen a gun except on television and movies. There have been serious issues here with knife crimes though. Many young people have lost their lives. Last weekend a 13 year old boy was killed in broad daylight in a public park and it appears that four children his age were involved in his murder.

            I am sure you will agree that all violence is devastating. It sows a lack of appreciation for the priceless gift of life and shows something is very wrong with this world.


            1. As UK citizen who by force of law cannot legally bare Arms in self defense.

              You are:

              1) A defacto slave of which ever political faction controls the government.


              2) At the mercy of those who do not believe in the sanctity of human life.


              1. Hello Mr Green
                I was asleep so I did not see your reply to my question.
                Just our out curiosity, may I ask if you believe in a Creator?
                Or do you think man is on his own? Without any hope other than what he can supply himself?

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                1. For what’s its worth:

                  I believe in a Creator.

                  My religious background is Southern Baptist and Seventh-day Adventist.

                  And even though I am not a practicing Christian my standard of Truth and Morality is the King James Bible.

                  Both the ideology of Conservatism and Liberalism fail when compared with The Word of God.

                  Because their cleverly crafted foundations are based on Out Right Lies and Intellectual Dishonesty.

                  Both violate the golden rule –

                  Do unto others what you would want them to do to you –

                  Upon which the Son of God declared hangs all the Law and the Prophets.


                  1. Please believe me Mr Green, I am not trying to be hostile towards you. Freedom of speech and belief etc are a fundamental part of the constitution as well as other amendments.
                    I just wondered, do you think that our Creator will intervene or judge etc in the issues that divide people today? What do
                    you think he wants for the human family?
                    I am just curious because I hear a lot of pain and anger from people on all sorts of issues – some of those issues have not necessarily infringed on my personal life at all yet, but others feel deeply grieved by them.
                    Do you think our Creator has a solution? Or do you think he watches and lets humans fight amongst themselves?
                    I don’t ask this to be contentious. I just would love to believe that there is a real hope for world peace. Genuinely, I want to live in a world where people thrive and feel secure. I also want to live on a planet that is not scarred by pollution and extremes of wealth and poverty. I have travelled a lot and seen so many people in different lands with many concerns. I love people. Simple as. I love people and I do not like to see anyone mistreated. Is there a way to unite people?


            2. In order to successfully install a Socialist form of Government.

              The Democrats will have to disarm nearly half of the American Population; which will most likely spark an Armed Rebellion.

              Supported, aided and abetted by Republican led states against the now Illegitmate Federal Government.

              Unfortunately with the help of the Republican Leadership in the US Senate; paving the way for the installation of a government sympathic towards Socialism.

              The Democratic Republic of the United States no longer exists. Having Morphed into a Client State and Puppet of both the Chinese and Russian communist governments.


            3. By remaining silent, failing to condemn and reign in the “Domestic Terrorist Organizations (Black Lives Matter and Antifa) with whom they are politically aligned. During the riots that took place in Democrat led cities across America during the summer of 2020.

              As well as deliberately working at cross purposes against President Trump, in order to make it as difficult as possible for him, to both govern the nation and protect its Citizens.

              The Top Four Leaders of the Newly Elected Government (President elect Joe Biden, Vice President elect Kamala Harris, Nancy Polesi and Chuck Schumer) are all Guilty of Treason, High Crimes and Misdemeanors.

              The expected Failure of the FBI and the Justice Department to prosecute and seek indictments. Against the above named individuals has/will Void the Rule of Law. Creating the conditions necessary to justify open rebellion against the newly elected incoming government.

              The above listed crimes along with the “Massive Voter Fraud” deliberately and intentionally committed by Democrats. On behalf of the newly elected government now being ignored and covered up.

              Makes the New Incoming Government headed by Joe Biden Illegal, Unconstitutional and illegitmate.

              The fact is that with the aid of the Broadcast, Printed and Social Media; Joe Biden has successfully staged the very Coup he falsely accuses President Trump’s supporters of attempting.


  2. The democrats do not stand for freedom.

    They use Cancel Culture and their Black Lives Matter and Antifa goons to enforce comforminty of thought and to silence those who oppose them.

    They also staged a coup attempt against Trump by impeaching him in the House.

    Then voted into office an individual who has admitted to being guilty of High Crimes and Misdemeanors while serving as Obama’s VP.

    In my book that is TTEASON which carries the DEATH PENALTY.


      1. Considering that those who supported and voted for Biden; spent last summer engaging in “Domestic Terrorism” while Biden, Polesi and Schumer remained silent.

        Thus condoning the looting and burning and destruction of both government and private property.

        Yesterdays incident doesn’t even compare to the mayhem caused by BLM and Antifa.

        Indeed the demostrators would have justified in dragging Pelosi, Schumer, McConnell and Pence out of the building – hanging them from the limb of the nearest tree.


          1. Thank you. My beef isn’t with people who disagree with me.

            But, with the thread of intellectual dishonesty that is the foundation of many arguments on both the left and the right.

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