Lessons Learned


“Mmmm…Oh, God!! Wow, Baby. That was great, thank you so much.” Jake said. “You do that very well. Where did you learn to pleasure a man like you do?” Jake inquired.

“Experience is the best teacher, Sir.” said Asia. “True” said Jake as he pulled up his blue suit slacks. “ I do have to get to work.” Said Jake.

“Now, you have that movie you shot of us on your computer. Where is it going and what are you going to do with it?” Jake inquired.

“Personal use.” Asia smiled devilishly in response. “Well, Ok. Just delete it when you are done with it. I do not want my d all over the internet.” Jake retorted.

“No problem” said Asia.

Jake continued to get ready for work and in minutes he was dressed in his suit and on his way out the door. He is a fine looking man, Asia thought.

She finished her chores given to her by her Sir and had a little free time in the afternoon. Asia picked up her laptop again, checked social media and her thoughts wandered to her schoolwork. She had a paper due later today and she was nearly finished. She put the finishing touches on the paper, titled it and hit “send”.

Asia went back to make sure the file was delivered to Professor Martinson to find the file that contained her paper was still in her pending files. She went to the sent file and opened it. Asia was mortified to find she had just sent the video file containing this mornings bedtime antics with Jake. It was in the email she had just sent to her professor!!! “What am so going to do? I am done!! They will kick me out of school for this!!” All kind of terrible demoralizing events ran through Asia’s mind. She called professor Martinson immediately and got her voicemail.

“Professor??!!. Hi. This is Asia Williams. Please disregard the file I just sent you. I am sending a second file containing my paper. The first one does not contain my paper on Middle Eastern studies. Please delete the file and I will explain later. Thanks.”

“Oh My God!!!!” What is Jake going to say?” She couldn’t think about that right now. Right now, she had to deal with her Professor!! Martinson is pretty cool. He is an older guy. He could absolutely understand the circumstances. The professor won’t be angry, will he? I have to get out of here.

Asia arrived at the college shortly before ten o’clock. She almost ran up to the administration building and knocked on Professor Martinson’s door. “Knock, knock, knock” All Asia could think about was what her teacher would say. “ I mean, this can’t be the first time this has happened to him, right?” All kinds of thoughts were racing through her head right now.

A minute passed. No answer. As Asia started to turn to walk away, the elevator door dinged and the Professor walked her way. “Hello, Asia. To what do I owe the pleasure of your visit? This is a little unexpected.” Martinson said.

“Hello, Professor. It is about my paper due today. I finished it and sent it to you.” Asia said. As they talked, the professor keyed his lock and opened his office door. The entered and Asia found a couch and looked at it waiting for an invitation to sit. Martinson motioned for her to sit. It was a small office. Adorned in wood and leather furniture. What you might expect a college professors office to look like.

“Yes Sir” Asia began. “I did send you the paper.”

The professor looked a little perplexed as he opened the laptop computer he had on his desk. “ I have not had a chance to look at it young lady.” “I am not that gifted when it comes to time management.” Martinson quipped.

“I am looking at two files from you.” Martinson acknowledged.

“Yes, about that…”Asia began.

“The first file was not intended.” Asia explained.

The look on Martinson’s gray bearded face could not look any more confused. “What do you mean not intended?” Martinson inquired. This is not your paper?” Martinson said with his finger on the mousepad of his laptop. Before Asia could stop him, he clicked on the file.


The walls of his office were alive with the sexual sounds, moans and deep breaths taken by her lover. All Asia could do was bury her face in the palms of her hands in shame. Martinson was surprised to see Asia’s mouth sucking and slurping in her boyfriends engorged member.

At least the clip was only a few minutes of torturous embarrassment before she heard the sounds of her boyfriend’s arousal and the wet, fast sounds of Asia’s hand stroking her boyfriend’s manhood, edging her boyfriend closer and closer to orgasm… until she heard it. The love of her life cumming all over her mouth and hand. She relived the memory of this morning’s sexual experience with her man as she heard it coming from the speaker of her teacher’s laptop. It was torture, until it wasn’t.

Asia looked at her teacher’s face. He obviously knew the woman in the video was sitting before him in his office. What he didn’t know was why? “Why?” This is all he said.

Asia began by telling him how much she loved Jake and the frequency of their love life. “ I am so, so, sorry Professor.” “ I didn’t mean…” Asia was mortified beyond mortification, so much so she couldn’t even finish he sentence.

“So, am I to understand the first file was not intended for me and the second file is your paper?” Martinson inquired. “Yes!!! Oh my God, Yes!” Asia responded. Martinson was not going to open the second file until the motion was seconded by Asia.

“Well, I think we can keep this between us Asia. I see this as a simple mistake. Anyone could have made this in your similar circumstance. There are rules that govern advances made by students toward teachers, but I do not see this as such. Am I correct in that assumption, young lady?”

“Correct” Asia said, feeling the utter relief. This could have been very public and it seems Professor Martinson understood her predicament. “We will see you Tuesday, then?” Martinson asked. Martinson tried to act as nonchalant as possible given the circumstances. We dared not stand and walk her to the door as the only thing hiding his erection was the wood desk her sat behind.

“Yes, Sir.” Asia responded and with that she picked up her purse she had sitting between her feet and with red face, she quickly exited the professors office. As the door closed, Asia backed against the wall and started to cry in relief. Tears ran down her face as she said out loud,”How am I going to tell Jake about this?”

Asia exited the building, wiped the tears from her face, got into her red Volkswagen Beetle and headed home.

How will Jake handle this? Only time will tell.

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