Give Him The Shot!!

Credit to Kevin Jordan

Why? Why would you not take a simple injection that could stop the halt of a virus that to date has claimed more than four hundred thousand lives? For yourself and for the betterment of man itself, for Gods sake, take the shot! I can see making this choice for yourself, but to impose your distrust and simple misinformation on our own relative? Yes. You have medical power of attorney. Until now, that was not a problem. He is seventy eight years old. This disease that attacks the very system that lets you breathe will not discriminate. Those of high risk will not survive it. Please give him the ability to fight it off if and when restrictions come down and we are able to resume the life we remember. Just let him decide. If nothing else, give him the ability. Don’t let him be a simple statistic. Don’t let yourself feel the weight and responsibility of his death. Give him the shot!!

Has Anyone Else Been Caught?

Image by KOKO TV Nigeria

My wife and I have been married for twenty two years now. I married her and her three children and they called me Dad from the getgo. I had never had children and my wife almost did not marry me because of that. She felt it wasn’t fair to me to take up where another man left off.

I told her not to be silly and what hers was ours and that included the children and the children that followed. To be factual, three more followed the first three.

Most of my children are adults. Four are to be accurate and as adults, we have had grown up conversations about everything including sex.

None of them have owned up to actually catching my wife and I but I am sure most of them have. I never caught my own parents in the throes thank God, but it was probably a miracle in retrospect.

Image by Parentmap

My question is to those who have a healthy sex life and for those especially that have a d/s lifestyle. I can not fathom how you guys can keep that a secret. I know.. it’s only a small part of your life as parents and adulting in general. I and my wife do not live a similar lifestyle and that dynamic does seems to me something you leave at the bedroom door.

I often think and ask myself, how do you guys not get caught? Hell, my lifestyle is as standard as you can get, and I have been caught, I think by at least half of them. The older ones deny, deny, deny but I know I and my wife have been caught.

When Does the Caterpillar Become the Butterfly?

In reading other blogs, I read that torture can be a good thing or very bad depending on the mindset of both the inflictor and the afflicted. I chose this topic because I have had any personal experience but because there can be more types than just the physical type commonly known. So many of us deal with our own mental torture daily and just want to get through what some consider daily life while others consider the torture of the mind. The onslaught of the ideas that are forced upon us by the media, the contacts around us and by some who would be considered strangers to us.

Tortured thoughts and tortured memories of times when things seemed simpler. Things that happened and things that were said to us that molded us into the sometimes more cynical than we were before.

Tortured times when we thought as babes that believed we would never get through it. But did. And are somewhat better for it because when we can change the bad things that happen to us into a positive experience, one we learn from, this is what personal growth and development earns us. It gives us the power to take a “bad” experience and make us better for it. It lets us know this, this is what we need to do in those cases. And who to trust, what to do and how to act.

I wasn’t there. But I can know through somewhat similar experiences what was attempting to be changed and what was said in the grips of the most important time in someone else’s life. Make it your own. Take from that experience and instead of torture, it is the best that could have happened. The student sometimes becomes the teacher. In other cases, for some, that transformation never comes. The experiences and the tortured times in ones life that are transformative..It begs the question..Where is the transformation? When does the caterpillar become the butterfly? Only you can know that.

Timothy McEntee

As a group or as individuals, what we think and as a result what we do make us who we are. Will Ashli Babbitt, 35 be remembered as a patriot or a simple girl used as a pawn in a political riot and a siege of the Capital Building Wednesday. “She had a big head and a strong mind.” Tim McEntee She was a veteran who defended this country against foreign actors in Afghanistan. God bless her family. This was her way of speaking out. Of doing what she thought was right! Could that have been any of us? But how will history paint her picture? I wonder if this patriot [ Babbitt] will be seen as a patriot or a traitor as some are painting Vice President Pence and President Trump. I will not offer an opinion. Not because I will not stand on one side or another but because I believe this country and our democracy is worth defending. And to write disparaging remarks, even if true in some cases, would not be defending the constitution. I was not honored by serving like Babbitt did. I would have if called. I never was. We will have to watch how the annals of history record this event. It is a story we will remember. One we will pass onto our grandchildren. And for some, were involved in. I have already praised those who we defending our great nation, it’s traditions and the votes those on the outside were trying to change?? I ask. What was the ultimate goal of those actors. When Vice President Pence took office, he promised to defend the constitution of the United States and by confirming the vote, he did his duty.

Oliver Contreras The Washington Post

Thank you again to those that did their duty for me, a voter. Thank you for trying to defend the great halls in Washington and to those that thought to grab the box containing the votes from the college, I thank you as well.

2021 Coup Attempt

I acknowledge, honor and respect every American citizens right to voice their opinion. This is a right guaranteed by the constitution of the United States of America. That being said, there are limits to both the written and spoken words. Using either to incite violence not only is wrong, but criminal in nature. Doing so has repercussions which we saw last night including loss of life. Were the inciters acting in a righteous coarse, probably.

But when the righteous act in accordance with their beliefs and cause damage to the constitutional progress, this turns the righteous actor into an actor against the state for which they believe they are acting for.


And for the two or more leaders of the coup attempt, shame onto you as you are the worst of all inciting damage upon our national agenda. It doesn’t matter whose name is on the ballet. It didn’t matter in 2016 and it doesn’t matter now. What does matter is that we stand for something larger than ourselves and to Donald J Trump, stand down. For the actions of the senate of the United States of America has and always will stand for freedom.

Getty Images/ Tasos Katopodis

I am honored to call myself an American. And to the men and women who were actors in defending the constitutional progress against the criminal actors last night, I salute you all. Thank you.

Mia Learns A Lesson the Hard Way

Mia was sitting in her porch when the white Chevy Tahoe with “Truant Officer” written on the side pulled up her driveway. A man in a badge authoritatively exited the vehicle and casually swaggered toward her. He was older, maybe forty years old. He was not at all what she expected, minus the sunglasses. She immediately nicknamed this guy “Sunglasses” in her own mind. He definitely did not look like a runner type. “Ha” Mia had been through this procedure many times and is familiar with the laws of her state. The man pulled out a badge and displayed it to Mia clearly this man was a truant officer and was there for her.

Photo by King School District

Mr. Smith introduced himself. “Hello, Mia. Mia Malicent??” Mia looked up at him knowing she was caught yet again skipping school. She was an adult learner but the rules applied to all. She knew she could not skip school.

“Yes” said Mia. “Yes, Sir!” Mr. Smith demanded. “Yes, Sir.” Mia parroted. Mr. Smith set the tone of this meeting from the beginning. No sense in beating around the bush. “Marcus Smith, Truancy Officer for the Cumberland School District.” Smith said.

“Well, you fit the description.” Mr. Smith said. “How so?” inquired Mia. “Well, they said to come to this address. Look for a thin multi colored hair girl with blue jeans, chains and black boots.” Said Mr. Smith. He smiled and motioned with his hand as if to say “Well? You fit the bill.”

Mia motioned as well with both of her hands out to her sides as if to say, “That’s me.”

“Mia, according to my record, this is the thirteenth truancy you have committed this school year. You are familiar with the law concerning truancy, are you not Mia?” As Mr. Smith speaks, he is digging the copy of the law out of his equally aged leather brown document folder. He handed the copy to Mia. Mia is visibly shaken as she knows after the fifth truancy, corporal punishment, suspension and expulsion are all on the table.

“Mia, you are almost done. Had you just attended and kept up with your grades, you may have been done by now.“ Mr. Smith said. He had seen this a hundred times and it always failed to escape him the thought processes of these kids that skip school. “Alright young lady, stand up, let’s go.” Mr. Smith said.

Mr. Smith could have cuffed Mia but chose not to as she didn’t seem the threat to him. He knew her pretty well by now.

When they arrived to the school. A very old brown looking building with moss growing on the surface of it. Mia walked with Mr. Smith to the office. Mia knew the drill. She walked into the principle’s office and sat and waited for Mr. Martin to come in. Mr. Martin was a portly middle aged man. But he was a very straight arrow and followed the rules. He expected all the students and people that worked with him to do the same.

Photo by Brown University

After a few minutes, “Mia Malicent! Hello! How are you young lady!” said the fat man.

Mia looked at him out of the corner of her eye with disgust written all over her face. She did not want to be there and she knew what was in store. She has dealt with Mr. Martin for years now. Mr. Martin liked her. He has always thought he could do something that would turn her around. He is still hopeful. He looked at her as he pulled her file and read through the ample documentation the district had on her.

“What are we going to do with you young lady?” He said again. Young lady, like that phrase makes him superior to her. She hated it. “Look, Mia, with summer school in play here, you probably can get the credits to graduate. We can teach you Math and English. What I continue to instill in you is a sense of discipline and duty to yourself and your teachers.

As the two spoke, Mr. Smith addressed Mr. Martin, “I will be taking off now, Mr. Martin.” Mr. Smith said. “Oh, can you hang out, there is one last thing I need you to do before you leave.” Mr. Martin said. And with that he opened his bottom drawer and pulled out a thick oak paddle and set it on his desk.

They both looked at Mia. She was half expecting this and rolled her eyes at the both of them. “Mia, we have to do something. This can not continue this way.” Mr. Martin pulled out a form and handed it to Mia. “I need you to read this and sign the bottom of it please.” Mr. Martin stood up and handed the legal looking document to Mia.

“I am not signing this. This is a release form to spank me.” Mia said. “I don’t agree with this at all and I will not just lay over your desk and let you do this to me. Not without a fight.” Mia exclaimed.

“Well, if that’s how you feel.” Mr. Martin opened his top drawer and pulled out a packet. “Expulsion!!??” Mia said with great resentment. She read the title of the folder. “Well Mia, I don’t want to but you leave me no choice here.” Said Mr. Martin. So there they sat on Mr Martin’s desk, side by side. One expels her from school, which she didn’t want to do, the other gives permission to spank her. “This is totally not fair.!!”

A voice from behind Mia says “Common, just get it over with.” Mia looked at Mr. Smith for at least a minute before resigning herself to her sentence. “OK.” Mia said.

“Alright, here’s how it’s gonna go, Miss Malicent.” Mr. Martin began. Putting his paddle in his hand, he explained thirty seats would be delivered to her rear end. She shook her head absolving herself of any lingering resistance she felt when she came in that office. “After that, a bare bottomed spanking would be given.” Mr Martin explained.

“Do you understand everything I just said to you Mia? As Mr. Martin said that, he handed a pen to Mia. She reluctantly took the pen and signed the document. “Common, let’s get this done. Mr. Martin picked up the paddle and asked Mia to stand up. He removed the chair and asked Mia to straddle the corner of his desk.

Mia looked at Mr. Martin. “Really?? Do you get off in this or what?” Mia determined. “Mia, it was a lesson I learned when I was in college learning education. A professor of mine said something that stuck with me all through my career.” “In Education, without discipline in the classroom, there is chaos.” “This quote stuck with me. I believe it.” Mr. Martin proclaimed.

Mia reluctantly walked up to the desk and firmly placed her hands on the principals oak desk. Mr. Martin stepped up behind her with the thick, long paddle he was known for around school. “Thirty” he said. Mia just nodded. And he commenced punishment. Thwack!

By the time Mia got to ten she had tears in her eyes. She was doing the spanking dance after each swat and was trying to avoid impact. “You are to stand still young lady!!” Mr. Martin corrected.

Thwack! By the time Kia got to twenty, her rear end was on fire. She had lost count but Mr. Martin said “twenty” out loud and got her on track.

Thwack!! When the thirtieth whack stuck home, Mia was in tears, balling her eyes out and she couldn’t stand anymore. Tiny cuts started to form on her black and blue behind where the skin had broken. Mia had received punishments before but none like this. And she still had an over the knee spanking coming. That was foremost on her mind. At least she wouldn’t have to stand for that.

Mr. Martin walked around the desk and placed that implement from hell back in his bottom drawer and came back around the desk. “Common Mia. Let’s get this over with.” Mr. Martin said. He took Mias arm and brought her around the back of the desk and sat down. He turned while sitting and facing Mia and took her panties down. He turned her around to peruse the damage done to her back side. “Alright, common.” Mia wiped the tears from her face and leaned over his lap. The hand spanking commenced.

Usually the hand spanking is the warmup. In this case, the hand spanking followed the paddling and was worse because of it. “Owww” Mia howled when the first impact landed.

Mr. Martin spoke as he spanked. “Now, are you going to play bookie anymore?

“Nooo.. “ Mia promised. “Are you going to get your grades up?” “Noo, I mean Yesss.. “ Mia promised. This went on for a while. This continued until Mr. Martin was sure Mia got the message.

Mr. Martin and Mia were done. He stood her up and looked at her. Mia wiped her eyes again. She had broke down in tears several times.

Mr. Martin rubbed Mia’s arms in apology without saying he was sorry. He gave her a hug and sent her on her way. Mia looked at Mr. Smith before leaving the inner office. She stopped, turned and said, “Thank you. “ to Mr. Smith and Mr. Martin. Martin just looked at Smith as Mia left.

Standard operating procedure would be to call a parent and take the child home. Only Mia was the adult here. When Mr. Smith went back out to his car, Mia was sitting in the passengers seat. She was ready to go home and get ready for tomorrow. She had learned her lesson. She was ready for school tomorrow. She wanted to graduate.

Lessons Learned

“Mmmm…Oh, God!! Wow, Baby. That was great, thank you so much.” Jake said. “You do that very well. Where did you learn to pleasure a man like you do?” Jake inquired.

“Experience is the best teacher, Sir.” said Asia. “True” said Jake as he pulled up his blue suit slacks. “ I do have to get to work.” Said Jake.

“Now, you have that movie you shot of us on your computer. Where is it going and what are you going to do with it?” Jake inquired.

“Personal use.” Asia smiled devilishly in response. “Well, Ok. Just delete it when you are done with it. I do not want my d all over the internet.” Jake retorted.

“No problem” said Asia.

Jake continued to get ready for work and in minutes he was dressed in his suit and on his way out the door. He is a fine looking man, Asia thought.

She finished her chores given to her by her Sir and had a little free time in the afternoon. Asia picked up her laptop again, checked social media and her thoughts wandered to her schoolwork. She had a paper due later today and she was nearly finished. She put the finishing touches on the paper, titled it and hit “send”.

Asia went back to make sure the file was delivered to Professor Martinson to find the file that contained her paper was still in her pending files. She went to the sent file and opened it. Asia was mortified to find she had just sent the video file containing this mornings bedtime antics with Jake. It was in the email she had just sent to her professor!!! “What am so going to do? I am done!! They will kick me out of school for this!!” All kind of terrible demoralizing events ran through Asia’s mind. She called professor Martinson immediately and got her voicemail.

“Professor??!!. Hi. This is Asia Williams. Please disregard the file I just sent you. I am sending a second file containing my paper. The first one does not contain my paper on Middle Eastern studies. Please delete the file and I will explain later. Thanks.”

“Oh My God!!!!” What is Jake going to say?” She couldn’t think about that right now. Right now, she had to deal with her Professor!! Martinson is pretty cool. He is an older guy. He could absolutely understand the circumstances. The professor won’t be angry, will he? I have to get out of here.

Asia arrived at the college shortly before ten o’clock. She almost ran up to the administration building and knocked on Professor Martinson’s door. “Knock, knock, knock” All Asia could think about was what her teacher would say. “ I mean, this can’t be the first time this has happened to him, right?” All kinds of thoughts were racing through her head right now.

A minute passed. No answer. As Asia started to turn to walk away, the elevator door dinged and the Professor walked her way. “Hello, Asia. To what do I owe the pleasure of your visit? This is a little unexpected.” Martinson said.

“Hello, Professor. It is about my paper due today. I finished it and sent it to you.” Asia said. As they talked, the professor keyed his lock and opened his office door. The entered and Asia found a couch and looked at it waiting for an invitation to sit. Martinson motioned for her to sit. It was a small office. Adorned in wood and leather furniture. What you might expect a college professors office to look like.

“Yes Sir” Asia began. “I did send you the paper.”

The professor looked a little perplexed as he opened the laptop computer he had on his desk. “ I have not had a chance to look at it young lady.” “I am not that gifted when it comes to time management.” Martinson quipped.

“I am looking at two files from you.” Martinson acknowledged.

“Yes, about that…”Asia began.

“The first file was not intended.” Asia explained.

The look on Martinson’s gray bearded face could not look any more confused. “What do you mean not intended?” Martinson inquired. This is not your paper?” Martinson said with his finger on the mousepad of his laptop. Before Asia could stop him, he clicked on the file.

The walls of his office were alive with the sexual sounds, moans and deep breaths taken by her lover. All Asia could do was bury her face in the palms of her hands in shame. Martinson was surprised to see Asia’s mouth sucking and slurping in her boyfriends engorged member.

At least the clip was only a few minutes of torturous embarrassment before she heard the sounds of her boyfriend’s arousal and the wet, fast sounds of Asia’s hand stroking her boyfriend’s manhood, edging her boyfriend closer and closer to orgasm… until she heard it. The love of her life cumming all over her mouth and hand. She relived the memory of this morning’s sexual experience with her man as she heard it coming from the speaker of her teacher’s laptop. It was torture, until it wasn’t.

Asia looked at her teacher’s face. He obviously knew the woman in the video was sitting before him in his office. What he didn’t know was why? “Why?” This is all he said.

Asia began by telling him how much she loved Jake and the frequency of their love life. “ I am so, so, sorry Professor.” “ I didn’t mean…” Asia was mortified beyond mortification, so much so she couldn’t even finish he sentence.

“So, am I to understand the first file was not intended for me and the second file is your paper?” Martinson inquired. “Yes!!! Oh my God, Yes!” Asia responded. Martinson was not going to open the second file until the motion was seconded by Asia.

“Well, I think we can keep this between us Asia. I see this as a simple mistake. Anyone could have made this in your similar circumstance. There are rules that govern advances made by students toward teachers, but I do not see this as such. Am I correct in that assumption, young lady?”

“Correct” Asia said, feeling the utter relief. This could have been very public and it seems Professor Martinson understood her predicament. “We will see you Tuesday, then?” Martinson asked. Martinson tried to act as nonchalant as possible given the circumstances. We dared not stand and walk her to the door as the only thing hiding his erection was the wood desk her sat behind.

“Yes, Sir.” Asia responded and with that she picked up her purse she had sitting between her feet and with red face, she quickly exited the professors office. As the door closed, Asia backed against the wall and started to cry in relief. Tears ran down her face as she said out loud,”How am I going to tell Jake about this?”

Asia exited the building, wiped the tears from her face, got into her red Volkswagen Beetle and headed home.

How will Jake handle this? Only time will tell.

Olivia Gets Her Due

Markus and I had been friends since the first grade. He and his family lived down the block from me in the same small town and his parents had a shop not unlike my Dad’s. Mr. Landis sold motorcycles and my dad had a Mom and pop dollar store. I spent a lot of time in Dads store and when I wasn’t there, I was at Marcus’ house.

Transparent Language Blog

When Marcus and I were juniors in high school, I was over at his house as usual. This time, Marcus’ dad was interviewing house keepers. We sat in the living room Marcus and I and made a game of it. We watched as the applicants came and went and we took odd as to which one of the lovely young ladies were to get the job. Eventually, the trail of women and one man ended and I looked at Marcus and said, “Ok, which one did he hire?” After a few minutes and a trip to Markus’ Dad’s office, he came back to me and a drum roll. “ Dad said Olivia will be back later for dinner so we can meet her.” Marcus said.

I told Marcus I would be back. I had to see who Olivia was. So I went home for an early dinner and I let Mom know so was going out with Marcus. We actually weren’t going out. We were staying in. As we were in the living room, we heard a knock on the door. Mr. Landis ushered in a young lady to the living room so we could meet her. She was a recent college graduate from a local college and wanted a job taking care of children. When she said that I looked a Marcus and smiled as her was the only “child” in the house and he was seventeen years old.

Mr. Landis piped up and explained as he said in her interview, there would be less child care and more home care helping Mr. and Mrs. Landis with the day to day operations of the home. “Olivia, Mr. Landis interupted before Olivia could add anything. He said” Olivia, I asked you a question to which you responded rather oddly. I asked what you would do to help maintain the continuity and structure in the home.” Mr. Landis continued. Mr. Landis was still in his gray suit and looked very interested in Olivia’s answer. Marcus highly uninterested in the goings on as he was on his phone the whole time his family was speaking with Olivia. I on the other hand was intrigued by Olivia very interested in the happenings as my family has never had a nanny or housekeeper.

“Olivia, what should happen to people in the house that do not follow the rules?” John said, Marcus’s Dad.

Are we talking about punishment Mr. Landis?” Olivia inquired. “Yes, you see in this house, there has always been a set of rules that Marcus and Jennifer abide by.” John said. Marcus heard his name and popped his head up. He smiles realizing everyone was now looking at him. “Butthead!!”I thought. “If Marcus breaks the rules, such as curfew, he sits in this house until such time I deem he has learned his lesson.” John continued. Marcus is oblivious to what goes on in his house even though he lives in it. Marcus hasn’t been disciplined in this house in a very long time. John hasn’t spanked him in years and hasn’t had to ground him as Marcus is an incurable rule follower.

“Likewise, Jennifer, Marcus’s mother, has a set of rules that she follows. She knows what she has to do and if she fails to follow the rules, consequences follow.” “Jennifer??” John motioned for Jennifer to stand and turn. Jennifer looked at me knowing I was not privy to the inner happenings of the house but John must consider me just another person that lives there since I have been around so much. He has told me as such.

Jennifer stood, turned and dropped her pants right there in the living room in front of Marcus, me and Olivia. Olivia and I were flabbergasted to see Jennifer’s obviously recently whipped posterior. The angry red lines and reddish pink hues indicated a cane or whip was used on her minutes before Olivia arrived.

I looked at Olivia and at Marcus. I was surprised when Marcus had no reaction at all. Why wasn’t he as surprised as Olivia and me? Was it because he has seen this before? Am I learning something new about my friend? Was this done to my chum of chums in his past? There was no reaction from him and I wanted to leave but I knew I could not, so I just sat there, stunned.

I was jolted out of my stunned state to find everyone in the room looking at me and John waiting for a response to a questionI had not heard him ask. “ I am sorry, can you repeat that Mr. Landis?” I asked him. “ I said, I realize this may be a side of my wife you have never seen before. Is everything alright?” John asked. “Oh ya, Mr. Landis, everything is cool.” I answered.

Mr. Landis standing now in the center of the living room turning his attentions now toward Olivia. “Olivia, the rules of the house for you will be

  • Arrive to work on time everyday.
  • Help everyone get off to school and to work.
  • A list of cleaning chores will be left daily.
  • Complete all chores by the time I arrive home.
  • Have dinner ready and cleaned up before you leave.
  • Have the house neat and tidy daily before you leave.
  • Assist Jennifer and Marcus daily with their needs.
  • Crimes of behavior

“Does this sound like tasks you think you can accomplish?” John inquired.

“Oh, yes Mr. Landis. These are tasks I have experience completing and feel I could do this.” Olivia said.

“Good”. Mr. Landis said while smiling and shaking his head. “This is the contract we will be providing. This is written documentation reiterating what I just stated.” Mr. Landis said.

Olivia took the form and sat treading the agreement. Mr. Landis sat by knowing there would be questions.

“Ummm.. Mr. Landis, section one says that I agree to do the work. Agreed. Olivia said. She signed section one.

“Section two speaks about the compensation for the job. She was going to be making a little less than sixty dollars an hour when it was all broken down. “That is a generous offer Mr. Landis, thank you.” Olivia said. She nearly lost it knowing she would be walking away with a little over seven hundred a day for this job. Olivia nearly lost her shit over that point. Woo hoo!! This was all going on in her head. Mr. Landis was just sitting back and waiting.. waiting for the inevitable pushback on the last subsection.

Section three discusses punishment for failing to complete given tasks. She would be paid before the work was completed every week and for this reason, Mr. Landis felt it necessary to add some sort of punishment for not getting the work completed. Some punishment was non physical like lines but others included caning, paddling and strapping.

“I’m not sure I am comfortable with this line Mr. Landis.” Olivia said. “It says you reserve the right to beat me if I don’t get assigned tasks completed. My Mom has never laid a hand on me in anger or frustration.” Olivia continued. “I just don’t know.” Olivia said.

“Olivia, you have seen my wife. This was her punishment for not completing tasks assigned to her. She chose to spend her time on the phone with her sister rather than getting her chores done today.” Mr. Landis explained. “In every house there is a head. And while I do not enjoy giving punishment to those that fail to meet their obligations, if there is no order, there is chaos. Right?” John said.

“I suppose you are right.” Olivia said.

“Can I ask a question Mr. Landis?” Olivia paused.

“Have you ever had to do that to Marcus?” Olivia was slightly aroused knowing the probability was high he did. Marcus popped his head up again and looked at Olivia.

“Yes, I have. It has been a long time but when Marcus was a teen, he has met a cane or two. Why do you ask?” John inquired.

“ Oh just curious.” Olivia said. Just thinking about Marcus bent over a chair and his dad spanking his ass with a cane made her wet and she didn’t know why. She barely knew him.

Olivia , gracefully and ever so slowly, picked up the pen and signed.


The Doctor

My wife of two weeks needed to see a doctor about some persistent intestinal discomfort. So I made an appointment and took her. She did not have a doctor in the area so I suggested she see Dr. Meredith Lu, our family physician. She asked I go with her since my wife had never been to see her before.

We arrived on time and signed in.

Melissas name was called and she got up to go. She took three steps, stopped and turned around. She made a “common” motion with her hand and mouthed the word. “Why?” I asked. “I don’t know this lady, you do. I want you with me.” she said. “OK, if that’s what you want.” I responded. We followed the nurse to the examination room, she hopped up on the table and I sat in the chair in front of her. The nurse asked her to undress and put on a gown. Which she did.

Dr Lu came in. After greetings, pleasant small talk and introductions to me and my new wife, she turned her attentions to Melissa. She did a full exam. She asked all kinds of questions about diet, habits, time spent outdoors, everything.

“How are your bowel habits Mrs. Martin?” Melissa became embarrassed. She looked right at me and then to the doctor.”Fine” she said sheepishly. “Would you like Mr. Martin to step outside while we complete the rest of your examination?” Lu asked in respect to my wife. “No, I don’t mind.” Melissa said. Lu grabbed a stethoscope and listened to her stomach. She began palpitating her abdomen. Going all of the regions. Feeling very carefully. I always liked how Dr. Lu took special care and time she probably didn’t have and dedicated it to you. In this case I thought it a little excessive for a stomach ache but I suppose she was just being thorough with her. When she was done with the percussion and auscultation of the abdomen, she pulled out the obstetrical stirrups and gave Melissa another chance to let me tour the waiting room. Again she declined. “Doc, this man has seen every inch of me. We just got married.” Melissa exclaimed. Lu completed the very thorough pelvic exam and asked her to turn over onto her left side. Which now positioned her facing me. I couldn’t see what the doctor was doing but she was telling Melissa what she was doing before he did it. I could see her face. She was uncomfortable and embarrassed in front of me. The doctor obviously moving onto the rectal exam. I reached for her hand to reassure her. With my eyes I told her it would be alright. After Lu was done, she tapped Melissas ass and told her to get dressed while handing her a box of tissue to clean up a little.

“I suspect you have a mild stomach bug. Drink lots of fluids and stay by the house.” Lu said. I looked at Dr . Lu and thanked her for her time and expertise.

With that she got dressed and we left. I picked up some fluids on the way home. That was the last time she invited me into her exam. Which I am glad for. There needs to be some secrets in a marriage.