Last Minute Christmas Gifts

For weeks, my wife and I have been talking about one overpriced Disney decoration that I sold in my store. It is overpriced and I felt we just did not need it in light of all of the other Christmas decorations I put up this year.


For $120.00 , we could buy a gift for the kids, take them to dinner, something else than pay both A home improvement store and Disney for their overpriced decoration. She asked, I denied.

Well, guess what appeared with the groceries this evening. We discussed it again. Now, I did go looking for it but did not buy it because I decided it was just too much. What shall we do about this? Hmmm..

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  1. Consider yourself very lucky and most fortunate that you have such a “Good Wife” many men would beg, barrow and steal for; if only they could fine a good woman as they are extremely rare in this day and time.

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