My Youngest Son

While there are many challenges, sometimes as soon as they vacate the womb, and I am not talking about childbirth and the difficulties mommies go through. I am speaking of in some cases, heath difficulties that arise when children are infants. My last son went immediately from the delivery room to a neonatal intensive care unit unit. He spent weeks there working on his lung function.

All the time I was thankful my God got my son and my wife through the hard work of receiving him into the world safely.

Now he is a beautiful ten year old. He is on the spectrum for Autism and has issues with the food he eats. Everything grosses him out. His olfactory systems are working on overload all the time. Pizza and peanut butter seem to be the only foods he can eat. Other than that, he seems to be what you might consider a “normal” kid. He loves computers, video games and he loves to read. He is exceptionally bright and loves his school work.

I love him and I almost didn’t have the chance to realize the blessing I have in him. But raising him, for the most part, is a breeze. He’s a messy little thing. He is disorganized and leaves his stuff everywhere. I am constantly picking up after him and I am currently trying to help him to pick up after himself.

I had the benefit of raising his five brothers and sisters before he brought up the rear and arrived last. He is such a good and respectful child. He is so bright. He comes up with phrases that should not be coming out of the mouth of a small person. He carries on conversations many adults would have problems with. And he is so worldly. Things don’t phase him.

He loves to watch YouTube for the humor of many of the gamers. I have to monitor this and limit it. Many of those guys and girls are truly adults and I think they fail to realize just how young some of their audiences are. But, that’s what he likes. Most are benign, thank goodness.

My little buddy.

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