The Time I Stole Mom’s Car

My Mom was waiting on the porch when Melissa and I returned with his car. “The gig is up.” She turned and looked ominously concerned for me knowing my mother and her attitudes toward discipline. I have told her about past horror stories. She took my hand as if to give me courage and strength for what surely was to come.

I knew I was in trouble when I looked at her. When she was upset with me, she would fold her arms across her chest and one eye brow would be up and the other eye squinted. For the longest time I thought that was an Irish Mom thing. I have come to learn it is a My Mom thing. It’s only been Mom and me. Dad died when I was three in an auto accident. So mom has been both parents almost my entire life.

I parked Mom’s car, went around the car to let Melissa out and we headed up the driveway hand in hand. We had been out almost all night. We ate and cruised the town most of the night before finding a quiet out of the way spot for some together time in the back seat of Mom’s car. We are old enough. I mean I just passed my eighteenth birthday and Melissa is a year older than me. But, Mom is a traditionalist when it comes to knowing right and wrong. Stealing her car was wrong. I know that. Looking at her tells me maybe she was up all night.

“Where you been, boy? I was worried. Are you two OK?” Mom asked as she wrapped an arm around both of us. “You know taking my car without asking is wrong, right?” She always had a way of stating what it is I did wrong before correcting me for it. Mom looked at Melissa and then back to me and said, “ Melissa’s Mom called. I had to tell her the both of you were gone. And that I didn’t know where you two were. Do you know how embarrassing that is for a mother to admit?” she said.

“Ya Mom. We are fine. Yes, I know it was wrong of me to take your car. And I am very sorry I disappointed you.” I said trying to get out of what ever was coming my way. I knew where this was all headed. Mom took a step back. “Well, you know what to do. Head up to your room and I will be up in a little bit. I will take Melissa home.” she said.

Before I could agree or disagree Melissa spoke up in opposition of being taken home. “No Mrs. Pearson.” Melissa knew I was going to get my hide tanned this morning and never had an upbringing like that. The worst she ever got was soap in her mouth for saying a bad word when she was ten. “I encouraged Sean to take the car last night so what ever you have planned for him, I deserve too.” Melissa said. Mom looked at her and considered what she said. She shrugged her shoulders a second later and pointed upstairs. “ Alright, upstairs to your room, the both of you. Sean, show Melissa what to do.” Mom said.

I headed upstairs to my room. All the way I was trying to discourage her from doing this. “Sweetie, I understand why you are doing this but this is more trouble than you want.”I implored. Melissa wouldn’t hear of it. She just kept saying “I love you.”

My room was always a sacred place for me. It was where I spent most of my time. I worked there, played and slept there and when in trouble, this where mom chose to whip me. I opened the door for Melissa. I instructed Melissa to take off her pants and panties, fold them and lay them on the bed. She looked at me twice because while we messed a round a little, I never saw Melissa naked from the waist down. She had great legs and the cutest little butt. A butt by the way that in a few minutes was bright red and marked with a switch. I did the same. I dropped my pants and underwear to the floor. I folded them and placed them neatly on the bottom of the bed. I told Melissa Mom would expect both of us to be leaning over the bed when she came in. We both leaned over the footboard when we heard Mom coming up the stairs. A look of fear came over Melissa. Remember, she wasn’t used to this type of discipline. I was though. I began to wonder if Melissa thought this was still a good idea. She could have accepted the ride home. At least then only her ear would have been full of my mother’s expectation for her and me.

I glanced behind me while bent over the footboard to see the door open and to hear my mother’s footsteps as she came into the room. I heard a whoosh of air as she swung the switch through the air. “Alright, let’s get this over with.” Mom said. She had a switch in hand and she leveled up behind me. “Five licks for each of you for taking my car.” I felt the stick touch my behind. Mom liked to warn me before she swung. WHoop T!! WHoopT! WHoopT!

“You know not to take my car. I would have given you the keys had you asked.” Mom said. “God bless your father isn’t here to see this.” She said. She would always bring him up when she herself was upset about disciplining me. “”What would have happened if you got into an accident, Sir??!!” Mom said. WHoopT!! This one connected with the part of butt that met my leg. It always seems to hurt just a little more there. I must have squinted because Melissa grabbed my hand again. I guess she was trying to give me strength. WHoopT!! “ Alright” mom said while rubbing my back. “All done” She said in the most comforting of voices.

I stayed where I was. I wanted to be there for Melissa. To look into her face as she took her punishment. I looked up and saw my mother position herself behind my girlfriend. I was slightly worried about how she would take this. “ Alright Missy, you asked for this.”

Mom brought the switch to Melissa butt and tapped in the center and took careful aim. She brought the switch high and WHoopT! Melissa grabbed my hand,clenched her eyes shut and yelped. She must have brought a hand back to protect herself. Mom caught the hand and brought it back underneath Melissa. “Keep those hands in place. I don’t want you going home with injuries to your hands.” Mom said.

WHoopT!! WHoopT! WHoopT!! Three in quick succession across her sit spots. I could see the pain well up from her bedding and resonate in her face as my face was inches from her. Melissa brought my hand to her lips. She was drawing strength from me to get through this ordeal. I saw tears come to the corners of her eyes but she was brave. Her butt must be on fire. Melissa took some deep hard breaths knowing two more were due.

Mom looked at her switch and bent it in half. Apparently she broke it over Melissa. “Monkey, give me your belt please.” Mom said. “Mom!!” Looking at Melissa knowing she heard my mother call me Monkee. She hasn’t called me that in a very long time. I stood up and undid the buckle of my belt. I looked at Melissas butt knowing what MY belt would do to her little butt. Mom looked at Melissas but and felt the skin where the welts rose.

“Mom”I said with pleading eyes. She knew what I meant. “ She has two more coming.” Mom said.

Melissa hid her face knowing what was to come. My belt crashed into her, WHAP!! WHAP!! I saw Melissas back heaving as she cried. Her hand went to her bottom to instinctively shield herself from Moms onslaught of painful licks and rubbed the sting away.

“Alright boy. Take your girlfriend and get her cleaned up.” Mom said meaning for me to get a washcloth and wash her face for her. Mom went into the bathroom for the salve I use after. Mom stroked her back. “Ssssshhhhhh. It’ll be alright.” Mom soothed Melissa. I thought that was nice of her. She handed me the salve to use on Melissa and me after we got cleaned up. Mom went downstairs to start breakfast for us. After Melissa came into the bathroom with me. I washed her face and I sat on the toilet so I could see. I looked at Melissa and kind of motioned to her to drop em. She turned and I applied the salve so she didn’t scar. I kissed Melissa lower back. I noticed how red her little booty had become. I’ve seen Mom do much worse on me in the past. But I was used to it. She was not.

After we cleaned up, I stood up and faced Melissa. She threw her arms around me and held me for a long time. We walked downstairs together for breakfast. Mom had thrown together a nice eggs and bacon breakfast. She must have really felt bad about Melissa. As we came into the kitchen, Mom grabbed both of our hands and said, “ I am sorry we had to do that today. Know I love you both very much. Rules will be followed in this house and you are welcome anytime. All is forgiven.” We all sat down, Melissa and me did so very gingerly. Mom prayed and we ate.