A Very Naughty Elf

Santa? Santa?!! Are you ready? It is almost Christmas, Nicholas!

“Yes Mama, I know and you have been such a big help this Christmas and every Christmas keeping everyone on a schedule.” Santa recounted.

“I know elves are the reason we are ready every year as they make, package and load the toys into your sled every year. But, they are elves and elves are a mischievous bunch.” Mrs. Clause said.

“Ho, ho, ho, there are several instances that come to mind this year. Some examples are the glue in elf hair, the plastic over the potty seats and the time when they got you in the kitchen, Mama.” Santa laughed.

Mrs. Clause shook her finger at Santa and agreed. “Yes papa, I took care of the elf responsible for that one.” Cupcake is still the most mischievous of elves we have. So Mama, Santa said, I am sure you have it under control.”


Just then, Trixie, the head elf of logistics crashed into Mr. and Mrs. Clauses’ office..”Santa, Santa, as we were loading the sleigh, another elf let go of the birds of paradise. They flew through the air clouding my elf operator’s vision. He knocked over the bag that was in the back of the sleigh and there are toys all over the square!! Come quick!!”

Mr. and Mrs. Clause rushed down to the square where they had toys, games and dolls of all sizes and shapes scattered all over the square.

“Sparkles, get all of the elves down to the square where the accident happened and help get this mess cleaned up.” Santa ordered. There were elves everywhere. Ginger, Starlight and Nutmeg arrived first. They had seen the cause as Cupcake was seen leaving quickly as Santa’s sack was falling to the ground. “Ginger, grab Starlight and Nutmeg and bring Cupcake to me.” Said Mrs Clause. Those elves were part of the elf reactionary team. They helped Santa in the field if anything happened. They are equipped with sleep dust and rocket backpacks to get there quickly. Those three were sky borne in seconds and located the fugitive elf and brought her to Mrs. Clause at the Clause residence.

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“It wasn’t my fault.” Cupcake had a standard excuse for everything but in all fairness, Mrs Clause had to listen to all elves and their side of things. “What do you have to say for yourself Cupcake.” “Your reputation for shenanigans speaks for itself.” Mrs Clause it just wasn’t my fault.” Well Cupcake, you were seen near Santa’s bag playing with the reindeer and it was said you thought it would be a good idea to play in and around the sleigh. “Well that is right, Mrs Clause.” Cupcake admitted. “ This put us behind schedule. “Trixie the elf tries to keep us on a tight schedule.” Another elf came up to Mrs Clause and whispered in her ear. “Cupcake!!” Why would you purposefully hijack the sleigh!! Cupcake knew the jig was up. She had been in the sleigh and tried to make the reindeer fly. She loved it when they flew but they only fly when the sleigh does. When she turned the sleigh on and moved it slightly, the bag fell over the the toys went everywhere.

Mrs Clause was judge and jury at the North Pole.

Mrs. Clause loved them all but would not put up with any shenanigans that impeded her husbands ability to make Christmas on schedule. It had been that way for centuries.

“Cupcake, prepare for punishment. Ten licks with a candy cane will suffice. Come here, bend over my desk, this instant, young lady!!”

PST! PST! PST! “Ow!!!”Howled Cupcake!!

Four more came in quick succession. Cupcake hadn’t been in this much trouble with Mrs. Clause since she glued all of the paper airplanes wings together. “Alright cupcake, three more and you can go back to the sleigh and help clean up. PST! Pst! PST!.

“Now Cupcake, I do not want you in my office anymore.” Mrs. Clause gave a big hug to the crying elf and held her a few minutes before she sent the elf on her way. “

“Thank you Mrs. Clause. You always know exactly what to do and say to keep me straight.”the elf said. And away she went to clean up the mess she helped make.

This is life in the North Pole. Santa keeps the schedule and all of the girls and boys of the world are visited. Mrs. Clause keeps everyone in line so that goal is achieved. And where is Cupcake now? She was last seen running through Christmas Town with an icing gun shooting icing at the other elves. Nothing much changes. Merry Christmas!!!

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