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While speaking to fellow blogger today I realized something. Our parents are more than likely responsible for some of us even us being here. It was not uncommon to find Playboy Magazine mixed in with the other subscriptions that arrived on a monthly basis. Sex was not something that was a secret in my house during my formative years and even though there was no internet access then, I had a heathy dose of sex at my fingertips when I was a young lad.

My parents were not quite the prudes either. It was not uncommon to find them smooching in the parlor or kissing in the kitchen when Dear old Dad was home for the weekend. He worked out of town all week. So in my house growing up, Mom had a nice dinner cooking and Saturdays were Bugs Bunny and John Wayne on the tube for sure.

John Wayne Inc.

Was it really a complete western flick if Maureen O’Hara or some other actress was not over the lap of the 6’4” actor getting the spanking of her life? I think not. She had her hide tanned by him in more than one of his films. So thanks Dad. Thanks for instilling this in me. WordPress has provided more than just an outlet for my fetish. It has provided a source of friendship in the other bloggers that use this an an outlet like me. You know who you are. There’s always room for another. Thanks a lot.

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  1. One of my favorite scenes in an episode of Star Trek The Original Series is when Dr. McCoy was palpatating a pregnant women’s belly she slapped him.

    He let her slap slide by the the first time. But when she slapped him again when he touched her.

    He hauled off and slapped her back which put an end to her slapping him once and for all.

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