How Many Were There Before Me?

Usual, casual conversation between us hovers around the business of the day, the needs to be addressed and eventually, comes around to the often interesting but sometimes intrusive subject of sex. We lead very busy lives and sometimes we just don’t get to it before collapsing into a subconscious state. Being married for twenty two years also does not help but she knows me by now…or so I thought she did before yesterday.

How did this subject never come up? It’s a common question you ask a perspective mate. A question you usually get out of the way the first week of your relationship. She didn’t know? I had never shared my complete sexual past beyond my last relationship? My wife got to know her pretty well the first year, another story for another time.

I guess not. She looked at me and with a look of surprise on her face and I told her all about it. In my head I was like “are we really doing this now?” Twenty three years in, and we are just now discussing my seemingly surprisingly shallow sexual past. She now knows the details of even the woman I slept with and didn’t have sex with. She and I sat in total disbelief. “Why had we not had this conversation before?” She asked.

But why not? I kept asking myself. Why had she never inquired? She trusted me. I never offered the details before now. That is all.

Well now she knows. She know all of the sorted details. I had to really think about a couple of them. I also tried not to seem to fond of memories from days past. Well, there she had it and all of the sorted details. Well, there are only a few sorted details. She now knows me better than she did last week. All new knowledge of your partner is a good thing. Even when it is not new.

So fifteen or so years into our marriage, she asked. “How many?” She said. “”How many what, I asked?” It was a question out of nowhere. There was no leading questions into this conversation. It was just a question on her mind and I told her. I went through each relationship I had before her. The history, how it ended, I gave her all of the dirt. It took fifteen years, but there it was. It was finalizing for me. I had wanted to share my history with her but she had never asked. So I hadn’t until then.


I put this out there in the midst of thousands of people running out of unemployment, trying to hold onto housing and trying not to become ill with Corona Virus. A disease that has taken thousands of lives. So this, hopefully, can be a silver lining or distraction from the doldrums of living with COVID 19.

Personal life

I haven’t stopped working. I am an essential worker. Little has changed at all on the work front.

But I want to know what, if anything “good”, has come out of this year?

For me all I can say is that we have all stayed heathy. By all I mean my family and me. I am still working, still writing and I am healthy this year. The cancer has not come back. That in of itself is enough for me. 

The blog

I have returned. After an eight year break, I found writing again and it is wonderful!!

My poetry, my personal interests that I write about have become quite varied. Erotica has entered the subject menu. I have enjoyed that quite a bit and I hope those that read me have been enjoying it as well. The feedback has been mostly positive.

Upcoming projects

I am working on a couple of things that will hopefully rollout in January.

It would be a little premature to announce something not ready to rollout. Hang in there.

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The Body Betrays the Mind

As I approached from behind,

She tensed knowing I would wrap my arms,

Breathing in my smell and feeling the safety and security my enveloping arms provide her.

She closed her eyes and I heard her inhale

Her heart quickened and her pulse pounded

As the moisture in her femilinity increased.

This all happened in a second as I, and only I can do this to her.

She loves me, wants me, desires me.

Her body betrays the secrets her tongue does not convey.


Within the embrace of ones you hold dear

Is the safety and security your world craves.

Hold on little one, melt within my arms

Go to the place within yourself as I kiss you tenderly.

Last Minute Christmas Gifts

For weeks, my wife and I have been talking about one overpriced Disney decoration that I sold in my store. It is overpriced and I felt we just did not need it in light of all of the other Christmas decorations I put up this year.


For $120.00 , we could buy a gift for the kids, take them to dinner, something else than pay both A home improvement store and Disney for their overpriced decoration. She asked, I denied.

Well, guess what appeared with the groceries this evening. We discussed it again. Now, I did go looking for it but did not buy it because I decided it was just too much. What shall we do about this? Hmmm..

My Youngest Son

While there are many challenges, sometimes as soon as they vacate the womb, and I am not talking about childbirth and the difficulties mommies go through. I am speaking of in some cases, heath difficulties that arise when children are infants. My last son went immediately from the delivery room to a neonatal intensive care unit unit. He spent weeks there working on his lung function.

All the time I was thankful my God got my son and my wife through the hard work of receiving him into the world safely.

Now he is a beautiful ten year old. He is on the spectrum for Autism and has issues with the food he eats. Everything grosses him out. His olfactory systems are working on overload all the time. Pizza and peanut butter seem to be the only foods he can eat. Other than that, he seems to be what you might consider a “normal” kid. He loves computers, video games and he loves to read. He is exceptionally bright and loves his school work.

I love him and I almost didn’t have the chance to realize the blessing I have in him. But raising him, for the most part, is a breeze. He’s a messy little thing. He is disorganized and leaves his stuff everywhere. I am constantly picking up after him and I am currently trying to help him to pick up after himself.

I had the benefit of raising his five brothers and sisters before he brought up the rear and arrived last. He is such a good and respectful child. He is so bright. He comes up with phrases that should not be coming out of the mouth of a small person. He carries on conversations many adults would have problems with. And he is so worldly. Things don’t phase him.

He loves to watch YouTube for the humor of many of the gamers. I have to monitor this and limit it. Many of those guys and girls are truly adults and I think they fail to realize just how young some of their audiences are. But, that’s what he likes. Most are benign, thank goodness.

My little buddy.

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The Time I Stole Mom’s Car

My Mom was waiting on the porch when Melissa and I returned with his car. “The gig is up.” She turned and looked ominously concerned for me knowing my mother and her attitudes toward discipline. I have told her about past horror stories. She took my hand as if to give me courage and strength for what surely was to come.

I knew I was in trouble when I looked at her. When she was upset with me, she would fold her arms across her chest and one eye brow would be up and the other eye squinted. For the longest time I thought that was an Irish Mom thing. I have come to learn it is a My Mom thing. It’s only been Mom and me. Dad died when I was three in an auto accident. So mom has been both parents almost my entire life.

I parked Mom’s car, went around the car to let Melissa out and we headed up the driveway hand in hand. We had been out almost all night. We ate and cruised the town most of the night before finding a quiet out of the way spot for some together time in the back seat of Mom’s car. We are old enough. I mean I just passed my eighteenth birthday and Melissa is a year older than me. But, Mom is a traditionalist when it comes to knowing right and wrong. Stealing her car was wrong. I know that. Looking at her tells me maybe she was up all night.

“Where you been, boy? I was worried. Are you two OK?” Mom asked as she wrapped an arm around both of us. “You know taking my car without asking is wrong, right?” She always had a way of stating what it is I did wrong before correcting me for it. Mom looked at Melissa and then back to me and said, “ Melissa’s Mom called. I had to tell her the both of you were gone. And that I didn’t know where you two were. Do you know how embarrassing that is for a mother to admit?” she said.

“Ya Mom. We are fine. Yes, I know it was wrong of me to take your car. And I am very sorry I disappointed you.” I said trying to get out of what ever was coming my way. I knew where this was all headed. Mom took a step back. “Well, you know what to do. Head up to your room and I will be up in a little bit. I will take Melissa home.” she said.

Before I could agree or disagree Melissa spoke up in opposition of being taken home. “No Mrs. Pearson.” Melissa knew I was going to get my hide tanned this morning and never had an upbringing like that. The worst she ever got was soap in her mouth for saying a bad word when she was ten. “I encouraged Sean to take the car last night so what ever you have planned for him, I deserve too.” Melissa said. Mom looked at her and considered what she said. She shrugged her shoulders a second later and pointed upstairs. “ Alright, upstairs to your room, the both of you. Sean, show Melissa what to do.” Mom said.

I headed upstairs to my room. All the way I was trying to discourage her from doing this. “Sweetie, I understand why you are doing this but this is more trouble than you want.”I implored. Melissa wouldn’t hear of it. She just kept saying “I love you.”

My room was always a sacred place for me. It was where I spent most of my time. I worked there, played and slept there and when in trouble, this where mom chose to whip me. I opened the door for Melissa. I instructed Melissa to take off her pants and panties, fold them and lay them on the bed. She looked at me twice because while we messed a round a little, I never saw Melissa naked from the waist down. She had great legs and the cutest little butt. A butt by the way that in a few minutes was bright red and marked with a switch. I did the same. I dropped my pants and underwear to the floor. I folded them and placed them neatly on the bottom of the bed. I told Melissa Mom would expect both of us to be leaning over the bed when she came in. We both leaned over the footboard when we heard Mom coming up the stairs. A look of fear came over Melissa. Remember, she wasn’t used to this type of discipline. I was though. I began to wonder if Melissa thought this was still a good idea. She could have accepted the ride home. At least then only her ear would have been full of my mother’s expectation for her and me.

I glanced behind me while bent over the footboard to see the door open and to hear my mother’s footsteps as she came into the room. I heard a whoosh of air as she swung the switch through the air. “Alright, let’s get this over with.” Mom said. She had a switch in hand and she leveled up behind me. “Five licks for each of you for taking my car.” I felt the stick touch my behind. Mom liked to warn me before she swung. WHoop T!! WHoopT! WHoopT!

“You know not to take my car. I would have given you the keys had you asked.” Mom said. “God bless your father isn’t here to see this.” She said. She would always bring him up when she herself was upset about disciplining me. “”What would have happened if you got into an accident, Sir??!!” Mom said. WHoopT!! This one connected with the part of butt that met my leg. It always seems to hurt just a little more there. I must have squinted because Melissa grabbed my hand again. I guess she was trying to give me strength. WHoopT!! “ Alright” mom said while rubbing my back. “All done” She said in the most comforting of voices.

I stayed where I was. I wanted to be there for Melissa. To look into her face as she took her punishment. I looked up and saw my mother position herself behind my girlfriend. I was slightly worried about how she would take this. “ Alright Missy, you asked for this.”

Mom brought the switch to Melissa butt and tapped in the center and took careful aim. She brought the switch high and WHoopT! Melissa grabbed my hand,clenched her eyes shut and yelped. She must have brought a hand back to protect herself. Mom caught the hand and brought it back underneath Melissa. “Keep those hands in place. I don’t want you going home with injuries to your hands.” Mom said.

WHoopT!! WHoopT! WHoopT!! Three in quick succession across her sit spots. I could see the pain well up from her bedding and resonate in her face as my face was inches from her. Melissa brought my hand to her lips. She was drawing strength from me to get through this ordeal. I saw tears come to the corners of her eyes but she was brave. Her butt must be on fire. Melissa took some deep hard breaths knowing two more were due.

Mom looked at her switch and bent it in half. Apparently she broke it over Melissa. “Monkey, give me your belt please.” Mom said. “Mom!!” Looking at Melissa knowing she heard my mother call me Monkee. She hasn’t called me that in a very long time. I stood up and undid the buckle of my belt. I looked at Melissas butt knowing what MY belt would do to her little butt. Mom looked at Melissas but and felt the skin where the welts rose.

“Mom”I said with pleading eyes. She knew what I meant. “ She has two more coming.” Mom said.

Melissa hid her face knowing what was to come. My belt crashed into her, WHAP!! WHAP!! I saw Melissas back heaving as she cried. Her hand went to her bottom to instinctively shield herself from Moms onslaught of painful licks and rubbed the sting away.

“Alright boy. Take your girlfriend and get her cleaned up.” Mom said meaning for me to get a washcloth and wash her face for her. Mom went into the bathroom for the salve I use after. Mom stroked her back. “Ssssshhhhhh. It’ll be alright.” Mom soothed Melissa. I thought that was nice of her. She handed me the salve to use on Melissa and me after we got cleaned up. Mom went downstairs to start breakfast for us. After Melissa came into the bathroom with me. I washed her face and I sat on the toilet so I could see. I looked at Melissa and kind of motioned to her to drop em. She turned and I applied the salve so she didn’t scar. I kissed Melissa lower back. I noticed how red her little booty had become. I’ve seen Mom do much worse on me in the past. But I was used to it. She was not.

After we cleaned up, I stood up and faced Melissa. She threw her arms around me and held me for a long time. We walked downstairs together for breakfast. Mom had thrown together a nice eggs and bacon breakfast. She must have really felt bad about Melissa. As we came into the kitchen, Mom grabbed both of our hands and said, “ I am sorry we had to do that today. Know I love you both very much. Rules will be followed in this house and you are welcome anytime. All is forgiven.” We all sat down, Melissa and me did so very gingerly. Mom prayed and we ate.

Real life

My wife of twenty two years has a bad habit of being disorganized. I’ve told her, the most vanilla woman I know, I think she would benefit from a good hard spanking. She just scoffs because she and I both know that would never happen.

Anyway, last week she called me at about 9am and asked for a “huge favor”. She wanted me to bring a file to her at her workplace. I said,”It’s gonna cost you”, I got into my car and I drove the twenty minutes between her work and our home.

When I arrived, I wasn’t allowed entry as her work as it is locked down due to COVID. Her coworker, let’s call her Julie, came downstairs to pick up a file. I know Julie casually from being at my wife’s work prior to COVID but I do not know her well enough to know her last name.

Julie said she was sent by my wife, as she was currently in a meeting. Julie said she had something for me too. With that she gave me a big hug. Strange, since we are in the grips of a pandemic and very unexpected.

In a split second I though of this and struck it from my mind as the fallout from doing this would have been tremendous. What I wanted to do was to ask her if it was OK to return a similar message back to my wife. I wanted to turn Julie around and plant a hard smack squarely on her ass and send that upstairs to my wife. Alas, we will never know what the result of that would have been. I was the gentlemen to my wife’s coworker. I got in my car and texted her a picture, just for a joke.

Forgiven and Forgotten

Pre-warning – I have never experienced any life altering trauma in my life. if you are triggered by withdrawn consent, and emotionally scaring interactions, you may want to turn back now.

Both Nora and Cameron were headed out of town this weekend on business. “ I know babe. There is nothing at all we can do about it.” It was Nora and Cameron’s first wedding anniversary. “I am low man on the perverbial totem pole. I have to attend this legal conference.” proclaimed Cameron.

“I will be gone til tonight and you will be gone until who knows when?” Cameron exclaimed.

“I explained the whole situation. Cancelled trip, lost ticket reservations, lost dinner reservations, the whole thing.” “At least I will be in town. Chicago is a little further than Grand Rapids, young lady.” Cameron said, in defense of his own position.

“Well did you at least make them all feel like a putts for sending you this weekend?” Nora exclaimed. “I could ask you the same. Your client can’t do this on any other weekend or during the week next week?” Cameron defended.

“We will just have to keep in touch over the weekend. Hey! Maybe we can zoom and spend a little online time together at dinner or something.” Cameron sounded very optimistic but the Negative Nancy was coming out in full force through Nora.

Cameron finished packing his bags. Picked up his keys and headed for the door. He was in his suit and Nora always thought he looked best when wearing his new blue suit and black shoes. He looked professional enough to undress right at the door. Nora kissed her new husband and watched him close the door behind himself.


Nora was a little down and called Susan, her most loyal, local and best friend in the world. When Susie picked up, she immediately said, “Tell me you two aren’t even out the door yet?” “ He is, I have another hour before I have to be at the airport.” Nora had had a tantrum to Susie the night before and Susie was well aware of Nora’s position on this topic.

“It just really sucks I have to go out of town on this weekend of all weekends. I was going to get my hair done, I bought a dress for dinner and not to mention the reservations. Those are down the drain. Do you want to go to dinner?Take our reservations. Take a date. Enjoy yourself.”Nora said.

While sitting in the airport waiting for her flight, she realized. Cameron will be home night. I will be hours away. I’ll just call him. Everything will be ok. I’ll tell him I got out early. Set the house up with candles, light music, rose petals..

“What about this?” “Do you still have my house key?” Nora questioned as she headed out the door and hailed a cab.

As Nora began explaining a scenario where Susie sneaks into her house and climbs into her bed in place of Nora, the ruse seemed to work in her mind. “Susie, if you set the scene. He will fall for this hook, line and sinker.” “ What is it exactly you want me to do,Nora?”

Susie sounded a little concerned.

“Tonight, what if he comes into the bedroom to a surprise?? What if he comes home to a trail of rose petals from the front door to the bedroom, romantic music is playing and candles are lit in the living room and the bedroom?

When Cameron comes home, he does the same thing. He drops his things in the parlor, gets something to eat, comes into the bedroom, gets undresssd and showers. What if when Came comes home he finds a just toes sticking out of the covers at the bottom of the bed.

“Well that all fine and good, but you will be out of town, Nora” Said susie. “Right.” Nora agreed. ” But you will not. ” As Nora said this, she placed her hand on Susie’s butt and patted. As Nora did this , Susie began to see the devious ideas that Nora was beginning to have. Nora wanted Susan to stand in for her when Cameron came home. “But what if he wants to…” And Suzies voice trailed off and a look of fear started to come over Susie’s face. ” This is your husband, your dominant man of men husband who likes to tear your ass up! ” she continued.

“There is no way. He knows my hind end.” “I mean we both have the same olive complexion and we both are the same height. We both weigh the same within a few pounds…an, he will know, he will know.” Nora said. “He will be way too tired for any bedroom antics. It will be a simple practical joke. He will discover you and it will be over. He will call me and we will all have a laugh about it. No problem.

“OK, if you think so.” ” I. guess it would be funny” Susie agreed.

“Ok, I will head over to your house and get a shower. I will pick up some food, get some roses and set the stage as you put it. I’ll even grab your nightie you lent me last week.”Susie said. Susie used the key Nora gave her and let herself in.

When Sue got to Nora’s the coast was clear. She put the key in the lock, opened the door and got to work. She turned on the stereo to romantic music, she tore off the rose petals from the roses she picked up on her way over, and hopped in the shower. She hid her clothes and got into Nora’s night gown. She was giddy, she was so excited. “Boy, I hope he isn’t sore with me” Sue thought. “What am I doing? Why do I let myself let myself get talked into these things?” Susan thought. Nora must be on the plane by now so even if something goes wrong she was on her own at this point. “Her plane arrives when?” Susan said to herself? Ten thirty… Ok that a little over an hour. I wonder when Cameron gets home? Everything is ready. Everything is cleaned up, the rose petals are on the floor and I am dressed.


Just then she heard a key in the lock. Susan dashed into the bedroom and closed the door. As per Nora’s plan, she was to get under the cover and completely cover her head. She left a note on the door that said,”Guess who got sent home.”

She completely covered her head with the blankets and only her toes were sticking out the bottom of the bed, or so she thought. Susan became petrified. She couldn’t speak or move as she heard the door to the bedroom slowly open. “What is all of this, Nora?” Cameron said. Susan heard a “thud” near the bedroom door. Presumably, his briefcase. “Mmm” he said. “Don’t you mmmove, I will be rrright back!” Cameron said. “Was he drinking?” Susan thought. She then caught the unmistakable aroma of alcohol in the room. “He had been drinking!!” 🍺

Susan was stone petrified. Her eyes were open so wide. She wondered what he meant by what he said. Five minutes passed and the shower water turned off. Susan could not see anything. But when Cameron came into the bedroom, more than just her toes were sticking out. Her toes were over the bed, the blanket had edge up and her nightgown was around her waist exposing her bottom and her cunny.

Susan suddenly felt a hand on her butt. He caressed and squeezed her left cheek and dragged his finger all the way from her cunny to her beautiful little rosebud. This drew an audible gasp of breath from Susan. “You llllike that don’t you Norrrra?” Cameron asked? With that a slap was felt by Susan. Susan had never been spanked, at least not since childhood. This was all new to her. Susan popped her head up almost uncovering her heard from under the blanket. That might have been a good thing in light of where this was all going. “ What did Nora say? Oh ya, he’ll be too tired for bedroom antics. Susan rolled her eyes to herself. “Do you want to play since you are home early?” Cameron asked. He was looking at the mound of covers in the bed expecting an answer. Why wasn’t Susan opening her mouth? She was frozen. Scared stiff. Petrified.

“How about ten with my belt for disrespecting me and not answerrrring? Maybe afterward you will find yourrr voice.” Cameron slurred. Susan heard it before she felt it. She heard Cameron pick the belt back up from the top of his dresser and the smack of two pieces of leather slapping against each other making that unmistakeable sound. If he was trying to scare her, he succeeded.


Dear God, say something Susan! Scream, speak, do some….WHAP! WHAP! WHAP!

Three came without warning in fast succession. The pain was unbelievable! “How the hell does Nora do this?” Susan thought.

WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! Three more came and almost before she could register the pain from the first three. These felt like they set her bottom on fire! They were lower. They hit the area where her bottom ends and her leg begins. These were more painful. This area seemed to be more sensitive. Tears began to well in Susan’s eyes and fall onto the pillow her head rested upon.

She gripped the pillow and bit down trying not to scream knowing if she did, she would never get to experience this again. There it was. She wanted this. She wanted to experience what Nora had told her about. She wanted to know what spanking was all about.

“Are you OK little one?” Cameron asked. Susan shook her head yes and said “mmhmm”

Cameron stopped for a second making Susan wonder if the gig was up. Did he realize this was not his loving wife? She heard it before she felt it. The whoosh through the air. Then the “crack”. The searing pain.. the cane. She had not felt this much pain since she was a child. Whoosh..Crack!! Again! By now Susan was crying real tears but trying to remain as quiet as she possibly could be. Susan’s backside was throbbing. The pain of the belt was different from the sting of the cane. The cane was exponentially more intense. Susan was doing everything in her power to remain motionless as Cameron has told Nora. At the same time Susan was trying not to make a sound or put her hand back to rub. She knew if she did, they would start all over and she was almost done.

Whoosh..Crack!! Whoosh.. Crack!! The last two were in quick succession and had landed on her thigh. A fresh area for Cameron to inflict pain upon. Susan heard the cane drip to the floor. She heard Cameron’s cane drop to the floor directly behind her. Cameron placed his hands under her hips and lifted her onto her knees and before Susan could react, Cameron had thrust.

Cameron had buried his throbbing cock all the way to the hilt into his wife’s best friend. Her cunny was wet and ready for this but she felt guilty at the same time. This was Nora’s Cameron. She shouldn’t be doing anything like this with him. But he felt so good. He withdrew and thrust again and again. She could tell he was going to come by the quick breaths and the way he was moaning. Susan couldn’t let herself be impregnated by Cameron. Nora would never be able to look her in the face again.

Susan found the strength and right before she threw the blankets off her herself, she came to an earth shattering orgasm. She was very vocal and Cameron immediately knew this was not his wife. Cameron even his drunken stupor knew what his wife sounded like when she came. The blankets flew off the bed and Cameron jumped back. His soldier standing at attention.. at least for a minute.

“What? How? Why?” Cameron said. He was speechless and immediately and now completely sober.

They both collected themselves, for dressed and walked into the kitchen where Susan sat down at the table. She began to try to explain. She was silently hoping Nora was back from her conference by now and would be better apt to explain to her husband and get her off the hook. Cameron made instant coffe and handed the cup to Susan. “Explain” he said.

Susan began by taking the easy route by saying it was Nora’s idea. “But you went along with it?” Cameron said quickly debunking and backing out of responsibility.

“Yes” “I did agree to it. We both thought it would be a funny practice joke, Cameron.” Susan said.

“Oh, really? How funny do you think this is now? I thought you were Nora, my wife!!” Cemron became angry at this point. Realizing he was the victim in this. He was originally worried he was in trouble with his wife for fucking another woman. “She didn’t think this was going to happen? You, didn’t think that this was even a possibility?” Cameron asked?

“Yes” “I did think this was a possibility and I said that to Nora.” Susan said. “But Nora didn’t think so because you usually came home quiet and tired from your trips.” Susan said.

Cameron realizing how hard he whipped Susan, “Oh my God, Susan, are you alright? Cameron asked? Taking her by the waist and rubbing her bottom. “I didn’t even have a chance to provide aftercare!! Cameron said. “Come here.” Cameron said. They both walked into the bedroom where Susan sat down on the bed. Cameron walked into the master bathroom and Susan heard the door to the medicine cabinet open and close. Cameron came out holding a jar.

“Susan, take your pants down again and lean over the bed.” Cameron pleaded. Susan stopped and looked at him fearfully while grabbing for her pants buckle. “I am not going to hit you again! I have medicine for your skin.” Cameron said. Susan looked at Cameron one more second before doing as she was told. She pulled down her pants again and let Cameron treat her. She had sustained breaks in her skin as she was not used to beatings like that. Susan looked a Cameron and turned beet red as this was the first time Cameron realized who’s butt his hands were on. He scooped up some salve and spread it over Susan’s skin. “That’s nice Cameron, thank you.” Susan said. As Susan

Cameron began the difficult conversation of determining how it was that Susan ended up in his bed and not his wife. “Alright, let’s have it. Why are you here? Why are you dressed like that and why did you let me …..oh My God Susan!!” Cameron was at a loss for words.

“I totally froze” Susan said.

“I thought you were my wife, Susan!! I mean I thought she, you, she had lost a little weight. I never dreamed of doing that to you. I don’t know what you and she talk about. I am sure you know everything. You and she are thick as thieves.” Cameron said.

Susan looked away realizing she did know everything and didn’t want to violate trust with Nora. Susan just never thought it would be that intense.

Susan began with.. “We never dreamed you would be that lively coming home from the conference..”

“We!!” “We!!” “You mean Nora knew about this??!!”Susan became quiet knowing now Nora was in trouble for planning this and Susan would have to tell Cameron the truth.

“Yes Cameron. Nora planned this for you. It was supposed to be a innocent practacle joke. We never dreamed you would take it where you took it.” Susan explained. “She said you would be tired coming home from the conference and would not be interested in anything other than a shower and a bite to eat” said Susan.

“Ok, I accept that that as a possibility. But then why didn’t you stop me when you felt me, realized I was going to…Cameron couldn’t even say it. “ Because I wanted it Cameron.” Susan admitted. “ Yes, Nora tells me everything. I know about your anniversary, your plans, I knew about the bathroom mistake..Susan admitted. “I wanted it, Cameron. I wanted to know what it was like. I have never had anyone put their hands on me the way you put your hands on Nora.”Susan said. Susan bowed her head in shame and guilt knowing she just destroyed her friendship with both Cameron and Nora. Susan started to cry. When Nora hears about this, she will never speak to me again.

Cameron realizing how close the girls were to eachother suggested this. “Maybe we can keep this between us.” Cameron said. “Maybe Nora doesn’t have to know all the details.” “Let’s say I came in, I was drunk, I got a shower, got undressed, got into bed and discovered you. You scared me when I found you, we had a laugh over it, you got changed and went home. “

Susan wiped the tears off of her face as Cameron was saying this. Susan was in utter delight that their practacle joke that turned terribly wrong wouldn’t be exposed to Nora. Susan wouldn’t be the cause of Susan’s and Nora’s breakup and possible Cameron’s as well. Susan was elated. “Yes, it was a mistake. It was a terrible, terrible mistake and Nora doesn’t have to know.” Susan agreed. Susan hugged Cameron around the neck and squeezed. Her fears were gone and this was just a secret that Cameron and Susan would have to carry, for Nora’s sake.

The phone rang. It was Nora. “ How was your night go?” Nora inquired. “Hmmm, you know how my night went.” Cameron responded. “Well, yes admittedly, I might know how your night might have gone.” Nora knew the jig was up and there was no real benefit to denying it. All she could do was see how his mood was and how much trouble she was in. “I think we will talk about this when you return tomorrow night.” Cameron said. “I have to say, it was pretty funny. I thought Susan was you.” Cameron admitted. “All I could see were toes sticking out of the blanket and then “Surprise!!” ” was floored. I expected you. “Well, I hoped you had a sense of humor about it and I was pretty sure you were tired coming home tonight anyway, so…” Nora recounted .”I have to agree, I definitely was tired this evening.” Cameron said all the while shaking his head at her on the phone remembering just how tired he was when he returned this evening.

“Well, you will be home tomorrow night?” questioned Cameron. “Yes” said Nora. She even thought she might be home early. “Maybe I can have a real dinner and spend some time with my real wife.” said Cameron. Nora thought that to be a little strange but chalked it up to his missing her and dismissed it. “See you tomorrow night, my love”said Cameron. “OK, see you then. I love you too.” said Nora. They both hung up the phone.

Cameron turned to Susan, who sat nearby listening to the two carry on thier conversation.

“It’s done.” said Cameron. “We wont speak of this again. And you already got the punishment you deserve.” Cameron said with a bit of irritation in his voice. Susan apologized again and hugged his dear friend’s husband trying to break the tension, Susan said, “Well, at least we can say we are a lot closer now.” They both broke into laughter, hugged again and Cameron offered to drive Susan home. “No thanks, I think I can make it home on my own.” Susan said. Before she got off the bed, she grabbed one of Nora’s pillows and she said, “Can I borrow this? For the ride home?”

Cameron shook his head and walked Susan to the door. “Goodnight” Cameron said. Just before walkig out the door, Susan was about to turn and apologize again before Cameron stopped her. “Forgiven and forgotten.” Cameron said finally. He put a finger over Susan lips.

“Forgiven and forgotten.” Susan repeated. She was shaking as she walked out the door and headed to her car. Susan got into her car and drove home. Cameron closed the door behind her and turned around and placed his back to the door. Cameron took a deep breath. “Can I do this? Can she do this?” “I guess we will find out.