Kissing Cousins

Merideth called me on the phone earlier today. “Hello.” I answered and I could hear her breathing on the end of the line but she said nothing. “Hello? Is anyone there?” I said with some rigidity in my voice. “Marcus?”

“Hi”. It was my cousin, Merideth. We were almost the same age and went to the same school together when we were kids. “ What’s wrong?” I said with not a small amount of concern. She never has a problem speaking her mind so I knew something was up.

“Do you want to hang out?” She said. “Sure” I said. “”Where?” Says I knowing we had all weekend and I had nowhere to be until Monday. “My house” she said. “I will be there.”

With that I got on my bike and rolled down my driveway and headed up the hill. She live no more than two miles away. I loved the way the ride to her house made me feel. My bike gave me a thrill. It was like rush of adrenaline and a strength in my legs. When I arrived everything seemed normal. She lived alone and her car was in the driveway. I jumped off my bike and I hopped onto her porch before ringing the bell.

“What is up?” I demanded. I started to make my way to her living room to sit down. “Marcus”

She answered almost immediately and she was wet from head to toe. “What are you doing?” Merideth yanked me into the house. She pulled my arm so hard I nearly fell in.

She and I nearly grew up together. While her mom and mine were not related except by marriage, they were best of friends. Which meant they spent hours on the phone when not together on weekends and got together when ever they could. So, Merideth and I were best of friends growing up since I had no siblings and neither did she. We did everything together. And do mean everything. We went to the same school, same church and we lived on the same street together for years.

Mer had more of a strict upbringing than I had. Her Dad, my Uncle Martin, was a colonel in the army. He was older than my dad and he had an idea of right and wrong. Mer knew what she had to do. But she just didn’t always do it. She had to be home before her dad called her and before the streetlight came on . She kept bedroom neat and tidy. She had to wash her face, comb her hair.. Uncle Vernon was on on Mer all the time. And Mer was no stranger to Uncle Martin’s belt. I think Mer liked it. She liked the rules and when she wanted to, she did like to break them. She was weird like that.

I remember one night when Mer and I were out on the weekend riding bikes. There was an elementary school behind our house. A big sprawling campus and we would go and hang out there. We were wrestling in the grass and she pinned me down face down. She started smacking my butt hard. “ Ow, Mer! What was that for?” She said she didn’t know why she did it. She said something about me having a cute butt. What ever.

“Mer, it’s getting late. We need to get home.” I was a rule follower, but my mom knew where I was because I told her where I was going before I left. I didn’t need to be home at any special time. Mer on the other hand.. “Mer, Uncle Martin!“

Mer undid the buckle on her jeans and bared her little butt. It surprised me a little bit but not much. “Is it still black and blue?” She questioned me. I looked a little harder in the florescent light of the the schoolyard lighting. “No, just a little yellow.”

I’ve seen Mer’s bare butt before. If we were running around in the woods and had to pee, she would drop her pants and squat. She didn’t care if I saw. She wasn’t shy around me at all. She’d seen me pee too.

I was getting a little nervous for her. She looked at me and said “ I think dad is going to have to take matters in hand.” She lowered the tone of her voice and put on Uncle Martin’s mild British accent and made fun of him. So I asked her. “Mer, why do you push him like you do? Just follow his rules and you’ll stay out of trouble.” I remembered a time when I was sleeping over. Mer had not done something she was supposed to do and Uncle Martin was home that night. He told her to clean up the bathroom after her bath or something stupid like that. He always said to her, “if you refuse to do something I tell you to do, it is disrespect. I can not abide by disrespect young lady.”

It is almost as if you like getting in trouble.” I looked at her half serious, half kidding and was fully inquisitive of her response. Mer replied with an almost devilish look on her face, “I do.” She had a guilty smile on her face, her hand upside down and a finger placed on her cheek.

“I knew it!!!” I yelled. I pounced on her and pinned her down. “You like being spanked by your dad.” I said. Merideth threw me off of her and retracted a little. “It’s not my dad, you twit.. I just like spanking. I like the way it makes me feel. “”I go somewhere far away. “I don’t know how else to describe it. It’s like the pain, the tingle and being in trouble is…hot… “”I just wish someone else besides my Dad would tell me what to do.. make rules for me and..”, she looked guilty again, red in the face..then looked directly in my direction. “And spank me.”

With that I, without even thinking about it, pulled her over to me so she was face down over my lap. I caught her by surprise. Her pants were still undone so I quickly yanked them down and held her down while I started hand spanking her pert little Fanny. Whack, whack, whack. I always loved Mer’s butt. She was small in stature and average size. So my hand was large enough when I spanked her, it impacted both cheeks. She drew her arms up underneath herself and dropped her head. She covered her face in her hands but I saw enough of her face to see the smile from ear to ear and her wide eyed expression at times and tight eyed expression at other times. She could not believe this was happening. Her ass was beat red in no time and when I was finished and I shoved her off my lap. She slowly pulled up her pants. She meekly looked at me for a second through her tears while she buttoned her pants. She looked at me for another second, then threw her arms around me and gave me the biggest hug ever. She kissed me on the cheek. She whispered two words into my ear. “Thank you.”

Our annual family reunion was coming up. Mom was in a fury over what we take, the food and organizing me and Dad. I heard her say “ This has to be perfect!” I don’t know why she was so upset. It is fun place to swim and I get to hang out with Mer all day. I got my trunks on and climbed in the car. Keep in mind this is the 80s where the best way to pass the time is read in the car and play red light green light. I slept most of the journey and when we got there I quickly found Merideth and let my Mom know she and I were headed for the water. I told Mer to tell her Dad. But she didn’t and we bounced off to explore.

Amongst the campgrounds and lakes, there wasn’t much else to do there other than cook out and swim. So Mer and I typically walked the road on our way to the lake and looked for others to get into trouble with. There was no one’s there. When we arrived at the lake, we were alone. But there was a 84 Chevy parked by the water. No one was in the car and it looked like it was abandoned there. No one was in sight. “Oh well” Mer said. And with that she climbed begging the wheel of the Chevy. Me being the insufferable rule follower as Mer called me, I got scared and told Mer to get the hell out. I thought she was going to get in trouble. In the next breath, Mer has inadvertently nudged the manual transmission and the car started rolling down the grassy hill toward the lake. Mer started to panic. Nothing she did helped. The engine wasn’t running but the car was headed right for the lake!

Splash!!! The Chevy stopped halfway in, halfway out of the water and Merideth climbed out of the window. We both could not believe it. I was extremely worried we were both in hot water. I looked at her. She looked at me and we both just started at the car as of it just wasn’t happening. It must have been shock.

With that, an elderly fellow came around the bend of the lake with a fishing pole in his hands. Not paying attention at first until he saw his car in the water and two kids standing next to it. He started running toward us and his car. “ What happened?” I couldn’t lie to him. I told him we were playing in his car and it rolled down the bank and ended up in the water. “ We are really sorry, Mister.” Well he asked about our parents and down the road we all walked. We arrived at our camp site. He asked for our parents. Mr. Johnson, the owner of the waterlogged car told our parents what happened while we sat on the bench as instructed to by our parents.

My parents pulled me aside. I mean we were fourteen at that point. What are they going to do? I felt uncharacteristically brave at that point. It was Merideth that looked a little nervous. I saw both my dad and Uncle Martin both pull out their checkbooks and write checks to this man. It seemed like it was settled. We survived. As Mr. Johnson walked away, he put the checks in his pocket. He looked at both of us as he walked by and looked sorry for us. I wondereded why.

I looked to my mom to gauge the situation before my dad walked over to me. “ How are you going to pay for this son?” I wanted to claim innocence. I was the good one. It was Mer that caused this. But I didn’t. I kept my mouth shut. My Dad looked at me and passed judgement. “Grounded. Four weeks. No phone, no electronics, in your room.” I was floored. That meant Mer and I couldn’t hang out together. Wow. I felt defeated.

I looked at Mer who by then had been taken aside by The Colonel and had been told to take a walk. Mer looked back at me a second in time for me to see the look of resignation and dispair on her face. She started walking down toward the lake beach with her dad in tow. I followed. Trying to stay out of sight, I could barely hear what was being said. I saw the colonel point toward the wooded area where Mer walked and she was looking on the ground, I guess looking for a private spot. She looked back toward me. I couldn’t tell if she saw me but the colonel didn’t when he took a gander my way. She crawled across her already splayed lap. She placed her palms on the ground and looked directly in my direction. I heard the colonel say “ count!”

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Mer counted off as Uncle Martin swung. The look of pain and discomfort came increasing across Mer’s face. I don’t understand why, but this cozy little family correction scene turned me on. I was hard as a rock and my breathing became as shallow as hers was. “Eight, nine, ten.” Mer grimaced. Mer stood up, pulled up her pants and turned to reciece the worst lecture I ever saw. Uncle Martin was an inch from her face. I only heard snippets. “I work too hard!!” “ You are too old!” When it was over, Mer was left standing on the beach as Uncle Martin walked back to my mom and dad. She just stood there rubbing her bum and waited for me to come out of the bushes. I walked down to her on the beach and just stood there. She again, flung her arms around me and hugged me. I stood there for ever just holding her, comforting her, loving her.

After my month of imprisonment, I couldn’t wait to get over to Meredith’s house to talk to her about everything that happened at the lake and through this month. I knocked and ran up to Meredith’s room. We talked for hours, we laughed, we cried. She was and always will be my best friend. We still hang out. We aren’t in so much trouble anymore. We will be going over to my Moms house later this week for dinner. It’ll be a chance for Mer and me to do what we like to best. Talk, remember, reminisce. Spank.


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