Where the hell was I??

I have to cover, at least a little bit, about my writing habits and where I go for months and years at a time.

Fear is a monumental obstacle. The writing buddy on your shoulder when you are not writing never goes away. He is still there, pulling on your ear and constantly nagging at you saying you should be writing.

Fear is on the other shoulder. He is as equally boisterous and sometimes deafening. He yells, ” You aren’t good enough! “. I listen to him always and he is the one who prevents me from sitting down to my laptop and just letting go of my inhibitions and exposing my heart and soul in this exercise that my very being needs to do. I need to write. I need to do it even if  it is true that I am not any good at it.

So, that is where the hell I have been; ducking and dodging my laptop and not exposing the passion I secretly yearn show the world.

So here I am. I have arrived if anyone cares or was concerned. If you have, thank you so much. I will try and avoid that bastard. I have a computer to do this on and I can take it anywhere the muse might slap my ass.


So Much Has Happened

While many of us grow and change, one has to examine what transpired that shaped and formed the person you became. To do that, you have a to think what it is that made you, you. Your mind and body made you who you are.

Have you ever asked yourself, ” Who am I? “.

How much of what others think had an effect on that outcome? Much of what I read and write has changed. How has it changed? We will have to see.

What has happened? Much has transpired. I will write about the events and how I feel about them in the near future.