Leadership and the Crap That Comes With It

Hello fellow writers and bloggers alike. Recently I have been promoted to a higher position with my current employer of almost fourteen years. The role and responsibility of leadership is not foreign to me. I fact, I am returning to my current position after a rather lengthy hiatus. I remember the fast pace of business and the role of pleasing the customer. I understand all of this and have no problem “falling in”. My thoughts are not of myself but of my team. They are, shall we say, of the elevated age bracket and feel they are pressured to do what I have already done. It seems leadership in the department is not something they are accustomed to and to ask them to do something or give any direction at all is almost like an affront to them. What????

Maybe there are some CEO’s or leadership authors out there that have some experience with this. I understand change and the pressures that come with it. I understand they may not be accustomed to being held accountable. I also understand the personal feelings associated with receiving a new boss and new direction. The degree that this is getting to is simply out of the realm of normalcy, in  my opinion.

I spoke to my counterpart yesterday. Her opinion is different from mine. She leans more to cow towing, adjusting to physical limitations and ultimately doing it myself. I disagree. Yes, there has been curtailing of responsibilities to physical limitations to this point. However, when a list is made for the “department”, and no one takes the lead on it, changes had to be made. Now the responsibilities are the same across the board no matter physical limitations or not. Look, this is a store. It has stuff, and ultimately, our job is to move the stuff to the customer. If physical limitations don’t permit you to “move the stuff”, maybe a job change should be a consideration. Am I being to callous in my views or is my this is the way it is position a wrong position to take? Ultimately, there is nothing I can do to change it anyway. The stuff comes off the truck and we have to move the stuff to the customer. I don’t know, thoughts?