“Make A Living Writing” A synopsis of a blog post by Akhil Khatri


I thought tis important enough to add this to my blog. To make money while doing something you are passionate about is a thrill. This site provided compliments of Akhil at http://www.blogger.com/profile/09535171955203524602 is so very important to many people’s’ happiness. I am a relatively new writer and have been published. Bit, that said, I have read many published authors make on average of $100 of what they publish. So, the mere fact I have grosses $0 doing what I love to do is not good. So, with that in mind, I have begun the journey to make at least a couple hundred this year doing with I love to do. I found Akhil’s posting and was immediately pumped with possibilities. I am sharing this with the same mindset Akhil had when he posted. All I ask is that you give credit where due. So if you make a mint, pump my and Akhil’s name for the reference. K? Cool. Have fun, don’t hurt yourselves and write on, man!!

Slight Hiatus

Hello my lovelies,
I do apologize for the gap in postings. I have taken a slight hiatus from blogging and posting and concentrated on my family. I have recently lost some of my family and my children have been sick. It’s nothing serious, but with the wife out-of-town, I am Mom and Dad and with little time to blog as it is, it was plainly impossible and sleep too. So…I will get back to it asap, but for now, for those of you that are writers and like to make some money doing it, I have discovered a great website that profiles 101 of the best places to go for work. Get writing!! Maybe I should follow my own advice. HA! See you all on the flip side!