New Book Idea

I started a work not long before Halloween. It had a preliminary title, one that I thought I might change. Now, the title has grown on me. This book is taking on a life of it’s own and going in so many directions, I have to make maps to stay organized. In other words, my thoughts are going wild and without the interruptions, I believe, this would actually get somewhere. Life.

Writing to me is very therapeutic. It calms and soothes.

Anyway, the direction…yes well, my main character is retracing the offender’s foot steps and trying to conceptualize who or what it is that snatched these kids. He goes” back to the scene of the crime”. I hope that isn’t too cliché, however, it works. So, he thinks, eats and walks where the killer was in order to get a grasp on where, if he were the killer, he would have taken the children.

I keep mentally going back to a movie I once saw that I did not like at the time. It was called “The Lovely Bones”. It was a Dream works film set in 1973. I was about a 14 yr old girl named Suzy Salmon. She died, but did not go to heaven. She remained in the “in between”. Because she knew her killer was still out there, still a threat, she remained and did not go to the afterlife. Because of the age of the girl, I had a daughter the same age. She bigger now and because of that, I did not like the film. Funny, because the actors in the film did a great job. Mark Wahlberg, Susan Serandon and Rachel Weisz. After seeing it again, I saw the bad feeling I first had, that was so eloquently transferred from our villain, was natural. I was supposed to feel that way. And in the end, our villain gets his just desserts. That always feels good.

So anyway, the movie translates to a similar book idea. My book has two girls instead of one Suzy Salmon. And the killer is maybe not so real, not so transparent. I am still working on it, I will keep you updated on my progress.