My Dad

7/10/2012 9:04:09 PM


My Dad, he’s humble now

His mind  not as sharp

Some that he was is gone

Like the dust in the wind


The love he felt is ever so present

The change in him is himself

The part that make him who he is

The love he feels is still there


Gone are the days of changing

That which cannot be changed now

The problems of life are not his

Many are the hours spent in silence


The days mesh and run to months

And so do months to years, I fear

He is older now and events are few

But those he attends are dear


My legacy is a fate we share, I fear

Days of my future spent in solitude

Thinking away the days of my past

And trying to remember the present


His mind is gone but

In his heart I will always reside

For your Dad is your Dad for always

He will always take my side


His suffering brings rebirth

An appreciation for my family not

Had before.  To know what I know

I love my Dad and family more so.