Mild Depression

I have been in a depressive mood for three or four weeks now. It has little to do with anything I know of. I wake up in this mood, it goes away slightly when I would work because I am distracted. But when I came home, and distraction goes away, the depression comes back.

There’s no reason!

So I try and write in this state and nothing I put on paper is sufficient for my purposes. I haven’t dealt with this in years. I usually pop a pill and it stays at bay. I just want to break down. It’s that bad. But I can’t do that at work. I can’t do that in front of my family. I can’t just cry for no reason in public. That’s not what men do. Right?

So I lean on my wife. I talk to her and it does help a little. This is four weeks now. She needs my help so I have to perform as a husband and as a father nonetheless.

She doesn’t know what to do. She pats my shoulder and hope it passes. But it hasn’t passed. And it sucks. So when this passes, I’ll be back here. I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade and I definitely don’t want to make anyone else feel like they need to help. It’ll pass. Like it used to.

Nora Learns Fast

Nora pulled over to the side of the road. Blue and red lights reflect back at her from her rear view. It was dark, must have been eight o clock or so when she was traveling back from her sister’s place in Tacoma.

Nora rolled down the window of her silver Toyota Tundra and waited for the officer to walk up from behind.

“License and registration, ma’am.” the officer said without introduction. “Do you know why I pulled you over?” The state trooper asked. “No, officer.” Nora resigned. “Was I going too fast?” Nora didn’t feel she was speeding but in the newer vehicles she had had over the years, she had noticed she was able to get from place to place more quickly and not even notice her speed.

“I will be right back.” the office replied as he took her documentation and left the side of her vehicle. It was a chilly night and considering it was raining earlier, as usual in Washington, the temperature was milder than usual. Nora suddenly noticed the sounds of the night. The crickets in the few of the grass. The hoot of a nearby owl.

Nora didn’t think anything of it when the officer didn’t speak much to her. He was just doing his job, she thought. When the officer returned with her license and registration, he asked Nora to exit the vehicle. “Why? May I ask?”

The officer proceeded to notify her the vehicle she was driving was reported stolen. “Stolen??!!” “This is my car!” she said, as the officer opened her drivers side door for her and asked her to step out of the car. Nora had never been in trouble. Cameron, her husband had always said she was a “good girl,”, sometimes too good. Nora was calm until the officer took out his handcuffs, turned Nora toward the car and heard the click of the restraints on her wrists. “Am I under arrest?” Nora said with faint wobble in her voice. She was mildly upset as this has never happened to her before. Her mind raced as the officer laid her over the hood of the car and ran his hands over her, searching her person for God knows what. She was wearing a shorter red dress at the time and thank God no one else was on the road, otherwise anyone passing by would have seen her panties in that position.

As the officer walked Nora back toward the cruiser, he opened the back door and turner her bottom toward the seat and put his hand on her head as to facilitate the safe and sound transportation for her car to his back seat. “Officer Cruz told her she was not under arrest but being held until we could, “sort this out”. Cruz sat on the front of his cruiser and said some things over the radio indicating he was on his way back to the station.

When Officer Cruz and Nora arrived at the station, some phone calls were made and to Nora, it felt like she was there all day. When in fact it had only been an hour before Cameron arrived to pick her up.

“Oh Cameron, thank God you are here!! They took me from the roadside, cuffed me, brought me here! I don’t know how long I have been here! It must have been hours and no one will tell me why I’m here. Something about our car being stolen!” Nora spouted information to Cameron.

Nora was near tears while talking to Cameron. It turned out there was a mistake at the Department of Motor vehicles and the plate Nora had on her vehicle matched a plate that had been identified in a bank robbery earlier that week. Nothing else matched but Officer Cruz had to take her in suspecting maybe the plate had been switched. It hadn’t. Cameron was able to prove it was their car and Nora was not the person they were looking for.

There still was still I the matter of the tickets. Nora had been speeding. Not just a little bit. Nora had been clocked doing 95 miles an hour in a 55 mile per hour zone. To top that, the officer had seen Nora on her cell phone when she passed him. So not only was she going to get a ticket for the speed, but the state of Washington has laws against using a cellular device while driving.

Nora was returned her things and Cameron took Nora home. It was the longest car ride Nora had in a very long time. The whole way home she was pleading her case. The police had her all wrong and none of it was her fault. To a degree, that was correct. Nora was also having conflicting feeling. She was increasingly turned on by what Cameron did for her, he knight in shining armor. She was it also increasingly curious whatCameron thought about the whole situation.

She could feel the tension and how possibly upset Cameron was. Nora was upset too but in an entirely different way. Understandably so. It was a waste of three hundred dollars which would have to paid this week. The money was not the point. She knew it wasn’t. The pint was that at 95 miles and hour, had she crashed, she would not have survived.

She hoped she knew what was in store for herself. Nora and Cameron walked into the house, Cameron dropped his keys on the table and immediately went to the bedroom. Nora, a few steps behind followed in tow. Nora didn’t quite know what to do just yet until Cameron emerged from the bedroom carrying his new paddle. Nora’s optimistic attitude sunk a little along with what felt like her heart as the lump in her throat formed as she swallowed hard in a little bit of fear.

It was Cameron’s new acquisition. It was a long wooden college dorm-like paddle. it was red and the paint was flaking off of it. Cameron bought it online a week earlier and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to try it out. Nora was determined to an this precarious position she was in. Nora turned toward the bed. “So, am I still in trouble Cameron?” Playing with him the way she did, showing him her sexy playful side, foreplay to the wild sex they had before they were married. Before life got real. She reached behind herself, keeping close eye contact, lifted the back of the red dress she was wearing and lowered her panties. Smiling, she was giving Cameron all the right signs and making all the right moves. Her body moving slowly, deliberately.

Nora could see Cameron was still a little trans. She turned, approached him slowly, reached up behind his neck with both yards and kissed his beech, holding onto the 6’3” frame that stood before her with a monster paddle in his hand. This being the meanest implement she had ever seen in her life. She was doing everything in her power, using all of her feminine whiles to stay out of the path of that paddle.

Nora knew there was no turning this freight train around. Cameron rolled away from her. “Why?” “Why were you driving at such a rate of speed and why were you on your phone at the same time?” Cameron began. She just looked at the floor and listened. She looked up hoping the effort she was making was not fruitless. She could see his mood as his temple pulsed, his breathing irrational and the look in his eye father like and nothing like the playful man she knew so many times in her bedroom.

She bit her lip always, Cameron questioned her senses about using the phone while driving. But she had no idea. She kept eyeballing that paddle. It was obvious to Nora they it was going to that type evening. Nothing like the loving, sensual time she was hoping for. She started to sweat. Always when he lectured her, she was a wet mess by the end. It was a combination of guilt and the fear, Nora thought.

“And what do you have to say for yourself?” Cameron asked. Nora didn’t have an answer. She had heard half of what he said. The other half a was a blur as Cameron paced, lectured and swung that monstrosity around the room. “I don’t know.” Nora finally admitted. “Let’s just get this over with” Nora resigned in the fact she was going to bed tonight with a sore fanny. Nora approached her husband, still heaving from the verbal lecture provided his wife, she kissed him on the cheek, dropped her dress to the floor and turned. She placed her hands on the bed and bent at the waist. She licked her lips, focused on the headboard and said, “I am ready.”

Both Cameron and Nora knew it was time. Cameron nodded in agreement and looked at his pert, beautiful target and ran his hand over her posterior. This wasn’t going to be one of those playful spankings he and she enjoyed before sex. This was serious. This was going to be punishment. “Forty miles over the limit? Forty seats, young lady.” Cameron was very specific with punishments. Nora knew why, for how long and what was to be accomplished.

Before Cameron began, he took a step back. Nora couldn’t watch. She continued to focus on the headboard and waited for the pain.




Over and over the swats fell on her little bottom. The paddle was so large, he didn’t have to choose sides and alternate like with other impanents. It covered her entire bottom all at once.

Nora’s bottom was on fire in no time and Nora was sobbing in minutes. It had a bite that was deep but had the stingy feel if a thin implement at the same time. Cameron had spanked her before, but it was mostly a precursor to sex and never with such intensity. It wasn’t anger she felt. It was the love and concern. It was a husband trying to impress a point on his wife that behavior like this can not happen again. Nora felt the leadership Cameron tried to impress upon the only other person under his direct care and doing a great job at it.

The red splotches that appeared immediately started to turn to very dark purple areas on Nora’s backside. That paddle was the worst pain she had experienced in their marriage together. But in Nora’s head, she definitely deserved any punishment Cameron deemed necessary. That still didn’t stop the cascade of tears and sons that came as a result. Nora tried to keep it together but was unable to keep back the ebb and flow of both physical pain and emotion the was lovingly provided by her husband. “You have to understand this can not happen again!” Cameron said. He was visibly shaken again by her emotional response. It was obvious Cameron had some guilt feeling about his actions but was adamant in his mission.

Cameron ran a hand over Nora’s bruised and battered backside and like that it was over. Cameron sat her up on the edge of the bed. Nora was sniffling, sobbing and tears were streaming down her face. Her nose was running down her face and sweat poured from her pours. Her hair was wet and she looked like a mess. Cameron turned her around and held her close. This is what she needed. The closeness and the finality. It was forgiven and she would not do it again.

“I’m am so….”Nora began to apologize as Cameron put a finger over her lips and said “shhh”. Cameron laid her back, peeled her panties from her kitty and went down on her immediately. Nora came almost immediately. She squinted her eyes, held her breath and came harder than she has in a very long time. When she recovered, both at on the edge of the bed and held each other for a long time. They got dressed.

“All is forgiven.” Cameron said. Cameron turned his hot wife around. Pushed her in the direction of the door and slapped that hot ass one more time to get her going. “Ow” Nora said. She turned with a “jerk” look on her face and stated walking away rubbing her own bottom.

Wear Sunscreen

Sanibel Beach

This post has been inspired by so many photos I have seen on the internet where the author has sunburn. It is the easiest thing to do and one of biggest risks you will take to your health. Do yourself a big favor. It only takes a minute.

If I had one piece of advice for all the people of the world, it would be this, “Wear Sunscreen.” This is the opening line to this iconic song by Baz Luhrmann.

It is the one of the best ways to avoid so many problems including skin cancer and premature aging.

I live in the sunshine state. And regrettably, I do not wear as much as I should. I am also a cancer survivor. Does one have something to do with the other? I have no idea. Probably not. But I know lots of people who see dermatologists on the regular.

Wear sunscreen! Lol

Friends with Benefits

Marshall opened his email last week to find a friend request from a woman he did not know. Shelly was a cute little thing from Pittsburgh in his inbox.

“Hi, I liked your profile. You seem pretty cool. Let’s hang out.” the message said. One thing led to another and before they knew it they were friends and they were talking. Marshall found out Shelly is a heath nut, loves to run and exercise.

Ok, he thought. Let’s check this one out.
He opened Shelly profile to find she was into some of the same kinks he is into. There was one exception he read the intrigued him. Shelly is a fit individual. She runs, watches her diet and spends a lot of time at the gym. All right on. All “normal”.


She was looking for an accountability partner. She wanted someone she is held accountable to. She is a single girl, no family and kind of new to the scene. All of the goals and rules were written by her. She has dietary requirements, requirement for exercise and if she succeeds, she is rewarded. She gets a food she likes. Or….
She is being orgasm controlled. If she succeeds she gets to help herself. But if she fails…
Marshall gets a video of her self spanking any other humiliating acts he deems appropriate. While this really does little for him, she benefits from the rules he imposes immensely. It pushes her to perform. Because of the reward/punishment structure, her goals are the first thing on her mind and the last before she closes her eyes. She is stronger, faster and more focused because of them. Shelly is most gratuitous to Marshall and sends him updates on her progress.


She self reports every morning with a quick email and shoots pictures of her body and sends those along with the updates. Just in case Marshall appreciates muscle. She is on the other side of the world from Marshall. This is the only relationship they have. They are friends. He motivates her, she gets better and as a result, he gets to see. This is his kink. He likes to watch her play. She plays often. 😊


She Has One Job

This is fiction. At least this time it is.

She has one job. Make sure the bills are paid. That is the only thing I have delegated to her. All other things, minus that responsibility is mine. Everything ~ mine.

Sure we do lots of things together. We collectively make sure the house runs, usually, like a well oiled machine. The kids do not notice any ripple in their day to day lives. I make that happen. This is what happened yesterday morning.

I ushered her and the kids off to school and after everyone left, the power was cut off. We have no power in the house. We have the money. It’s in the account. And yet, I was scrambling to get the power company out here to re connect the power before the kids got off the bus in afternoon. I got the notice two weeks ago. I said then, “Honey, please pay the water and the power companies. I remember as of it was yesterday. And yet, I am using a flashlight in the bathroom to ready myself for work.

Photo by David Kelly Artistics

I called her to let her know. She scrambled to the online checking account. “Honey, I know I paid it two weeks ago.” I remember telling her to do it. I did not remember her telling me or giving me the confirmation numbers, however. “I know I did it” she said. “I have to call the power company, I‘ll let you go” I said.

I got off the phone with her and immediately called the power company and talked to a lovely lady who assured me he would get a truck out to reconnect our power after I gave her the digits to my credit card.

I texted my wife, knowing she was teaching. “I took care of it.” was all I said. The phone rang immediately. It was my wife. “ Am I going to get a spanking for this?” This was all she wanted to know! She said it with a small amount of fear and obvious guilt in her voice.

“We will talk about it when I get home tonight.” I said. I purposefully didn’t excuse the behavior by brushing it off. She must have apologized three times during our conversation.


When I got home last evening, she was sitting on the bed. Her face had the look of fear, guilt and trepidation all rolled into one. She bit her lip and looked up at me as I came in the door. She was dressed in her nightgown, had a shower and was almost ready for bed. As I entered the bedroom, I saw she had her hairbrush sitting next to her. I was surprised she would have chosen her hairbrush as she hates that stingy feeling the bathrush leaves when I use it.

“Are you ready?” I asked. She looked up at me again and said “yes.”

I told her to go stand in the corner and think about why she is in this predicament. I closed the bedroom door and I went back out to the kitchen, checked to make sure the kids we sleeping and returned to the bedroom about ten minutes later to see her standing in the corner, panties down to her knees and she, beginning to sniffle.


I sat on the bed and looked at her. I began to roll up the sleeves of my long sleeved collared shirt. I patted my lap as of to say, “commere.”

She moved slowly as she heard my hand pat my legs. Sara reluctantly lay across my lap knowing full well she deserved this bare bottom spanking. I began the lecture. “Why are we here?”

“(Sniffle) “Because I didn’t pay the electric bill.” I picked up the hairbrush.

“Smack” I could see the side of her face. Her eyes closed and she winced as the hairbrush fell on her pale white bottom. “Yes, but what else?” (Smack!!)

She paused for a moment not knowing what to say. “ “I spent $300 online yesterday” I didn’t know about that yet but we will address that another time. (Smack!!)

“You planned to fail, young lady.”

(Smack!!) By now her bottom was really starting to shine and she was starting to cry. She was writhing with every additional smack. “How many am I getting?” She inquired.

“ You will be here until I know you have learned your lesson.” I calmly said. I composed myself always in a very calm and collected manner. Never did I raise my voice or loose my composure.




Gif by

The whacks to her bottom were continuous, intensity increasing with every swat and her bottom turned a cherry shiny red in no time.

She was really sobbing at this point. I kept hearing “I am sorry” and “I won’t let it happen again”. No more was she fighting me or kicking her legs. She had given in. She had had enough.

I rubbed her soft bottom and she winced again in pain. I put the hairbrush down on the bed and turned her around. I held her and cradled her and told her “All is forgiven.” She continued to cry even after the onslaught on the tender regions of her bottom ended. I laid her down on the matteress and went into the bathroom for the cooling cream I use after her spankings. It seemed to help abate the pain and discomfort at least a little bit.

After I rubbed the cream in, all over her bottom, she seemed to calm a bit.

“ Thank you for that.” She said. “I really am sorry for not paying the bill, I won’t do that again.” she said. “I know you won’t” I said. She’s a smart girl. Very bright and usually very conciencous about the bills. But once in a while, she forgets and this is the result. In the back of my mind, I was thinking, well, we have been here before for this. This probably will not be the last time.

Service and Submission

I recently read a piece entitled submission and service. For my price, I switched the words in the title because the service in submission is the part that I am focusing on.

Yes, I am sure there are lots of people that spend 24/7 in the Dom/submissive roles and that may include serving their partner in the home. No judgement, this is only in reference to the article I read this morning. I have plenty of sub friends.

Domination- soumission Antilles Guyanne photos- facebook

I am not a dom. This piece resonated with me because partnering with someone means you do for them no matter what the title. I have very Dom like tendencies and while she does for me in the bedroom, we do for each other outside the bedroom, also.

For example, a gentleman opens doors, is the protector, the man and the HOH.
He typically goes to work and in other households, the wife may or may not work. I fix things that need to be fixed. For the most part, and in some instances, I “do the man things” as she calls them, the chores in the home a man would take care of.

I use this house as the example because this may or may not be the situation in your house. And while I am telling you how it goes here, I am in no way saying this is the right or wrong way to do things. People and lifestyles come in lots of flavors and so, quick disclaimer here. There is no right or wrong in this article.

In this house there are few gender roles. Like I said before, there are some. I do dishes because she hates doing them and she does the laundry because I hate folding and putting away clothes.

She just left for work this morning and before she left, I made her coffee and placed it on her table while she did her makeup. I have done that every day since we were together. I also readied our son for school and packed her lunch her. My point, yes what’s the point?

You don’t have to be a submissive to do this. Part of taking care and loving someone is service.

These are just short examples regarding living with someone, raising children and running a household and what it required of those who reside there. We need to lean on one another from time to time. In my case we have developed routines that work for us. They enable the smooth transition and provide the lubricant to get from point a to b in the beginning of our days. The child gets to school, we get to work and everyone is happy.

Domination- soumission Antilles Guyanne photos- facebook

Sexual service is part of it and while playing, yes she services me but I service her as well. The older I get, the more I enjoy oral. This may be viewed as something a dom does not do for his submissive but I tend to disagree. I do that in service to her and myself as I enjoy it almost as much as spanking. And while my wife is a vanilla pudding pop and does not enjoy spanking, she does enjoy oral. I do accell at it.

I use my own life with my wife as a model. The purpose of this was to illuminate those that are dominant remain dominant. But being dominant could mean so many different things to so many people. The Me Dom/you sub mindset may work in the bedroom but for us at least, it’s not practicle in everyday life. This wouldn’t work even if she wasn’t a vanilla pudding pop. 😂

An Act of Contrition

She slowly walked into the bedroom where I sat and read. She slowly circled the bed with a sullen look on her face. “What’s up?” I thought as I pretended not to notice her strange demeanor. She was penitent, remorseful, sullen.

I paid the attention she was all but begging for. “ Hi.”, she said as she stood there, motionless.

She started to take her clothes off and that’s when she said it. “I have to confess something to you.”

The initial statement put me on edge, uneasy, almost afraid of what she was going to say as she is an incredibly attractive woman. She knows this as I and other men tell her all the time in one way or another.

“Ok.” I say preparing myself for the worst. I say it almost as a question noticing she is still taking off her clothes. I expected her to tell me she had an affair, spent lots of money again or something like that. “Tell me what happened” I said and patted the bed encouraging her to sit and chat. She looked at me with puppy dog eyes, at this point completely nude, tears started to well. It was obvious she felt tremendous regret and shame. She was acting incredibly guilty. Why, I did not know, but that was her demeanor.

I realized where this was going. In the past my wife came to me with an event that she felt incredibly guilty about. She needed immediate clemency and absolution which, at the time, to me, the crime was minor and did not warranted anything other than the talk we had. She had spent $2500 on a patio set. I understood. From the beginning we agreed that if one or the other wanted to spend over a certain amount, we would talk about it. I have a budget, I pay the bills. So obviously, at the time, we had extra. I wasn’t upset but she anticipated my displeasure over the expense.

When I reacted with amnesty and grace. But, then, that did not serve to abate my loving wife’s indiscretion. “Will you stabd up?”, she asked So internally, it was a hearted suggestion. Externally, I was stern, unforgiving and final. I told her to take her clothes off and lean over the bed for her first marital spanking.

She went through an emotional journey. At first, defiance and indignation. She was a grown woman. No man was going to lay hands on her least of all her loving husband, right? Then came the compromise. She was so cute. She tried to haggle with sexual favors. I was unmoved. I told her this was the only was she was going to learn. “ How do I know you won’t do this again?” I asked.
Acceptance and resignation was the last step. She saw there was no room for concession or negotiation. “I am your husband. This is my decision.” I said. Outwardly, I showed no movement. Internally, I was questioning myself and my decision. I was half playing but a smile did not come across my lips for a second.

I could see the fall of her defense. Her body language spoke all she wanted to say. She slowly began to undress. She did not look at me. I thought she was upset with me and might call out her safe word when we began. But so be it. I have done my part. It is up to her to to go through with it if she wants to or not.

She lay across our king sized mattress, he body bared for me to punish. At the time right up until I saw her drape her body across our bed, I didn’t think she would go through with it. I was excited. My breaths short and fast. As I slid my belt from my belt loops this time and took stance behind her, I began to sweat.

I swung my belt.


She turned her head away from me. I couldn’t see her face or the reaction other than the tenseness of her frame and the fists she made in pain.


I was hard. This excited me more than I thought it might. I thought I would be unable to give my dear wife the punishment she desired.


This went on for an hour before she broke in tears and I understood this act of contrition had gone to the core of her being and bruised more than her bare bottom. As the colors turned from the pink like her lips to the very bright and almost glowing red, she broke down and cried. It was then I knew she had had enough.

I dropped the belt, went to her and scooped her up like a ragdoll and held her in my lap as the cries in pain turned to the sobs of forgiveness she so desperately craved.

As I said, a rather large price to pay for such a small indiscretion. Had she asked, I would have given it to her. But to her, that was not the point. She had gone behind my back and done it without discussing it with me. The figure had no value to her.

She had gone to the bathroom to clean up. She washed her face and through the crack in the door, I caught her looking in the mirror at the damage to her freshly spanked fanny. I had to chuckle as I continued cleaning up myself.

I opened the bathroom door and stood behind her and just marveled at the beauty I beheld. I held her from behind and all she said, “Thank you. I love you.”

I just smiled at her in return. So that was then.

We are back in present time with my wife as she sat next to me completely naked, squirming and looking at me with that look again. “Just tell me what you need.” I said. “I need you to spank me, Paul.”
There is was. My wife needed that. It wasn’t something she wanted or thought might be cute. She needed that physical attention like she need food and water. Her body needed me to spank her.

“Ok. Go in the dining room, stand in the corner and wait for me.” I said with as stern and monotone a voice I could muster. She was already resigned. She had wanted this a long time but I did not recognize it. My wife, from time to time, needs to be spanked, really truly spanked to tears. I knew her job had caused lots of stress to her this week.

I went to my sock drawer, pulled out my leather belt, and went into the dining room. I positioned her on the corner of the dining room table. I knew she would be supported and if so inclined would be able to place pressure on her own clit with the corner of the table. I thought she might like that.

Very few words were spoken as I knew this was maintenance. The bruises from the first session had all gone and a fresh canvas was before me. I placed the belt on her back just above her coccyx and told her not to drop it.

This time, I lead with a hand spanking, slow at first and increased with speed and intensity. Her bottomed reddened quite quickly. That was followed by the belt and finished with the bath brush she didn’t see me grab before entering the dining room. She had fear in her eyes before the brush. By then, she was almost to her limit. But not quite. By the time I had finished with ten seats with the bath brush she was sobbing and had had quite enough then.

Again, like before, I scooped her up into my arms, cradled her and consoled her with all of the penance I could muster. The goal here was to make her feel while, complete, loved and satiated.

When she calmed down, I dot her a cool compress. I took care of her. I had to console myself in that this was her decision and I was helping her. Obviously
I had done some reading and it is said those that reach the pinnacle reach a place called subspace. I think I reached that myself, but I wasn’t sure. All I knew is that this was fun. And as long as Nora was having fun too, this may be part of our routine. We will have to do some more talking about this. Communication, I have decided, was a huge part of it.

“Did you enjoy yourself?” I asked Nora.
She smiled and as she sat, she winced. She shook her head and said, “very much.”

God I love her. I would do just about anything for her and if this makes her happy, then so be it. Let’s make the most of it. We read together about different facets. We read different authors, books, articles. We joined a few websites and groups of people. I already had a FetLife account and was mildly knowledgeable about the different types of bdsm. But I think we would stick with the spanking portion.

We met some outstanding people there and have made some plans to go to a couple events. We have never been closer. She tells me everything when in the past I always thought there was a part of her she reserved. There are no reservations now and my accounting for it only leads me to think the newish part of our relationship has something to do with it. I hope it does.

I am still here

Life in Florida

I haven’t forgotten you but I am dealing with some things and my muse has definitely taken a vacation. She is somewhere else and my drive to write is zero right now. I just felt it appropriate to address you and tell you this. I know I don’t owe anyone anything. But some of my readers are also my friends. And I miss you.

I am reading you all everyday. And I want to put something out there purely for the reason to know that I can do it.

I have at least a dozen drafts half written, started and not outlined and not finished. My plan was to do this today. But my up and at em up and went. 😂

Hopefully, she will return to me and my creativity returns soon. Hope to chat with you all soon.

Sixth Sense


When I was little, my mother, my father and two siblings lived in a century old home in the heart of coal country, Pennsylvania. It was the early seventies when we moved in. My Mother stayed at home with us while we were young. She got a job as a legal secretary shortly after. My father went to work for the railroad. The house was half of a duplex. When you entered the home, there was a small seating area which lead to a hallway leading into a kitchen to the rear of the home. Naturally, we spent a lot of our time in the kitchen eating, cleaning or just spending time together.

From the bottom of the stairs that landed in the kitchen, you could see up the stairs to the second floor. To the left, a bathroom and the master bedroom. To the right, two smaller bedrooms. My brother shared a bedroom and my sister had the nursery, which later was turned into her bedroom.

My high chair, before my sister arrived was positioned next to the rear door of the home in the kitchen. From my high chair, I could see the landing and the tip of the staircase. I can not honestly remember whether these memories I have are impressions from my parents or if they are real memories.


We were not alone. My parents, my baby brother and I lived with a spirit, a ghost. I do not know who he was. My parents did not know who he was. My mother saw him. And I do not know if my father actually saw him or if he just went along with my mothers version of events.

My memory is of an elderly gentleman dressed in dress slacks, a white button down and a long tie. He wouldn’t say anything and if engaged would look at you. But he liked to walk across the top of the stairway while we were eating and gathering in the kitchen downstairs. I remember this happening occurring several times, more that several times.

When we moved out of that house in ‘79, it never happened again. We moved into another duplex but this one, newly built on newly developed corn fiends in a suburb of Allentown, PA.

All during my growing up and all during my young adulthood, I never saw another ghost.

My Mother died in 2016. She had died of cancer. She had at least two, possibly three types of cancer during the last ten years of her life. She had several surgeries to combat and used natural medicine to combat it during the last three. As I said, she fell to cancer in 2016. After she died, I took over the payments for my mothers car. It was new, we needed one. It didn’t seem right just to let it go. So I took it home, parked it in the driveway and that became my wife’s new car.

It was close to Christmas on a weekend in 2016. I was off. So was my wife. It was early in the day. It was a warm afternoon in December. I crossed in front of the car which was parked facing the garage.

When I returned walking toward the front door and recrossed in front of “Mom’s car”, I looked into the car. I saw her. The likeness of my mother, deceased two months prior was sitting in the the passenger seat of her own car. I could not believe my senses. She was seated like anyone in the passenger seat but she was looking up the street. Her “body” was facing the front of the car but she was looking out the side window. She looked at me and then she turn her head and looked back down the street again. She said nothing.

My wife, my siblings all had remarked I had not cried since Mom had died. I consoled them all in their grief and even at the memorial service we had at the church and later at the burial, for me, no tears were shed. Not until she visited me. When I saw her likeness, I lost my emotions. Tears flowed and I can not remember ever being so upset in my life since or before.

When my mother was alive, my brother and I and even my sister consented that she was the baby in the family and the favorite to them both.

When I told my brother and my sister of my mother’s spiritual visit, both responded in the most peculiar way. Both were still grieving, particularly my sister as she had an uncommonly close relationship with Mom.

They both responded in jealousy. As if to say, “why you?” I am the oldest and Mom had a special place in her heart for all of us. I can understand their reaction.

In the days to follow, I spoke out load to her as if she could hear me. I asked her not to visit me anymore as it was just too painful to see her in the body when my mind tells me I am not seeing what I knew I was seeing. To understand that we would have to open up the can of worms labeled “Catholic upbringing” and I have put all of that away. We aren’t going to crack it open here. Just suffice to say, I do not enjoy this “sixth sense” my mother has passed onto me. She could know things. Things she had no way of knowing about her kids, me included. She was touched with many gifts. She was highly intelligent. She saw the man at the top of the stairs. We talked about it while she lived.

Believe or don’t believe. I have never told anyone except those closest to me and to date, has not happened again.

2016 Deborah Jordan

Today is Mother’s Day. You’d think I’d be used to not having her and most days it’s ok. But this day is the hardest. Constant reminders all day that she is gone. It really sucks.

Happy Easter

I, like many other absent bloggers out there have had issues with inspiration.

Where do we derive our inspiration from? Well that is a very personal answer, isn’t it? I have never sat down and thought about from where the drive to write comes from except to answer from within.

What ever faucet that has been running full blast through the end of 2020 and into the first quarter for me has very much slowed down.

Even to finish this blog post on this Easter Sunday is arduous and almost like a chore. I know it should not be that way.

It almost doesn’t seem like Easter to me. My wife and half of my children are out of town and as I wait for daughter #3 to prepare her teen full look, I post on this fine Florida morning. This was the first time I did all of the shopping and preparing for the Easter Bunny. I felt like an amateur when I have been a father and doing Easters for twenty two years now.

Oh well, I hope all is well with you. I hope everyone is heathy and I hope everyone at least for a little while today can be reflective if not prayerful and remember why we celebrate this very joyous of holidays.

Peace be with you.


Why Now?

There are so many different things I have learned through the years. From the time I was a teen to the age I am now.

People are the product of their environment. People are what they eat. People are a reflection of their parents. Are these things true? Or are we the product of the many things we have read and the experience we have collected along the way?

Mary Jo Kreitzer, RN, PhD says,

  1. The environment can facilitate or discourage interactions among people (and the subsequent benefits of social support). For example, an inviting space with comfortable chairs and privacy can encourage a family to stay and visit with a patient.
  2. The environment can influence peoples’ behavior and motivation to act. For example, a dingy corridor filled with extra hospital equipment will invite staff to leave another item in the hall, whereas a clean corridor and adequate storage will encourage staff to take the time to put the item away.
  3. The environment can influence mood. For example, the results of several research studies reveal that rooms with bright light, both natural and artificial, can improve health outcomes such as depression, agitation, and sleep.

These noted behaviors are examples of who we are and how we react to certaion situations.

If that is the case and I was not exposed to this lifestyle, why then is there an incessant need to write about a subject I have only read about?

This was not my experience as a young man or nor have I seen it growing up.

Now there are theories that this is the result of my parents’ disciplinary policies. But I was not abused. I was not beaten daily. Now Mon was one to pick up whatever was nearby, but that was only in my younger years.

As I grew into my early teen years and got faster taller and stronger, obviously it stopped. But there were no paddles on the wall, no straps looking at me in the kitchen. There was no program, just discipline like every other kid on the block in the 80s. So why and why realizing it now that I am in my later years, after children, marriage and nearly retirement. I mean really?

So these are the questions rolling around in my head these says.

Jillian Keenan says this group is the only clan of people that use spanking as both punishment and reward. The debates rage on. The relationship between misogyny and hetero normativity. How many types of spanking are there? Punishment, punishment, good girl, erotic maintenance, power exchange, stress relief, and just for fun.

The opportunity to learn the dynamic from a professional dom was not mine to enjoy. All the doms I have ever met I have known only online. The dynamic was explained to me through the internet. I am still in the dark. I am friends with more subs than Doms, that I know of. I am still one of those guys that have come out to the people who read my blog and my wife, who is as vanilla as a jello pudding pop, a God love her. But sometimes I look at her ass and the conditions are so right, like today, I just want to wail on it so bad and watch it turn from pink to red.

Why now??!!

How Would I Spank You?

When you asked me to do this, I consented to help you accomplish your goals. Before one shred of clothing was tossed, days of conversation were had. What are your limits, what are your boundaries, this was to be discipline only. What is your safe word? Then we begin.

You say “I am so sorry.”

Make no mistake. I am an older man of experience, style and confidence. When you came to me and told me you made a mistake, I was disappointed. And I let you know it, feel it.

I let you look at the floor in discomfort and shame. I paced around you, silent, just looking at you with a look of discontent on my face.

“Go stand in the corner and think about what you did.” I say. Am I upset? No. She did not fail me. I never yell. Control is the agreement. I know what she likes, what she can take and what her hard limits are. She is in complete control of the situation. All I need to hear is one word from her lips and scene is over.

She stands and thinks for ten minutes. When I return, I sit on the bed and ask her to come to me. I bring her close. As I gaze into her eyes, she looks away and says, “Are you going to spank me for this?”

I respond, “ Did you break the rules?” She again looks disturbed as she nodded her head. “Do you deserve this?” I ask.
She again looked at me as she nodded silently.

I take her by the hand and slowly, direct her to stand before me. I look up into her face as I unbutton her jeans and quickly take them to her ankles. I purposefully redirected her to my right and exerted pressure on her back asking her body to bend over my lap. She extended her hands and placed them on the floor.

She bit her own lip and looked back at me with a mixture of anticipation, excitement and apprehension. Oh, that look. A look I have seen a hundred times before but every time I see it, is like the first time.

I inhaled deeply, taking in her mixture of perfume and her musk which told me just how moist she must be.

“ Why are we here?” I ask. “I broke the rules.” She says. She remained silent as she awaited her fate. She both hated and loved this anticipatory time between communication and execution.

I reached back and with two hands and slowly took down her panties for her. As her panties hovered at her knees, I wasted no time and began assailing her back side with a hand spanking. Slow at first and not hard. After a few minutes, I picked up the pace and made each swat progressively harder, just like she wants it. Each swat bring her closer and closer to the place she loves to be, sub space. The place where pleasure is mixed with pain.

Sometimes I recount the misjudgement if I feel she wants the feeling of reliving failing herself. It’s not my rule. It is her rule. The rule she has made for herself and asked me to enforce for her. She has asked me to set up the consequence to reinforce the incorrectness of the behavior.

She has the power. The power to submit or the power to stop everything immediately with one word, “Red”. I have never heard it. I know her limits. I know if what I have done lives up to the expectation and the request of me.

When we are through, the aftercare begins. The repair of the emotional and the physical. I hold her in my arms for a long time. Sometimes she breathes deeply and other times, she finishes with deep, heaving sobs. She always wraps her arms around me and burries her face in my shoulder. This is the kind of emotional release she craves.

She forgives herself as I forgive her. It is done. It is forgiven and forgotten. Until next time…

But You Don’t Look Sick: The Real Life Adventures of a Child Epileptic Into Adulthood

Epilepsy is a condition that affects nearly three million Americans. It is one of the most common neurological conditions that disrupt the normal connections between nerve cells in the brain. That disruption is referred to as a seizure. There is no age, race, or ethnic connection. Common causes of the condition are high fever, low or high blood sugar, and concussion.
I had my first seizure when I was seven years old. My memory of those early years, I humorously refer to as my unconscious years, are filled with clouded memories of doctors’ offices, waking up in emergency rooms, and waking up in nurse’s offices.
I had one physician. Dr. Martha Lusser, MD. She was the only pediatric neurologist I ever saw. She put me on Tegratol, Dilantin and Phenobarbital. This is the reason I feel many of the years as a child felt like a blur. They were like a slide through time. It wasn’t until I was a teen did I form and keep many memories of where I was and what was going on.
Dr. Lusser was one of the only pediatric neurologists in the Greater Allentown area in Pennsylvania at the time. She was very clinical. I remember her being very matter-of-fact, cut and dry. I also remember my mother going head to head with her on more than one occasion.
For years, at home, it was the same thing. “Michael, did you take your pills?” If I had a dime for every time my mother said that to me as a child, I would be able to retire a rich old man. My memory was very poor when I was young. Memory loss is a common side effect of the anti-seizure medications prescribed to me by Dr. Lusser. Some of the medications controlled seizures well. Some did nothing. Some made my head spin or knocked me out cold. One that worked well was carbamazepine. I take to this day. We explored the gamut of treatments of the time. “That is all you can do.” I was told. Manage the disorder with seizure control medications. Twice a day, every day.
Don’t forget, all the while, I was trying to fit in and navigate the tenuous terrain that most refer to as middle school. You know, the battleground where you try desperately to just to be cool, be liked. Try fitting in when everyone you associated with was afraid of you or thought you were a freak. They all saw me have a “fit”, I hated that term, at one point or another. I’d fall on the floor, walk into a hallway wall or simply not respond when addressed. Ya, I fit in. Not! I would wake up in the nurse’s office hours later and Dad would pick me up, take me home, and put me to bed. Those were the people that knew. My classmates. My mother made it very clear to the school and every teacher I had all through middle school. Some got it. Some didn’t. Some didn’t give a shit. “Allowances for one have to be made for them all.” Walter Valenta, a fifth-grade teacher who thought it would be a good idea to use corporal punishment when I “forgot” to do homework. Nine times out of ten, I had had a seizure, slept the rest of the day into the night before, and forgot I had homework at all. But these are not issues he had to worry about. Asshole!! Don’t get me wrong. I do not hold this against anyone I grew up with. Keep in mind, this was the 80’s. It wasn’t their deal. They didn’t get close enough to understand. Or care enough with maybe one exception.
To look at me then, I was a normal, adjusted child that was as geeky as the next boy. Some of my teachers even questioned there was anything wrong with me especially those that had me later in my school career when the professionals had it knocked. Eventually, the bloodwork, the EEGs, and the hospital visits paid off. I have been seizure-free for at least eighteen years now. I am in my forties now and as long as the medication is taken, the seizures are controlled.

Today Is My Birthday

Today is my 49th birthday and aside from work, I will be spending this evening with most of my children. I have two little ones but most of my children are grown and some starting their own life.

There comes a time in a man’s life when reflection is something that just happens. It’s nothing you look for or search out, you will be sitting there during your free time, and the thought will come to you. For me, the subject matter varies from pride in what you have done, the accomplishments you have achieved, or sometimes, regrets.

We all live through our experiences and either learn from them or not. I hope I can say I have learned from my mistakes and I have made plenty of them. But they love me anyway. They accept me for who I am and what I stand for. I think I can say the truth, honestly, integrity. Those are probably in the top five. I think my children can see those in me. Pride comes from what your family and friends see in you.

So, thank you ahead of time for your well wishes.

I Love To Watch As you Do Cartwheels in your Mind

I can only imagine what is going on in your head when I ask you to come here. As you approach, your eyes dart at the implements sitting with me on the bed. Your eyes focus on the one implement you detest the most. I can see the cartwheels you are doing in your mind. I can see the stress, the questions, the memories of the past few days and the self recrimination all happening within a few split seconds.

A Submissive Wife’s Journey ~

Yes, little one. I see the fear roll across your face and through your mind when you see the paddle, the hair brush and the dreaded cane. I can see you sweat not knowing what my intentions are.

Your eyes focus back to mine and they speak to me as clear as day pleading with me not to punish you for what ever transgression I am coming to you with this morning. But behind the stress and fear is the excitement. The can see the fire you have within you. I can smell your musk as you come closer. I know you are moist and sexual excitement washes over you at the same time.

You are right, I could want a play session. You are asking yourself the same question. Or it could be this and nothing else. Just time with my little one, my submissive, knowing all of this crosses your mind and all I want is to make you feel loved, cherished and protected as I hold you, body and soul, in the cradle of my lap and within my arms.

A Naughty Little Sex Quiz # 18, NSFW

Thanks Miss D, Suculent Savage and Nora from This is one of the most erotically detailed surveys I have taken in my life. But I had to represent. All of the entries I saw were submissives. My dudes and dominant dudettes, wtf? Where are you all?

Anyway, this is an exercise is baring one’s soul a little, but I can hack it. Here’s a little about me my friends.

1: When did you lose your virginity?

I was 17. It wasn’t a great experience. It was with a girl my mother despised. She saw her as a threat. She wore the black skimpy clothes, had colored hair, wore a lot of poorly applied eye makeup. Totally not my type. It was in the playground of my elementary school. Not ideal. But there it is.

2: Rough sex or soft sex?
I really like both. It really depends on the mood and my wife’s mood.

3: Do you have any unusual kinks/fetishes?
Have you read my blog? 😊 Yes. Anal, medical, some light incest stuff in porn. That’s it mostly. But my biggest fetish is spanking. I fantasize about it constantly. But, my partner is very reserved. Very once and done, very missionary mindset. And that’s ok. I like to throw in some doggy, a cross once on a while, even a lazy dog if we are tired, which is a lot of the time.

4: The weirdest place you’ve had sex?

I am not a sex in strange places type. I am much happier in my king.

5: Favorite sex position?
I like them all! But, I do like being on top…my wife’s nipple in my mouth, full penetration with my hands clutching her hair just going at it no holds barred. Grrrrr!!!

6: Do you like to be dominant or submissive?
I am in control in the bedroom.

7: Have you ever had any one-night stands?
Sure have! A few in high school and a few in college before I met my wife.

8: Sex on the bed, couch, or the floor?

I like the bed.

9: Have you ever had sex in a public place?
Na, you can have it.

10: Have you ever been caught masturbating?
Yup, all the time. My dog is a pervert and likes to watch.

11: What does your favorite underwear look like?
I am a boxer guy.

12: How often do you have sex?
I have sex with myself when ever I get a chance. My sexy life is dependent upon a lot of factors. Are we tired? Are we home? Do we have kids in the house? Mostly on the weekends.

13: Is there anybody right now you’d like to have sex with?
The older my gorgeous blonde wife and I get the more desirable she becomes and the balder and fatter I become. She has lost 65 lbs this year and is absolutely gorgeous. I don’t want anyone but her.

14: Do you prefer giving or receiving oral sex?
I love giving oral sex. She loves getting it. That’s about it. She can’t stand the taste of precum. So I get to give it.

15: The most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you during sex?

Well other than the usual stuff like passing gas or slight mess, there really isn’t anything that stands out in my mind.

16: A song you’d listen to during hard/rough/kinky sex?
Not really.

17: A song you’d listen to during soft/slow/passionate sex?
None, really.

18: Are you into dressing up for sex?
Na, I have to be naked.

19: Would you prefer sex in the bath or sex in the shower?

She and I bought a garden tub when we built the house. 😜

20: If you could have sex with anyone right now, who would it be?
My wife.

21: Have you ever had a threesome? If not, would you?
I had a chance in college but passed it up. Two or three women wanted me at the same time. I passed. Now I only want one.

22: Do you/would you use sex toys?

I have a few. I bought her a set of trainer anal plugs. Wish me luck.

23: Have you ever sent someone a dirty text/picture?

24: Would you have sex with your best friend?
My wife is my best friend. Yes.

25: Is there anything you do after sex?
I usually get us some water and get cleaned up.

26: Something that will never fail to get you horny?
My wife and Spanking pictures, Spanking videos. Giving a spanking. I might like getting one but 🤷‍♂️ who knows? Spanking. Spanking. Spanking. Need I go on? I am a spanko 😊

27: Early morning sex or late night sex?
Late night is where opportunity lives.

28: Favorite body part of the opposite sex?

I am a butt man.

29: Favorite body part of the same sex?
When I was learning art in high school, I found male hands interesting. Just the mere strength. They are one of the best tools we have…I said one of the best tools, ladies. 🤣😂

30: Do you watch porn?

Uh, ya. Who doesn’t?

A Response To A Friend’s Post

When you say the word “different”, And when you express that it is new, What ever it is that is over, Your friends will see you through.

We do believe you mean them, We have read your words before, We know they say much less, We know you feel much more.

We are family through this medium, Some know you better than others. The girls, consider your sisters, The guys, we are your brothers.

That’s something we do not doubt, Your work will always be great. We see you going through pain, In time, you’ll get past this state.

Agreed, commitment can be scary, In surrender you bare your soul. Your friends and family will support you,

Healing must be you goal.

Teachers Need A Party

Photo by Oklahoma Watch

When the Covid 19 epidemic is over, we need to celebrate a profession and honor of all teachers who have done their unprecedented best to make learning a positive experience for all the poor children. Teaches have historically been underappreciated and I think in the face of this pandemic, that statement never has been more true.

Rachel Nania, a reporter for WTOP in Washington wrote a article two years ago about how kids have a five to eight time greater chance of experiencing clinical depression as a result of the normal stresses they deal with on the daily. If she thought they were stressed then, what would she think now?

Think about how hard going to school was for some of us. Not only are they dealing with the normal pressures of social stigmas, making the grade but they are doing it under the constant threat of a pandemic. It’s a wonder these kids are learning anything. Those are the kids who are in class. We hand our children over to teachers under these conditions and expect, no demand our children perform under these conditions. There are some schools not even in session in some states. Yes, many people are doing their hardest work they have ever done. I know they are. I am one of them. But I had to shed some light. We are not back to business as usual. Social distancing is impossible. They are short staffed and some, covering classes they have never taught before for other teachers that are out due to Covid. It’s a mess. But, my kids at least are learning in the direct face of this mess we call a pandemic. Good on ya, people. Teachers Rock. You at least look like you are having a good time while doing this. I know its hard.

Thank You.

We need to party like it’s 1999 when all of this is over.


I’ll bet you have seen this guy – Tubaman. He must make several spanking videos a week. I don’t care for them, but as usual, I am in the minority as …


Reposted from just because I am in the mood to tan someone’s bottom today.

Grandpa does a good job.

First Times

I have known you for years. In that time I have enjoyed every day, every experience and every time our souls collide. I feel guilty however, because I am also a little jealous.

Jealous of those firsts that were had and shared with someone else. Your first lots of things. Your first kiss, your first exhilaration doing something exciting, your first sexual experience, the first time you gave birth. These are things that didn’t involve me. And for that I am a little green eyed. His loss is my gain. But these are times that will never ever happen again in your lifetime.

Photo by Kidspot NZ

So about that, there is nothing I can do. What can I do? We can make our own firsts. We had our first time together. Our first childbirth. Our first child lost. First home. Our first new car purchased. This was the first time graduating college. First home. First time ever meeting Mickey Mouse. First grandson.

Photo by Southwest Journal

So even though I wasn’t your first love, I believe I was your best love and I still am.

A local writer and his prompts

The task was to write a poem, a segment or a paragraph that was about love.

This is it. This is what he is resigned to. He is left to live a life of pining for a woman that he is married to and has loved for twenty two years. All the time she wants nothing to do with him. He has not forgotten his promise to Him. He promised to “Love” her. This is all his God asked him to do. He has done it every day of those twenty two years without fail. This the first thing on his mind when he wakes and the last thing that crosses his mind before he closes his eyes.


Has Anyone Else Been Caught?

Image by KOKO TV Nigeria

My wife and I have been married for twenty two years now. I married her and her three children and they called me Dad from the getgo. I had never had children and my wife almost did not marry me because of that. She felt it wasn’t fair to me to take up where another man left off.

I told her not to be silly and what hers was ours and that included the children and the children that followed. To be factual, three more followed the first three.

Most of my children are adults. Four are to be accurate and as adults, we have had grown up conversations about everything including sex.

None of them have owned up to actually catching my wife and I but I am sure most of them have. I never caught my own parents in the throes thank God, but it was probably a miracle in retrospect.

Image by Parentmap

My question is to those who have a healthy sex life and for those especially that have a d/s lifestyle. I can not fathom how you guys can keep that a secret. I know.. it’s only a small part of your life as parents and adulting in general. I and my wife do not live a similar lifestyle and that dynamic does seems to me something you leave at the bedroom door.

I often think and ask myself, how do you guys not get caught? Hell, my lifestyle is as standard as you can get, and I have been caught, I think by at least half of them. The older ones deny, deny, deny but I know I and my wife have been caught.

Mia Learns A Lesson the Hard Way

Mia was sitting in her porch when the white Chevy Tahoe with “Truant Officer” written on the side pulled up her driveway. A man in a badge authoritatively exited the vehicle and casually swaggered toward her. He was older, maybe forty years old. He was not at all what she expected, minus the sunglasses. She immediately nicknamed this guy “Sunglasses” in her own mind. He definitely did not look like a runner type. “Ha” Mia had been through this procedure many times and is familiar with the laws of her state. The man pulled out a badge and displayed it to Mia clearly this man was a truant officer and was there for her.

Photo by King School District

Mr. Smith introduced himself. “Hello, Mia. Mia Malicent??” Mia looked up at him knowing she was caught yet again skipping school. She was an adult learner but the rules applied to all. She knew she could not skip school.

“Yes” said Mia. “Yes, Sir!” Mr. Smith demanded. “Yes, Sir.” Mia parroted. Mr. Smith set the tone of this meeting from the beginning. No sense in beating around the bush. “Marcus Smith, Truancy Officer for the Cumberland School District.” Smith said.

“Well, you fit the description.” Mr. Smith said. “How so?” inquired Mia. “Well, they said to come to this address. Look for a thin multi colored hair girl with blue jeans, chains and black boots.” Said Mr. Smith. He smiled and motioned with his hand as if to say “Well? You fit the bill.”

Mia motioned as well with both of her hands out to her sides as if to say, “That’s me.”

“Mia, according to my record, this is the thirteenth truancy you have committed this school year. You are familiar with the law concerning truancy, are you not Mia?” As Mr. Smith speaks, he is digging the copy of the law out of his equally aged leather brown document folder. He handed the copy to Mia. Mia is visibly shaken as she knows after the fifth truancy, corporal punishment, suspension and expulsion are all on the table.

“Mia, you are almost done. Had you just attended and kept up with your grades, you may have been done by now.“ Mr. Smith said. He had seen this a hundred times and it always failed to escape him the thought processes of these kids that skip school. “Alright young lady, stand up, let’s go.” Mr. Smith said.

Mr. Smith could have cuffed Mia but chose not to as she didn’t seem the threat to him. He knew her pretty well by now.

When they arrived to the school. A very old brown looking building with moss growing on the surface of it. Mia walked with Mr. Smith to the office. Mia knew the drill. She walked into the principle’s office and sat and waited for Mr. Martin to come in. Mr. Martin was a portly middle aged man. But he was a very straight arrow and followed the rules. He expected all the students and people that worked with him to do the same.

Photo by Brown University

After a few minutes, “Mia Malicent! Hello! How are you young lady!” said the fat man.

Mia looked at him out of the corner of her eye with disgust written all over her face. She did not want to be there and she knew what was in store. She has dealt with Mr. Martin for years now. Mr. Martin liked her. He has always thought he could do something that would turn her around. He is still hopeful. He looked at her as he pulled her file and read through the ample documentation the district had on her.

“What are we going to do with you young lady?” He said again. Young lady, like that phrase makes him superior to her. She hated it. “Look, Mia, with summer school in play here, you probably can get the credits to graduate. We can teach you Math and English. What I continue to instill in you is a sense of discipline and duty to yourself and your teachers.

As the two spoke, Mr. Smith addressed Mr. Martin, “I will be taking off now, Mr. Martin.” Mr. Smith said. “Oh, can you hang out, there is one last thing I need you to do before you leave.” Mr. Martin said. And with that he opened his bottom drawer and pulled out a thick oak paddle and set it on his desk.

They both looked at Mia. She was half expecting this and rolled her eyes at the both of them. “Mia, we have to do something. This can not continue this way.” Mr. Martin pulled out a form and handed it to Mia. “I need you to read this and sign the bottom of it please.” Mr. Martin stood up and handed the legal looking document to Mia.

“I am not signing this. This is a release form to spank me.” Mia said. “I don’t agree with this at all and I will not just lay over your desk and let you do this to me. Not without a fight.” Mia exclaimed.

“Well, if that’s how you feel.” Mr. Martin opened his top drawer and pulled out a packet. “Expulsion!!??” Mia said with great resentment. She read the title of the folder. “Well Mia, I don’t want to but you leave me no choice here.” Said Mr. Martin. So there they sat on Mr Martin’s desk, side by side. One expels her from school, which she didn’t want to do, the other gives permission to spank her. “This is totally not fair.!!”

A voice from behind Mia says “Common, just get it over with.” Mia looked at Mr. Smith for at least a minute before resigning herself to her sentence. “OK.” Mia said.

“Alright, here’s how it’s gonna go, Miss Malicent.” Mr. Martin began. Putting his paddle in his hand, he explained thirty seats would be delivered to her rear end. She shook her head absolving herself of any lingering resistance she felt when she came in that office. “After that, a bare bottomed spanking would be given.” Mr Martin explained.

“Do you understand everything I just said to you Mia? As Mr. Martin said that, he handed a pen to Mia. She reluctantly took the pen and signed the document. “Common, let’s get this done. Mr. Martin picked up the paddle and asked Mia to stand up. He removed the chair and asked Mia to straddle the corner of his desk.

Mia looked at Mr. Martin. “Really?? Do you get off in this or what?” Mia determined. “Mia, it was a lesson I learned when I was in college learning education. A professor of mine said something that stuck with me all through my career.” “In Education, without discipline in the classroom, there is chaos.” “This quote stuck with me. I believe it.” Mr. Martin proclaimed.

Mia reluctantly walked up to the desk and firmly placed her hands on the principals oak desk. Mr. Martin stepped up behind her with the thick, long paddle he was known for around school. “Thirty” he said. Mia just nodded. And he commenced punishment. Thwack!

By the time Mia got to ten she had tears in her eyes. She was doing the spanking dance after each swat and was trying to avoid impact. “You are to stand still young lady!!” Mr. Martin corrected.

Thwack! By the time Kia got to twenty, her rear end was on fire. She had lost count but Mr. Martin said “twenty” out loud and got her on track.

Thwack!! When the thirtieth whack stuck home, Mia was in tears, balling her eyes out and she couldn’t stand anymore. Tiny cuts started to form on her black and blue behind where the skin had broken. Mia had received punishments before but none like this. And she still had an over the knee spanking coming. That was foremost on her mind. At least she wouldn’t have to stand for that.

Mr. Martin walked around the desk and placed that implement from hell back in his bottom drawer and came back around the desk. “Common Mia. Let’s get this over with.” Mr. Martin said. He took Mias arm and brought her around the back of the desk and sat down. He turned while sitting and facing Mia and took her panties down. He turned her around to peruse the damage done to her back side. “Alright, common.” Mia wiped the tears from her face and leaned over his lap. The hand spanking commenced.

Usually the hand spanking is the warmup. In this case, the hand spanking followed the paddling and was worse because of it. “Owww” Mia howled when the first impact landed.

Mr. Martin spoke as he spanked. “Now, are you going to play bookie anymore?

“Nooo.. “ Mia promised. “Are you going to get your grades up?” “Noo, I mean Yesss.. “ Mia promised. This went on for a while. This continued until Mr. Martin was sure Mia got the message.

Mr. Martin and Mia were done. He stood her up and looked at her. Mia wiped her eyes again. She had broke down in tears several times.

Mr. Martin rubbed Mia’s arms in apology without saying he was sorry. He gave her a hug and sent her on her way. Mia looked at Mr. Smith before leaving the inner office. She stopped, turned and said, “Thank you. “ to Mr. Smith and Mr. Martin. Martin just looked at Smith as Mia left.

Standard operating procedure would be to call a parent and take the child home. Only Mia was the adult here. When Mr. Smith went back out to his car, Mia was sitting in the passengers seat. She was ready to go home and get ready for tomorrow. She had learned her lesson. She was ready for school tomorrow. She wanted to graduate.

Lessons Learned

“Mmmm…Oh, God!! Wow, Baby. That was great, thank you so much.” Jake said. “You do that very well. Where did you learn to pleasure a man like you do?” Jake inquired.

“Experience is the best teacher, Sir.” said Asia. “True” said Jake as he pulled up his blue suit slacks. “ I do have to get to work.” Said Jake.

“Now, you have that movie you shot of us on your computer. Where is it going and what are you going to do with it?” Jake inquired.

“Personal use.” Asia smiled devilishly in response. “Well, Ok. Just delete it when you are done with it. I do not want my d all over the internet.” Jake retorted.

“No problem” said Asia.

Jake continued to get ready for work and in minutes he was dressed in his suit and on his way out the door. He is a fine looking man, Asia thought.

She finished her chores given to her by her Sir and had a little free time in the afternoon. Asia picked up her laptop again, checked social media and her thoughts wandered to her schoolwork. She had a paper due later today and she was nearly finished. She put the finishing touches on the paper, titled it and hit “send”.

Asia went back to make sure the file was delivered to Professor Martinson to find the file that contained her paper was still in her pending files. She went to the sent file and opened it. Asia was mortified to find she had just sent the video file containing this mornings bedtime antics with Jake. It was in the email she had just sent to her professor!!! “What am so going to do? I am done!! They will kick me out of school for this!!” All kind of terrible demoralizing events ran through Asia’s mind. She called professor Martinson immediately and got her voicemail.

“Professor??!!. Hi. This is Asia Williams. Please disregard the file I just sent you. I am sending a second file containing my paper. The first one does not contain my paper on Middle Eastern studies. Please delete the file and I will explain later. Thanks.”

“Oh My God!!!!” What is Jake going to say?” She couldn’t think about that right now. Right now, she had to deal with her Professor!! Martinson is pretty cool. He is an older guy. He could absolutely understand the circumstances. The professor won’t be angry, will he? I have to get out of here.

Asia arrived at the college shortly before ten o’clock. She almost ran up to the administration building and knocked on Professor Martinson’s door. “Knock, knock, knock” All Asia could think about was what her teacher would say. “ I mean, this can’t be the first time this has happened to him, right?” All kinds of thoughts were racing through her head right now.

A minute passed. No answer. As Asia started to turn to walk away, the elevator door dinged and the Professor walked her way. “Hello, Asia. To what do I owe the pleasure of your visit? This is a little unexpected.” Martinson said.

“Hello, Professor. It is about my paper due today. I finished it and sent it to you.” Asia said. As they talked, the professor keyed his lock and opened his office door. The entered and Asia found a couch and looked at it waiting for an invitation to sit. Martinson motioned for her to sit. It was a small office. Adorned in wood and leather furniture. What you might expect a college professors office to look like.

“Yes Sir” Asia began. “I did send you the paper.”

The professor looked a little perplexed as he opened the laptop computer he had on his desk. “ I have not had a chance to look at it young lady.” “I am not that gifted when it comes to time management.” Martinson quipped.

“I am looking at two files from you.” Martinson acknowledged.

“Yes, about that…”Asia began.

“The first file was not intended.” Asia explained.

The look on Martinson’s gray bearded face could not look any more confused. “What do you mean not intended?” Martinson inquired. This is not your paper?” Martinson said with his finger on the mousepad of his laptop. Before Asia could stop him, he clicked on the file.

The walls of his office were alive with the sexual sounds, moans and deep breaths taken by her lover. All Asia could do was bury her face in the palms of her hands in shame. Martinson was surprised to see Asia’s mouth sucking and slurping in her boyfriends engorged member.

At least the clip was only a few minutes of torturous embarrassment before she heard the sounds of her boyfriend’s arousal and the wet, fast sounds of Asia’s hand stroking her boyfriend’s manhood, edging her boyfriend closer and closer to orgasm… until she heard it. The love of her life cumming all over her mouth and hand. She relived the memory of this morning’s sexual experience with her man as she heard it coming from the speaker of her teacher’s laptop. It was torture, until it wasn’t.

Asia looked at her teacher’s face. He obviously knew the woman in the video was sitting before him in his office. What he didn’t know was why? “Why?” This is all he said.

Asia began by telling him how much she loved Jake and the frequency of their love life. “ I am so, so, sorry Professor.” “ I didn’t mean…” Asia was mortified beyond mortification, so much so she couldn’t even finish he sentence.

“So, am I to understand the first file was not intended for me and the second file is your paper?” Martinson inquired. “Yes!!! Oh my God, Yes!” Asia responded. Martinson was not going to open the second file until the motion was seconded by Asia.

“Well, I think we can keep this between us Asia. I see this as a simple mistake. Anyone could have made this in your similar circumstance. There are rules that govern advances made by students toward teachers, but I do not see this as such. Am I correct in that assumption, young lady?”

“Correct” Asia said, feeling the utter relief. This could have been very public and it seems Professor Martinson understood her predicament. “We will see you Tuesday, then?” Martinson asked. Martinson tried to act as nonchalant as possible given the circumstances. We dared not stand and walk her to the door as the only thing hiding his erection was the wood desk her sat behind.

“Yes, Sir.” Asia responded and with that she picked up her purse she had sitting between her feet and with red face, she quickly exited the professors office. As the door closed, Asia backed against the wall and started to cry in relief. Tears ran down her face as she said out loud,”How am I going to tell Jake about this?”

Asia exited the building, wiped the tears from her face, got into her red Volkswagen Beetle and headed home.

How will Jake handle this? Only time will tell.

Olivia Gets Her Due

Markus and I had been friends since the first grade. He and his family lived down the block from me in the same small town and his parents had a shop not unlike my Dad’s. Mr. Landis sold motorcycles and my dad had a Mom and pop dollar store. I spent a lot of time in Dads store and when I wasn’t there, I was at Marcus’ house.

Transparent Language Blog

When Marcus and I were juniors in high school, I was over at his house as usual. This time, Marcus’ dad was interviewing house keepers. We sat in the living room Marcus and I and made a game of it. We watched as the applicants came and went and we took odd as to which one of the lovely young ladies were to get the job. Eventually, the trail of women and one man ended and I looked at Marcus and said, “Ok, which one did he hire?” After a few minutes and a trip to Markus’ Dad’s office, he came back to me and a drum roll. “ Dad said Olivia will be back later for dinner so we can meet her.” Marcus said.

I told Marcus I would be back. I had to see who Olivia was. So I went home for an early dinner and I let Mom know so was going out with Marcus. We actually weren’t going out. We were staying in. As we were in the living room, we heard a knock on the door. Mr. Landis ushered in a young lady to the living room so we could meet her. She was a recent college graduate from a local college and wanted a job taking care of children. When she said that I looked a Marcus and smiled as her was the only “child” in the house and he was seventeen years old.

Mr. Landis piped up and explained as he said in her interview, there would be less child care and more home care helping Mr. and Mrs. Landis with the day to day operations of the home. “Olivia, Mr. Landis interupted before Olivia could add anything. He said” Olivia, I asked you a question to which you responded rather oddly. I asked what you would do to help maintain the continuity and structure in the home.” Mr. Landis continued. Mr. Landis was still in his gray suit and looked very interested in Olivia’s answer. Marcus highly uninterested in the goings on as he was on his phone the whole time his family was speaking with Olivia. I on the other hand was intrigued by Olivia very interested in the happenings as my family has never had a nanny or housekeeper.

“Olivia, what should happen to people in the house that do not follow the rules?” John said, Marcus’s Dad.

Are we talking about punishment Mr. Landis?” Olivia inquired. “Yes, you see in this house, there has always been a set of rules that Marcus and Jennifer abide by.” John said. Marcus heard his name and popped his head up. He smiles realizing everyone was now looking at him. “Butthead!!”I thought. “If Marcus breaks the rules, such as curfew, he sits in this house until such time I deem he has learned his lesson.” John continued. Marcus is oblivious to what goes on in his house even though he lives in it. Marcus hasn’t been disciplined in this house in a very long time. John hasn’t spanked him in years and hasn’t had to ground him as Marcus is an incurable rule follower.

“Likewise, Jennifer, Marcus’s mother, has a set of rules that she follows. She knows what she has to do and if she fails to follow the rules, consequences follow.” “Jennifer??” John motioned for Jennifer to stand and turn. Jennifer looked at me knowing I was not privy to the inner happenings of the house but John must consider me just another person that lives there since I have been around so much. He has told me as such.

Jennifer stood, turned and dropped her pants right there in the living room in front of Marcus, me and Olivia. Olivia and I were flabbergasted to see Jennifer’s obviously recently whipped posterior. The angry red lines and reddish pink hues indicated a cane or whip was used on her minutes before Olivia arrived.

I looked at Olivia and at Marcus. I was surprised when Marcus had no reaction at all. Why wasn’t he as surprised as Olivia and me? Was it because he has seen this before? Am I learning something new about my friend? Was this done to my chum of chums in his past? There was no reaction from him and I wanted to leave but I knew I could not, so I just sat there, stunned.

I was jolted out of my stunned state to find everyone in the room looking at me and John waiting for a response to a questionI had not heard him ask. “ I am sorry, can you repeat that Mr. Landis?” I asked him. “ I said, I realize this may be a side of my wife you have never seen before. Is everything alright?” John asked. “Oh ya, Mr. Landis, everything is cool.” I answered.

Mr. Landis standing now in the center of the living room turning his attentions now toward Olivia. “Olivia, the rules of the house for you will be

  • Arrive to work on time everyday.
  • Help everyone get off to school and to work.
  • A list of cleaning chores will be left daily.
  • Complete all chores by the time I arrive home.
  • Have dinner ready and cleaned up before you leave.
  • Have the house neat and tidy daily before you leave.
  • Assist Jennifer and Marcus daily with their needs.
  • Crimes of behavior

“Does this sound like tasks you think you can accomplish?” John inquired.

“Oh, yes Mr. Landis. These are tasks I have experience completing and feel I could do this.” Olivia said.

“Good”. Mr. Landis said while smiling and shaking his head. “This is the contract we will be providing. This is written documentation reiterating what I just stated.” Mr. Landis said.

Olivia took the form and sat treading the agreement. Mr. Landis sat by knowing there would be questions.

“Ummm.. Mr. Landis, section one says that I agree to do the work. Agreed. Olivia said. She signed section one.

“Section two speaks about the compensation for the job. She was going to be making a little less than sixty dollars an hour when it was all broken down. “That is a generous offer Mr. Landis, thank you.” Olivia said. She nearly lost it knowing she would be walking away with a little over seven hundred a day for this job. Olivia nearly lost her shit over that point. Woo hoo!! This was all going on in her head. Mr. Landis was just sitting back and waiting.. waiting for the inevitable pushback on the last subsection.

Section three discusses punishment for failing to complete given tasks. She would be paid before the work was completed every week and for this reason, Mr. Landis felt it necessary to add some sort of punishment for not getting the work completed. Some punishment was non physical like lines but others included caning, paddling and strapping.

“I’m not sure I am comfortable with this line Mr. Landis.” Olivia said. “It says you reserve the right to beat me if I don’t get assigned tasks completed. My Mom has never laid a hand on me in anger or frustration.” Olivia continued. “I just don’t know.” Olivia said.

“Olivia, you have seen my wife. This was her punishment for not completing tasks assigned to her. She chose to spend her time on the phone with her sister rather than getting her chores done today.” Mr. Landis explained. “In every house there is a head. And while I do not enjoy giving punishment to those that fail to meet their obligations, if there is no order, there is chaos. Right?” John said.

“I suppose you are right.” Olivia said.

“Can I ask a question Mr. Landis?” Olivia paused.

“Have you ever had to do that to Marcus?” Olivia was slightly aroused knowing the probability was high he did. Marcus popped his head up again and looked at Olivia.

“Yes, I have. It has been a long time but when Marcus was a teen, he has met a cane or two. Why do you ask?” John inquired.

“ Oh just curious.” Olivia said. Just thinking about Marcus bent over a chair and his dad spanking his ass with a cane made her wet and she didn’t know why. She barely knew him.

Olivia , gracefully and ever so slowly, picked up the pen and signed.


The Doctor

My wife of two weeks needed to see a doctor about some persistent intestinal discomfort. So I made an appointment and took her. She did not have a doctor in the area so I suggested she see Dr. Meredith Lu, our family physician. She asked I go with her since my wife had never been to see her before.

We arrived on time and signed in.

Melissas name was called and she got up to go. She took three steps, stopped and turned around. She made a “common” motion with her hand and mouthed the word. “Why?” I asked. “I don’t know this lady, you do. I want you with me.” she said. “OK, if that’s what you want.” I responded. We followed the nurse to the examination room, she hopped up on the table and I sat in the chair in front of her. The nurse asked her to undress and put on a gown. Which she did.

Dr Lu came in. After greetings, pleasant small talk and introductions to me and my new wife, she turned her attentions to Melissa. She did a full exam. She asked all kinds of questions about diet, habits, time spent outdoors, everything.

“How are your bowel habits Mrs. Martin?” Melissa became embarrassed. She looked right at me and then to the doctor.”Fine” she said sheepishly. “Would you like Mr. Martin to step outside while we complete the rest of your examination?” Lu asked in respect to my wife. “No, I don’t mind.” Melissa said. Lu grabbed a stethoscope and listened to her stomach. She began palpitating her abdomen. Going all of the regions. Feeling very carefully. I always liked how Dr. Lu took special care and time she probably didn’t have and dedicated it to you. In this case I thought it a little excessive for a stomach ache but I suppose she was just being thorough with her. When she was done with the percussion and auscultation of the abdomen, she pulled out the obstetrical stirrups and gave Melissa another chance to let me tour the waiting room. Again she declined. “Doc, this man has seen every inch of me. We just got married.” Melissa exclaimed. Lu completed the very thorough pelvic exam and asked her to turn over onto her left side. Which now positioned her facing me. I couldn’t see what the doctor was doing but she was telling Melissa what she was doing before he did it. I could see her face. She was uncomfortable and embarrassed in front of me. The doctor obviously moving onto the rectal exam. I reached for her hand to reassure her. With my eyes I told her it would be alright. After Lu was done, she tapped Melissas ass and told her to get dressed while handing her a box of tissue to clean up a little.

“I suspect you have a mild stomach bug. Drink lots of fluids and stay by the house.” Lu said. I looked at Dr . Lu and thanked her for her time and expertise.

With that she got dressed and we left. I picked up some fluids on the way home. That was the last time she invited me into her exam. Which I am glad for. There needs to be some secrets in a marriage.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all of my new friends here at WordPress. I hope all of your aspirations come to complete fruition and your resolutions are a success. I am very happy to have met new friends and I have many new things planned for Creations. God Bless.

How Many Were There Before Me?

Usual, casual conversation between us hovers around the business of the day, the needs to be addressed and eventually, comes around to the often interesting but sometimes intrusive subject of sex. We lead very busy lives and sometimes we just don’t get to it before collapsing into a subconscious state. Being married for twenty two years also does not help but she knows me by now…or so I thought she did before yesterday.

How did this subject never come up? It’s a common question you ask a perspective mate. A question you usually get out of the way the first week of your relationship. She didn’t know? I had never shared my complete sexual past beyond my last relationship? My wife got to know her pretty well the first year, another story for another time.

I guess not. She looked at me and with a look of surprise on her face and I told her all about it. In my head I was like “are we really doing this now?” Twenty three years in, and we are just now discussing my seemingly surprisingly shallow sexual past. She now knows the details of even the woman I slept with and didn’t have sex with. She and I sat in total disbelief. “Why had we not had this conversation before?” She asked.

But why not? I kept asking myself. Why had she never inquired? She trusted me. I never offered the details before now. That is all.

Well now she knows. She know all of the sorted details. I had to really think about a couple of them. I also tried not to seem to fond of memories from days past. Well, there she had it and all of the sorted details. Well, there are only a few sorted details. She now knows me better than she did last week. All new knowledge of your partner is a good thing. Even when it is not new.

So fifteen or so years into our marriage, she asked. “How many?” She said. “”How many what, I asked?” It was a question out of nowhere. There was no leading questions into this conversation. It was just a question on her mind and I told her. I went through each relationship I had before her. The history, how it ended, I gave her all of the dirt. It took fifteen years, but there it was. It was finalizing for me. I had wanted to share my history with her but she had never asked. So I hadn’t until then.

Last Minute Christmas Gifts

For weeks, my wife and I have been talking about one overpriced Disney decoration that I sold in my store. It is overpriced and I felt we just did not need it in light of all of the other Christmas decorations I put up this year.


For $120.00 , we could buy a gift for the kids, take them to dinner, something else than pay both A home improvement store and Disney for their overpriced decoration. She asked, I denied.

Well, guess what appeared with the groceries this evening. We discussed it again. Now, I did go looking for it but did not buy it because I decided it was just too much. What shall we do about this? Hmmm..

My Youngest Son

While there are many challenges, sometimes as soon as they vacate the womb, and I am not talking about childbirth and the difficulties mommies go through. I am speaking of in some cases, heath difficulties that arise when children are infants. My last son went immediately from the delivery room to a neonatal intensive care unit unit. He spent weeks there working on his lung function.

All the time I was thankful my God got my son and my wife through the hard work of receiving him into the world safely.

Now he is a beautiful ten year old. He is on the spectrum for Autism and has issues with the food he eats. Everything grosses him out. His olfactory systems are working on overload all the time. Pizza and peanut butter seem to be the only foods he can eat. Other than that, he seems to be what you might consider a “normal” kid. He loves computers, video games and he loves to read. He is exceptionally bright and loves his school work.

I love him and I almost didn’t have the chance to realize the blessing I have in him. But raising him, for the most part, is a breeze. He’s a messy little thing. He is disorganized and leaves his stuff everywhere. I am constantly picking up after him and I am currently trying to help him to pick up after himself.

I had the benefit of raising his five brothers and sisters before he brought up the rear and arrived last. He is such a good and respectful child. He is so bright. He comes up with phrases that should not be coming out of the mouth of a small person. He carries on conversations many adults would have problems with. And he is so worldly. Things don’t phase him.

He loves to watch YouTube for the humor of many of the gamers. I have to monitor this and limit it. Many of those guys and girls are truly adults and I think they fail to realize just how young some of their audiences are. But, that’s what he likes. Most are benign, thank goodness.

My little buddy.

All photos in this post created by shannondodgephotography.

The Time I Stole Mom’s Car

My Mom was waiting on the porch when Melissa and I returned with his car. “The gig is up.” She turned and looked ominously concerned for me knowing my mother and her attitudes toward discipline. I have told her about past horror stories. She took my hand as if to give me courage and strength for what surely was to come.

I knew I was in trouble when I looked at her. When she was upset with me, she would fold her arms across her chest and one eye brow would be up and the other eye squinted. For the longest time I thought that was an Irish Mom thing. I have come to learn it is a My Mom thing. It’s only been Mom and me. Dad died when I was three in an auto accident. So mom has been both parents almost my entire life.

I parked Mom’s car, went around the car to let Melissa out and we headed up the driveway hand in hand. We had been out almost all night. We ate and cruised the town most of the night before finding a quiet out of the way spot for some together time in the back seat of Mom’s car. We are old enough. I mean I just passed my eighteenth birthday and Melissa is a year older than me. But, Mom is a traditionalist when it comes to knowing right and wrong. Stealing her car was wrong. I know that. Looking at her tells me maybe she was up all night.

“Where you been, boy? I was worried. Are you two OK?” Mom asked as she wrapped an arm around both of us. “You know taking my car without asking is wrong, right?” She always had a way of stating what it is I did wrong before correcting me for it. Mom looked at Melissa and then back to me and said, “ Melissa’s Mom called. I had to tell her the both of you were gone. And that I didn’t know where you two were. Do you know how embarrassing that is for a mother to admit?” she said.

“Ya Mom. We are fine. Yes, I know it was wrong of me to take your car. And I am very sorry I disappointed you.” I said trying to get out of what ever was coming my way. I knew where this was all headed. Mom took a step back. “Well, you know what to do. Head up to your room and I will be up in a little bit. I will take Melissa home.” she said.

Before I could agree or disagree Melissa spoke up in opposition of being taken home. “No Mrs. Pearson.” Melissa knew I was going to get my hide tanned this morning and never had an upbringing like that. The worst she ever got was soap in her mouth for saying a bad word when she was ten. “I encouraged Sean to take the car last night so what ever you have planned for him, I deserve too.” Melissa said. Mom looked at her and considered what she said. She shrugged her shoulders a second later and pointed upstairs. “ Alright, upstairs to your room, the both of you. Sean, show Melissa what to do.” Mom said.

I headed upstairs to my room. All the way I was trying to discourage her from doing this. “Sweetie, I understand why you are doing this but this is more trouble than you want.”I implored. Melissa wouldn’t hear of it. She just kept saying “I love you.”

My room was always a sacred place for me. It was where I spent most of my time. I worked there, played and slept there and when in trouble, this where mom chose to whip me. I opened the door for Melissa. I instructed Melissa to take off her pants and panties, fold them and lay them on the bed. She looked at me twice because while we messed a round a little, I never saw Melissa naked from the waist down. She had great legs and the cutest little butt. A butt by the way that in a few minutes was bright red and marked with a switch. I did the same. I dropped my pants and underwear to the floor. I folded them and placed them neatly on the bottom of the bed. I told Melissa Mom would expect both of us to be leaning over the bed when she came in. We both leaned over the footboard when we heard Mom coming up the stairs. A look of fear came over Melissa. Remember, she wasn’t used to this type of discipline. I was though. I began to wonder if Melissa thought this was still a good idea. She could have accepted the ride home. At least then only her ear would have been full of my mother’s expectation for her and me.

I glanced behind me while bent over the footboard to see the door open and to hear my mother’s footsteps as she came into the room. I heard a whoosh of air as she swung the switch through the air. “Alright, let’s get this over with.” Mom said. She had a switch in hand and she leveled up behind me. “Five licks for each of you for taking my car.” I felt the stick touch my behind. Mom liked to warn me before she swung. WHoop T!! WHoopT! WHoopT!

“You know not to take my car. I would have given you the keys had you asked.” Mom said. “God bless your father isn’t here to see this.” She said. She would always bring him up when she herself was upset about disciplining me. “”What would have happened if you got into an accident, Sir??!!” Mom said. WHoopT!! This one connected with the part of butt that met my leg. It always seems to hurt just a little more there. I must have squinted because Melissa grabbed my hand again. I guess she was trying to give me strength. WHoopT!! “ Alright” mom said while rubbing my back. “All done” She said in the most comforting of voices.

I stayed where I was. I wanted to be there for Melissa. To look into her face as she took her punishment. I looked up and saw my mother position herself behind my girlfriend. I was slightly worried about how she would take this. “ Alright Missy, you asked for this.”

Mom brought the switch to Melissa butt and tapped in the center and took careful aim. She brought the switch high and WHoopT! Melissa grabbed my hand,clenched her eyes shut and yelped. She must have brought a hand back to protect herself. Mom caught the hand and brought it back underneath Melissa. “Keep those hands in place. I don’t want you going home with injuries to your hands.” Mom said.

WHoopT!! WHoopT! WHoopT!! Three in quick succession across her sit spots. I could see the pain well up from her bedding and resonate in her face as my face was inches from her. Melissa brought my hand to her lips. She was drawing strength from me to get through this ordeal. I saw tears come to the corners of her eyes but she was brave. Her butt must be on fire. Melissa took some deep hard breaths knowing two more were due.

Mom looked at her switch and bent it in half. Apparently she broke it over Melissa. “Monkey, give me your belt please.” Mom said. “Mom!!” Looking at Melissa knowing she heard my mother call me Monkee. She hasn’t called me that in a very long time. I stood up and undid the buckle of my belt. I looked at Melissas butt knowing what MY belt would do to her little butt. Mom looked at Melissas but and felt the skin where the welts rose.

“Mom”I said with pleading eyes. She knew what I meant. “ She has two more coming.” Mom said.

Melissa hid her face knowing what was to come. My belt crashed into her, WHAP!! WHAP!! I saw Melissas back heaving as she cried. Her hand went to her bottom to instinctively shield herself from Moms onslaught of painful licks and rubbed the sting away.

“Alright boy. Take your girlfriend and get her cleaned up.” Mom said meaning for me to get a washcloth and wash her face for her. Mom went into the bathroom for the salve I use after. Mom stroked her back. “Ssssshhhhhh. It’ll be alright.” Mom soothed Melissa. I thought that was nice of her. She handed me the salve to use on Melissa and me after we got cleaned up. Mom went downstairs to start breakfast for us. After Melissa came into the bathroom with me. I washed her face and I sat on the toilet so I could see. I looked at Melissa and kind of motioned to her to drop em. She turned and I applied the salve so she didn’t scar. I kissed Melissa lower back. I noticed how red her little booty had become. I’ve seen Mom do much worse on me in the past. But I was used to it. She was not.

After we cleaned up, I stood up and faced Melissa. She threw her arms around me and held me for a long time. We walked downstairs together for breakfast. Mom had thrown together a nice eggs and bacon breakfast. She must have really felt bad about Melissa. As we came into the kitchen, Mom grabbed both of our hands and said, “ I am sorry we had to do that today. Know I love you both very much. Rules will be followed in this house and you are welcome anytime. All is forgiven.” We all sat down, Melissa and me did so very gingerly. Mom prayed and we ate.

A Very Naughty Elf

Santa? Santa?!! Are you ready? It is almost Christmas, Nicholas!

“Yes Mama, I know and you have been such a big help this Christmas and every Christmas keeping everyone on a schedule.” Santa recounted.

“I know elves are the reason we are ready every year as they make, package and load the toys into your sled every year. But, they are elves and elves are a mischievous bunch.” Mrs. Clause said.

“Ho, ho, ho, there are several instances that come to mind this year. Some examples are the glue in elf hair, the plastic over the potty seats and the time when they got you in the kitchen, Mama.” Santa laughed.

Mrs. Clause shook her finger at Santa and agreed. “Yes papa, I took care of the elf responsible for that one.” Cupcake is still the most mischievous of elves we have. So Mama, Santa said, I am sure you have it under control.”

Just then, Trixie, the head elf of logistics crashed into Mr. and Mrs. Clauses’ office..”Santa, Santa, as we were loading the sleigh, another elf let go of the birds of paradise. They flew through the air clouding my elf operator’s vision. He knocked over the bag that was in the back of the sleigh and there are toys all over the square!! Come quick!!”

Mr. and Mrs. Clause rushed down to the square where they had toys, games and dolls of all sizes and shapes scattered all over the square.

“Sparkles, get all of the elves down to the square where the accident happened and help get this mess cleaned up.” Santa ordered. There were elves everywhere. Ginger, Starlight and Nutmeg arrived first. They had seen the cause as Cupcake was seen leaving quickly as Santa’s sack was falling to the ground. “Ginger, grab Starlight and Nutmeg and bring Cupcake to me.” Said Mrs Clause. Those elves were part of the elf reactionary team. They helped Santa in the field if anything happened. They are equipped with sleep dust and rocket backpacks to get there quickly. Those three were sky borne in seconds and located the fugitive elf and brought her to Mrs. Clause at the Clause residence.

Credit Kloah13th

“It wasn’t my fault.” Cupcake had a standard excuse for everything but in all fairness, Mrs Clause had to listen to all elves and their side of things. “What do you have to say for yourself Cupcake.” “Your reputation for shenanigans speaks for itself.” Mrs Clause it just wasn’t my fault.” Well Cupcake, you were seen near Santa’s bag playing with the reindeer and it was said you thought it would be a good idea to play in and around the sleigh. “Well that is right, Mrs Clause.” Cupcake admitted. “ This put us behind schedule. “Trixie the elf tries to keep us on a tight schedule.” Another elf came up to Mrs Clause and whispered in her ear. “Cupcake!!” Why would you purposefully hijack the sleigh!! Cupcake knew the jig was up. She had been in the sleigh and tried to make the reindeer fly. She loved it when they flew but they only fly when the sleigh does. When she turned the sleigh on and moved it slightly, the bag fell over the the toys went everywhere.

Mrs Clause was judge and jury at the North Pole.

Mrs. Clause loved them all but would not put up with any shenanigans that impeded her husbands ability to make Christmas on schedule. It had been that way for centuries.

“Cupcake, prepare for punishment. Ten licks with a candy cane will suffice. Come here, bend over my desk, this instant, young lady!!”

PST! PST! PST! “Ow!!!”Howled Cupcake!!

Four more came in quick succession. Cupcake hadn’t been in this much trouble with Mrs. Clause since she glued all of the paper airplanes wings together. “Alright cupcake, three more and you can go back to the sleigh and help clean up. PST! Pst! PST!.

“Now Cupcake, I do not want you in my office anymore.” Mrs. Clause gave a big hug to the crying elf and held her a few minutes before she sent the elf on her way. “

“Thank you Mrs. Clause. You always know exactly what to do and say to keep me straight.”the elf said. And away she went to clean up the mess she helped make.

This is life in the North Pole. Santa keeps the schedule and all of the girls and boys of the world are visited. Mrs. Clause keeps everyone in line so that goal is achieved. And where is Cupcake now? She was last seen running through Christmas Town with an icing gun shooting icing at the other elves. Nothing much changes. Merry Christmas!!!

Just Chatting

While speaking to fellow blogger today I realized something. Our parents are more than likely responsible for some of us even us being here. It was not uncommon to find Playboy Magazine mixed in with the other subscriptions that arrived on a monthly basis. Sex was not something that was a secret in my house during my formative years and even though there was no internet access then, I had a heathy dose of sex at my fingertips when I was a young lad.

My parents were not quite the prudes either. It was not uncommon to find them smooching in the parlor or kissing in the kitchen when Dear old Dad was home for the weekend. He worked out of town all week. So in my house growing up, Mom had a nice dinner cooking and Saturdays were Bugs Bunny and John Wayne on the tube for sure.

John Wayne Inc.

Was it really a complete western flick if Maureen O’Hara or some other actress was not over the lap of the 6’4” actor getting the spanking of her life? I think not. She had her hide tanned by him in more than one of his films. So thanks Dad. Thanks for instilling this in me. WordPress has provided more than just an outlet for my fetish. It has provided a source of friendship in the other bloggers that use this an an outlet like me. You know who you are. There’s always room for another. Thanks a lot.

Nora’s Arrest

“ All residents are required to wear face coverings. This will protect others, yourself and curb the spread of COVID 23. Residents are required to use social distancing methods and minimize gatherings to no more than six people. Leaving the home at all should only be done to see your doctor other mandatory activities.” says the news anchor on the television.

“Cameron, what are we going to do?” Nora inquired? “We have to go to work. We have to make money.” Cameron looked at Nora with such an adoring smile.

“Don’t you worry, leave all of this to me. I will take care of you and I will keep us safe. Follow the governments guidelines and we should be fine.” Cameron was a lawyer. So face to face meeting were kind of necessary. However, Noras decorating business would seem to be on hold at least for the time being.

The reporter continued.. “All residents are to report to their local testing station for testing and temperature checks by tomorrow. Local officials will be following up with residents who have not had the vaccine and testing done. The testing is for contact tracing. It is the contact tracing that will enable the federal government to quarantine those who fall ill to this dreaded virus.”

“Wow. Our countrymen aren’t playing with this mess like some countries are.” Cameron observed. Cameron’s thoughts turned to dinner and the masks they needed for tomorrow. “Nora, my sweet. Be a dear and run down to the market for dinner?” “While there, can you also get us some masks?”

“I will get you a box but I don’t need them.” Nora exclaimed. “Nora, you will need masks. I am adding personal protection equipment, social distancing and any other advice the federal department of disease control have for us to your to do list. WHAP!! Cameron swatted Nora on principle. “Principle rule of all, stay healthy and do what ever it takes to remain that way.”

“I must take care of my health.” Nora said.

“Agreed.” Said Cameron. “Don’t be stubborn.”

Nora grabbed her purse and with a wink and a butt rub, Nora was glad to get out of the house a while. She exited the house and headed south toward the market. As she entered the market, she notice a throng of people vying for supplies including masks. Nora spied a box and grabbed one for Cameron and herself. She did everything she could to remain distant from other people. She grabbed a box of masks and the dinner essentials then got in line to checkout.

On Noras way back home, she noticed several peculiarities. There were military style Humvees running up and down Main Street. As she approached the building there were throngs of people in white coats, masks and gloves setting up testing sites. In addition, soldiers accompanied the medical personnel. It’s not everyday you see men with rifles patrolling our town. I had to check this out.


Nora felt the soldiers looking her way, as she was not wearing a mask and they were. She overheard just some of what they said but what they said made her butt clench. She put a little bit of a spring in her step. As she reached her doorstep, Nora pulled out her phone and called the only friend she had in the medical field, Mia. “She will get hers tomorrow.” the soldier said. Nora wasn’t sure what that meant but she didn’t like it one bit.

“Hello.” “Hi Mia? It’s Nora, Nora Franklin.”

“Oh, Hi Nora. How are you my friend? Are you at home? Mia inquired.

“Sure.” Mia already knew what Nora wanted to know about. Mia knew this was coming a week ago but could not say a word as a condition of her employment with the federal department of disease control.

“I am fine darling. I am home but I wanted to ask some questions of you.” “ I don’t want you to feel like this is an inquisition. But there are some things going on and I thought you might have insight.” Nora continued.

“You work for the state. What the hell is happening? I just walked down the street and I am seeing soldiers in the street.”

“Nora, honey, all I can tell is this comes from the top. They are taking the matter in hand. This is a public health emergency. People are going to die because of this virus.” Mia warned Nora. “Nora hon, I know you are all about civil liberties, but put that aside for now.” Mia continued. “Wear a mask, social distance for all of our sakes. Stay indoors, too Hun.” “ The military arm of this operation is not going to play nice. Please stay off the street.”

After dinner, I told Cameron I was going to get some air. “ Be sure you are back before ten o clock curfew.” He said. I told him i will be fine. With That, I took off. I hit the road and headed north toward the hospital. I am sure Mia was there now and I thought she might appreciate me taking her a late dinner.

I was no more than a mile from the house when a police officer waved me down. He had gloves on and a face shield but he still wanted ID. He asked not only for my state ID, but for my COVID ID as well. “COVID ID? What is that? “It certifies you have been tested and have had a negative test. Seeing you are not certified says I need to place you under temporary arrest, *looking at my ID* Miss Franklin.. “ place your hands behind your back.” The officer radioed for a cruiser. We both got in the back and we were at the hospital in mere minutes. Instead of the main building, they had retrofitted an adjacent building and turned it into a testing site.


I had seen the news this morning. I understand the testing. The swab they use is a little uncomfortable but nothing I couldn’t live through. It kind of looks like they swab your brain matter through your nostril, but what ever. I was led to an exam room and left there. When the door opened, it was Mia, a soldier and another official looking guy in a black coat and hat. Mia piped up first. “Nora, I told you to stay indoors, did I not?” I looked guilty, guaranteed. Mia looked so worried for me. She probably thought I might have contracted the virus. “I guess you are going to have to spank me, again’” I said trying to make light of an uncomfortable situation.

The man in the black coat motioned to Mia to move things along. “Why is the army here?”I asked motioning to the soldier present. Mia said he was here to ensure the validity of the tests. “Tests?” Nora said. “How many tests are you conducting Mia?” “ It’s a swab in your nose. No biggie.” Nora exclaimed with confidence. “Right?”

Mia introduced Dr. Klaus Vagner and Lt. Mason by saying their names and motioning to each of them with her hand. Mia explained she had orders to allow them both while conducting examinations with all of her patients. Mia also began explaining the nature of the procedure.

“Nora, we need more than that. I am going to need you to undress fully and put on this gown. We are going to swab your throat and nose. After that we will extract cervical cells and intestinal cells. So yea, we are going to swab your mucous membranes. Get into the gown and we will be right back.” With that, Nora undressed, piled her folded clothes on the chair and a few minutes later Mia, Dr. Strange and GI joe all came back in.

Indiana Jones..Lucasfilm, Ltd.

Herr Klaus Vagner

This is what I envisioned Herr Klaus Vagner to look like.

“Mia, does Dr. Strange and GI Joe have to stand by while you go invasive on me? I don’t mind you, but I am naked.” Mister Vagner piped up and explained in the interest of accurate collection of specimens, he must be in the room when collected. “And GI Joe in the corner, here?” Nora protested. “Oh, pay no attention. He is here strictly for your security.” Vagner said in a very thick German accent. Nora thought it was crap, but what ever. She rolled her eyes at all of them and relented. “ What ever. Mia, let’s get this over with!” Said Nora.

Mia did a physical exam. Dr. Strange held four vials and four twelve inch long swabs. At the end of the exam, Mia swabbed Nora’s throat and her nose like she thought she was going to and placed those into the vials. Nora looked crossways at the remaining two swabs. Mia could sense Nora’s confusion about them. “Nora, I need cells from your cervix. Please lay back.” Mia said in the clinical and stern way she knew how. Mia was gentle when inserting the speculum and extracting the cells she needed. Nora was wondering, until that moment when Mia asked Nora to turn over, how exactly they were going to get intestinal cells.

Mia pulled the speculum out of Nora’s cunny and asked her to turn over and get on her knees while on the table. Mia squirted lube on Nora’s little rosebud. It definitely got Nora’s attention when she started pushing the colonoscope up into her little bum. “I have never had anything in there. ”Ow!!”Nora said. “Always an exit only kind of girl. ”Nora said this, trying to break the tension she felt. “Ow, Ow, Mia” “Sorry, Mia apologized. Mia put what felt like four fingers in there and the swab felt like it was so high, Nora thought Mia was going for her tonsils again.

After that ordeal was over, she was wiping herself off with a cloth Mia gave her. As she was wiping, Dr Strange stepped up to speak to Nora.

“ Nora Franklin. Daughter of General Martin Franklin. Self emplyed, twenty three of years old. “ Nora looked at him like “was he for real??”. She couldn’t believe the third degree over a mask. At least, that is what she thought this was about. “My name is Herr Klaus Vagner. I have been hired to “manage” those who do not want to follow the law here. I am employed by the Federal Department of Disease Control.

Nora just looked at him. Little of this had any relevance to her and she wondered where this was going. Mia spoke up. “Nora, they will paddle all those found without a mask. Immediately. On the street in some cases and…. in facilities like this in other cases.”

Nora claimed ignorance. “I did not know….

Before Nora could even finish, Mr. Vagner cut Nora off and said “Ignorance of the law is no defense, young lady.” The Governor in this state has signed an executive order mandating all residents to wear masks and those that do not are to be disciplined under the law immediately. There is not even language under the law providing for due process.”

It suddenly occurred to Nora that she should be concerned.

In came two more men. They stood Nora up, turned her around and handcuffed her. The three of them walked out of the room. This is where Mia left them. She looked back at Mia, standing outside of the exam room. Mia looked so sorry for Nora, then Mia looked away.

Mr. Vagner followed the soldiers who were man handling Nora. They led her into a nearby room where another table sat in the middle of the room. She recognized the table immediately as she had to witness a lethal injection being given to an inmate in her home town. It was during her jury duty. He was found guilty, they marched him into another room like this one and administered the drugs. He was dead in minutes. They sat Nora in the only chair in the room. Both soldiers bookended her. Nora started to cry. “I don’t want to die.” Nora sobbed. “And for what, for not wearing a mask?”

Mr. Vagner started to chuckle. “Young lady, no one is going to kill you this evening. Punishment for non compliance will be administered this evening but that will not include lethal injection, my dear. “ Mr. Tynes walked over to his briefcase in the exam room and pulled out a paddle. “ I will use this my dear.” It was a long paddle, oak, thick and had many holes.

“You are going to spank me?” Nora almost laughed out loud.

“Yes, my dear. As part of the Governors mandate all municipalities have agreed to this as a deterrent for not wearing a face covering. We all have to take responsibility for public health. Don’t you agree?” “Ok” This I can handle” Nora said.. “I thought.. “oh never mind what I thought.” “ Did you think we were going to put you to death my dear?” Vagner said this is the evilest way possible as he motioned towards the table. Nora decided not to answer that question.

With that the two soldiers pick Nora up off the chair and brought her to the table. They picked her up, placed her face down on the table and strapped her in. Mr. Vagner had a very devilish grin on his face. Nora thought he liked his job a little too much. Mr. Vagner said, “ Nora, you will receive ten licks.”

“Right then, Ten”. “Let justice be done!!” With that, WHAP WHAP WHAP….Nora heard it before she felt it. When the pain registered, it was a searing pain that went to the core of her body. It felt like her backside was on fire. Nora winced and squinted her eyes. She tried not to cry out but tears formed in her eyes and dripped to the floor. WHAP WHAP WHAP!! “Ah!! Ow!! Ow!! The pain was mounting and before Vagner began, Nora thought this was going to be like what Cameron subjected her to. She was wrong. This was much, much worse.

The last four licks were on her sit spots. They were fast and terribly hard. WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! “ There. Justice has been done.”“ Let her up.” he ordered. The two soldiers that strapped her down unstrapped her and brought her her clothes so she could get dressed as she had wiggled and writhed out of the gown she started this ordeal in. When Nora stood, she stepped gingerly and was able to make a phone call at long last.

“Cameron?” “Nora, where the hell are you? I just got a text from your friend Mia. She said you had been arrested? I am coming right now. Don’t move. I will be right there!!”

It wasn’t long before Cameron showed up at the front where two more soldiers were. “Nora, thank God!” Cameron wrapped his arms around Nora and just embraced her. Nora could feel the fear and worry Nora caused her darling husband. “ I am so sorry.” “I did t mean for this all to happen.” Nora whispered. Cameron asked, “Are you hurt, are you ok?” Nora rubbed her bottom gingerly and stated for the most part she was unharmed. Cameron got Nora home to her house where he drew a hot bath and got her a plate to eat as she had been gone for hours.

After Noras meal and during Nora’s hot bath, Cameron had heard from her what had transpired. Cameron thought of giving her his own punishment but thought twice as he had decided she had gotten her just desserts from the federal government and no further punishment was necessary. Cameron closed down the house, grabbed an ice pack for Nora and brought both she and himself to bed. Nora flicked on the teli. The news anchor was talking about the governors emergency orders. They were warning people to wear their mask but they weren’t reporting what would happen if you didn’t. Nora even thought to call the news anchor herself to tell them they didn’t have the whole story. “Another day”, Nora thought.. With that she closed her eyes and tried to get comfortable. Her bum was really sore. The ice pack was helping though. Cameron leaned over and kissed Nora good night.

This Is Only The Beginning

Cameron, a newlywed husband to Nora was on his way back home from a business trip when his phone rang. His phone was connected to the blue tooth in his 2020 BMW. He hit the answer phone button on his steering wheel. He was expecting a phone call from Nora, as he playfully called her.

“Hello my Love”, Cameron said to her in the soft and melodic tone his voice normally carried. “Hi, how are you?” Nora said. While smalltalk was fine for the drive home, only fifteen minutes away or so, it was wierd. Nora normally forwent the mondane talk of the day and the events that happened.

Our conversations usually held substance. When there wasn’t anything of importance, we played. We played with a teen age intercoarse.

There was a fluid movement to it I enjoyed. We knew each other, really knew…each other. So when one of us was not up for the normal banter, one of us would start…

“I did a really bad thing today, Cameron.”

Her beginning the game focused my attention immediately as it always does. “Really?” “What did you do?” “Tell me, Nora.” And she would choose some normal event of the day and change it into a sorid line from a Jane Ausin novel.

This time it was something to do with not cleaning the bathroom well enough today. I told her to go back into the bathroom and clean it again from top to bottom. While creating the banter and the back and forth motion in our conversation, I came up with this. “And Nora, use your toothbrush to clean it with.” Total silence on the other end of the line. “Nora?Did you hear me?” A moment of silence and the Nora’s response came with a reluctance in her voice. “Yes Sir.” she said.

I quickly came back at her with, “Then, when I get home, I will inspect it and if it is not cleaned well enough, punishments will ensue.”

“Oh really?” she echoed. I knew she was playing with the words I said to her, which from her standpoint was a dangerous move. I pointed that out to her as I pointed out her attiude needed some serious reformation. She was still in the equal state of mind, not yet taking on the submissive perspective..until.

Knowing her the way I do and her past, all I have to do is talk to her like I was her father and she immediately takes the submissive pose in her mind. It is as if she falls to the floor on her knees with her head down and palms up in her head. She is immediately the submissive when I assume the fatherly role . She knows I like to do this and it is all part of the game. This time, I said she had better clean up the bathroom by the time I got home, or I am going to have to spank my “little girl?”

She became quite, subdued. She lost the bravado and attitude she had just seconds before. I almost regret it when I do it to her. It’s an immediate mental binding she can not get free from for hours and I can do just about anything I what during that time. It sounds like I take full advantage, but believe you me, she enjoys every minute of it. “No, Sir”. This came from her with speed and intense angst.

I pulled the car into the driveway and I could see a flurry of activity through the front bay window. I chuckled to myself and I pulled the car into the garage. I gathered my briefcase and lunchbox up and entered the house through the garage entrance. When I came through the house, “Honey?”

She didnt answer and I was intrigued. Our game was over. Surely she wasn’t still playing, or was she? When I walked to the back of the house where our bedroom and adjacent bathrooms were, I was suprised to see her on the floor in the actual submissive pose.

The bathroom was immaculate. I could have eaten off the floor. I din’t know what to say. She was seated on the floor, naked except for a collar beautifully seated around her neck. Nora had never done this before. I had always wished she would but never had the balls to ask her. We did not venture into the BDSM world as both of our schedules are a little hectic. I presumed she was still in the role, so I played along. I slowly traversed the master bath next to her and motioned to her to get up.

I put my hand down near my side, in front of her face and made the come hither motion with my hand. She was looking for permission, for approval and I had just given it to her.

To be continued…..

What Are Boys To Do?

The generation of women that are coming up now are caught between a rock and a hard spot. Let me explain.

If their fathers are around my age, 50, their fathers taught them to let the boy be a gentleman. Let him pay for the date, open your car door, stand up for her honor if someone besmirched it. And the men of my age(50s) would 💯 agree with me. Gentlemanly behavior is paramount when women are looking for a mate, a life partner. Not so much when women are playing with boys. That’s maybe not so important. And the boys know this. So when boys are playing with girls, maybe gentlemanly behavior is used, maybe not.

So on the flip side of that coin, the boys coming up are taught, in some cases, to do all of the gentlemanly things because her father has taught her this is a measure of a good man. True.

How hard is it to date today?

My question.. how many of these same girls are taught by their mothers to be independent. Pay your own way. Don’t let anyone walk all over her, don’t let anyone say or do anything to tarnish the independent woman persona? And the men of today know this.

How many of these upcoming boys and girls didn’t have a male figure in their lives? How many only got the female view of things? How many boys weren’t taught to be a gentleman? Do the gentlemanly things because the mothers didn’t teach their boys to be this way? How many of the upcoming girls that were taught to look for these behaviors by their parents are now not seeing these behaviors that were so important to my generation and generations of men before me?

How hard is it to date today?

What are the boys to do? Are they supposed to be gentleman? Act the way men acted for generations before them? Or are they to tread lightly around the women they date, go Dutch on dates, not pull doors open, not act like the gentleman my daughters are looking for for fear of offending the obviously tender and highly precarious sensibilities of young females today?

I do not envy my sons. I have taught them to be perfect gentleman. And I have counciled them to put their best foot forward and act the gentleman in every respect. And so far as I have seen, this is the coarse they have taken. So far as I have seen, my sons have chosen women that appreciate being taken care of the way a gentleman would take care of a woman. Now what happens behind closed doors? I have no idea. I would hope they act accordingly. The way I have trained them how to act toward women. And this would transcend into the bedroom.

How hard is it to date today?

I do not know. I do not want to know.

His First Consensual Spanking

Photo by Pixabay on

Lucas had been talking to Susan for weeks. They met online and had been texting back and forth. She was local and experienced in the scene while his experience was academic. This was a fact about himself she didn’t know and a fact he didn’t share in the chats Lucas had with the local females he wanted as potential play partners. His opinion was, if they asked, he would not lie. But if they did not ask, he would not tell. And he had a good knowledge, so they never asked.

He already knew Susan liked to be spanked and this is what drew Lucas’ attention. Lucas is a spanko. From minimal academic experience he did have, he knew how to make a bottom sore.

Lucas had done extensive academic research and had befriended several folks who participate with their dynamic, both men and women. Lucas had discovered, however, that the women were far more forthcoming with the information Lucas was aching to learn. The women in his group were open books. Lucas learned almost all of the information he needed from the ladies. He received the answers to the questions he had but, he believed he could learn no more from their perspective . He believed he needed more men to talk to. So he befriended a few men in his online community and asked them if he had a question. They provided so much more information regarding rules, enforcement and reward. He also aches for more information about plans and how each dominant went about in managing their subordinate.

Almost possibly prematurely, Susan and Lucas met. They lived in the same town and this brings us to this morning.

Lucas woke and found he had the entire morning. He cleaned up the kitchen before heading out for the day. Lucas shot Susan a text on the chance she might have some time this morning. She in fact did and invited him to meet at her home on the other end of town. Lucas got into the car and as he drove, they agreed on a meeting time.

As Lucas pulled his car into the rear of the home as asked. Lucas got out of the car, approached and knocked on the back door. It was a ranch style home. Not large, but not small. As Susan opened the door, she smiled a huge, inviting smile and pulled Lucas into the office she worked in attached to the house. The office held a desk, the computer she worked on, and a bed.

This was in fact, her mothers home. Only a door separated us and the living space her mother inhabited.

Susan wrapped her arms around Lucas and squeezed. When she withdrew, she wasted little time and reconfirmed the agenda for their meeting. Lucas, because this was their first meeting, didn’t have any real expectation of her. So while he was hoping for some things to happen, he knew it was up to him to direct the agenda. He asked Susan to bend over the bed. A look of slight fear and resignation washed over her face as Susan turned and bent over. She committed a slight error in protocol as she pulled down her own pants. Lucas couldn’t remove his eyes from Susan’s globes as he ran his hand over them and began a hand spanking.

“We agreed, no pants for this, Ow!.. spanking?” Susan asked. “Yes” is all Lucas could say. As he watched this beautiful creature bent over in front of him, he was in shock. “I am spanking her!” Is all he could think!

This was a realization that hit him like a ton of bricks. He took admiration of her bum and rubbed it lightly.





The look of sheer bliss washed over Susan’s face as she accepted each enthusiastic blow with relish. Each smack landed squarely on her bottom and each assault sent shivers to places she hasn’t had in a very long time.

Before long, hand smacks stopped. Susan looked over her shoulder to see Lucas unbuckle his belt and hear the unmistakable sound of a thick leather strap being removed from its occupying loops. Susan put her head back down to the mattress and closed her eyes in fear and almost disbelief. But as the same time, she internally and gleefully anticipated the kiss of Lucas’ belt.

It seemed like eternity as she heard Lucas ask, “Are you ready?”. She kept her eyes closed and remained focused so she does not fall out of headspace.





The angry red wheats started to appear. Lucas was using all of his strength to make sure Susan would not sit down for a very long time and remember why they were there. Their meeting was not about breaking rules or anything related to the D/s relationship. They were there to lay waste to Susan’s backside. They were there to allow the experience for both Susan as the receiver or the treatment and Lucas as the inflictor. It was all about the experience.

Susan had had enough. Lucas checked in with her and she had had enough. Lucas was confident Susan had had an orgasm while bent over the bed. There was a stain on the sheets on the edge of the bed and a puddle on the tile floor.

“Put it in” Susan said. Susan was asking for sex. Lucas almost didn’t hear what she said so quietly. While Lucas wanted to, he wasn’t prepared. He definitely didn’t expect and spanking, so he definitely didn’t expect sex. All people are different and some spankos like sex after a spanking. Susan pulled a condom from under the pillow and handed it to Lucas. Lucas slipped into the condom and in no time they were both cumming.

After Susan stood up, she emotionally crashed. The tears stared to cascade down her cheeks and Lucas, the learned spanko he was, both expected emotional cataplexy but knew how to care for her in the midst of it. Lucas held her, rubbed her back and verbally reassured her. She recovered quite quickly and was amazed how well Lucas executed aftercare. They both showered, Lucas dressed and said his goodbyes. Susan thanked him for his expert care. Lucas could only welcome her and mentally thank those submissives he had been talking to for almost a year before he decided it was time. Deana, Nora, Michael and a few others were credit for teaching him how to apply theory into practice. It was they Lucas needed to be thanking. Lucas was only following what his subby friends had taught him, what they, themselves needed and demanded as subordinates in a world where the real power lies with the sub. She follows instruction, but she directs where that Top takes her or him.

A kiss on the cheek, and a click of the door was the last Susan saw of Lucas that day. A text followed within an hour to ensure Lucas returned home safely. He had, and they both were making plans for the next time.